Revell Control RC Glow in The Dark Helicopter Glowee 3-Channel with Gyro

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Revell - RC Glow in the dark Helicopter GloweeReady to fly 3 channel GHZ helicopter that glows in the dark, stable alloy frame and gyroscope. Includes spare rotor blades and USB charging cable. Transmitter requires 6x 1.5V AAA batteries (not included)
Coaxial rotor system including electronic gyro Stable alloy frame Attractive body design with glow in the dark effect3 channel controller, with trim control Easy battery charging via integrated lead within controller or via included USB lead

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Product Tested By Erica Hide – Cian 9 Years

Erica and Cian Awarded The Revell Glowee Helicopter 4.9/5

Looked great when arrived and looked like would be fun.Very well designed. My son could not wait to get started with this. Looked better quality than similar products I have purchased in the past. Packaging is smart and stylish. I think it suited the age range product is aimed at, not childish and I also liked the colours used. The helicopter was sized just right, although the remote control was a little bulky. My son and husband had hours of fun together playing with it. My son loved the glow effect. We have had similar toys in the past which my son has trashed against a wall and wrecked within minutes. This toy was fine however he did use it with dad, my son is 9 and I would say at this age use with parental guidance. The entertainment value is great. My son and husband just loved this and they made up different scenarios and played out different role play games with characters, pilots etc. Using the remote control requires concentration to fly helicopter i.e. trying not to crash so helps with patience and hand eye co-ordination. Concept of this toy was easy for my son to understand. He had hours of fun playing with it, normally he is a very fidgety child who gets bored easily. This toy was a godsend.  He incorporated it into his Lego Town, however mainly as a landing pad. Quality is good, as I said we have bought these products in the past and they have not lasted long.This one seems very robust. A little pricey, but entertained my child.Would certainly recommend. Hours of excitement and family fun, great for dad and son bonding time. Erica Hide –Cian 9 years


Product Tested By Lydia Price – Harry 9 Years

Lydia and Harry Awarded The Revell Glowee Helicopter 4.2/5

Looked great and simple to use. Arrived well-presented and well packaged. Good size for toy and easy enough for Harry to use. Excellent entertainment value. No concerns about Harry using this toy, ideal for his age. Did help with developing hand eye co-ordination. Certainly captured his interest and would keep him entertained. Very good quality.Would purchase this toy as great gift and also ideal as Xmas present. Would certainly recommend. This was a fun product, easy to use and Harry enjoyed playing with his helicopter. Lydia Price – Harry 9 Years


Product Tested By Karen Cole – Matthew 9 Years

Karen & Matthew Awarded The Revell Glowee Helicopter 3.9/5

Product seems very attractive and high end. Very big box. Packaging very large box, probably a little too big for the product but looks very impressive and attractive. The size is just about right. Any bigger and it would be difficult to control and less suitable for indoors. The style is fantastic, very impressive and attractive looking. When the helicopter is charged, the entertainment value is fantastic. Really good fun trying to control it around the house, up the stairs, around corners etc. It's a pity that the charge is only about 5 minutes. My only concern was whether he would be able to control it but knew he would get used to it. My son enjoyed playing with this helicopter but I wouldn't say it stimulated his imagination. What lets it down is the charge to play time. He would just get into playing it when the charge would go. It didn't help his development as such just his concentration on trying to control the helicopter. It was a challenge to him to control the helicopter then be able to make it do things like going around corners, up thestairs etc. I am not sure it could be played with in any other way to be honest. The quality is very good. Despite often bashing into things like furniture and people, the product did not break and nor did the blades. For the quality of the product it offers good value for money as it is very durable. However, the charge to play ratio lets it down unfortunately.  Before testing I would have definitely said yes I would purchase this product, but since testing I would have to say no. Charging for 40 minutes for a 5 minute play isn't good value. If someone likes these sort of products, then they will be impressed by the quality and durability of it. Good quality and very durable, great fun. It was great fun and it became a challenge to control the helicopter. Karen Cole – Matthew 9 years






BizzieBaby 2012-13 BRONZE Men's Award Erica and Cian Awarded The Revell Glowee Helicopter 4.9/5            

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