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Xpanda Bra Maternity and Nursing Bras
Adjustable maternity & nursing bra
The latest innovation all-in-one maternity nursing bra with adjustable cup sizes that adapts to fluctuations in your breast size saving repeated fittings whilst providing ultimate comfort and support for mum throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Features of Xpanda Bra include:
Adjustable cotton cups, for growth or providing extra space for breast shells or pads.Each individual cup, when adjusted lets you know which breast you have fed from.2 layer 100% soft cotton cups, maintain perfect support and comfort which is breathable, reducing  the risk of mastitis.Extra rear hook and eyes allow full adjustment for changes in body size.
Available in black with coral pink bow and trim, white with turquoise bow and trim and all nude/beige colour
Size : 32B/C -32GG/H , 34B/C -34GG/H , 36B/C -36GG/H 38B/C -38GG/H , 40B/C -40GG/H.

Bizziebaby Silver winner 2013, Bronze 2016, Silver 2017 and Bizziebaby GOLD award winners 2018

£29.99 Available SD Kells , Menarys, Bey-Bee and online

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Product Tested By Marianne Storey Ė Annabelle & Jack Ė 2 Weeks & 3 years

Marianne Awarded the Xpanda Bra 5/5

Initial impression was really positive, packaging and product were aesthetically pleasing and the bra on first impression looked really well made and great quality.The packaging was perfect for the product, minimal wastage and aesthetically pleasing.Very clear and concise instructions, not many instructions were needed but those provided were absolutely fine.I really liked the style and colour of the product, very classy. I know there are only 2 colour options available at the moment, it would be great if there were even more colour options. The opening and closing of the bra has been easy to use, especially with one hand and a hungry baby! Once or twice one or 2 of the side extension hooks have come undone whilst it's been on but that's all.This bra has been the most comfortable I have worn whilst pregnant /breast feeding. Especially with sore nipples too. Easy to adjust when the milk came in and during feeding. It made breastfeeding easier from the comfort point of the mother and ease to open the bra, breastfeeding itself has been a struggle for other reasons.This bra doesn't look like your typical breastfeeding bra. It looks so much better and feels so much better on than a typical breastfeeding bra.Great quality of materials and washed really well. I haveonly washed it a handful of times but it has washed really well during those times. It is so refreshing to only need the one bra through the end of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding with the unique way the bra expands through each stage. Especially with how comfortable the bra is and how great it looks on.Absolutely value for money, I've paid more previously for breastfeeding bras that have been much less comfortable and then not fit after the milk came in/through engorgement.I love the unique design, it's obviously been created with the mothers comfort in mind and to make it as convenient as a bra possibly can to breastfeed.I would purchase as a great design, altars to comfort as to the stage that the mother is at, the price is great value for money and it looks modern and like a normal bra (not a frumpy breastfeeding bra).Yes I would recommend, the comfort value for the mother is so important and this bra has been perfect for my changing shape as opposed to having to buy/change to different bras during different stages of feeding. Especially at the beginning. Some feeding bras can be really fiddly but this one isn't, it's so easy to use.I can't fault this bra and am thoroughly impressed. I can even see myself wearing it after I've finished feeding! I am thrilled to have been selected to review this product. It has been so refreshing to have one less thing to worry about in the crazy early days of motherhood and uphill battle of establishing breastfeeding and such a help. The easy to use openings to the expandable sides have accommodated all of the stages from pregnancy to birth to established breastfeeding. It's washed well, looks modern and feminine and I will definitely recommend it to friends and family. I have no negatives to report and would love to see it available in more than just the 3 current colour options. Fantastic product! Marianne Storey Ė Annabelle & Jack Ė 2 Weeks & 3 years

Product Tested By Gina Pinnegar Ė Marceline & Everleigh Ė 2 Weeks and 2 years

Gina Awarded The Xpanda Bra 4.5/5

I was immediately impressed with the colour and look of the bra, the hot pink with black just made it look a bit sexier than most other nursing bras Iíve come across.The packaging was nothing exciting but sufficient; maybe it could be a little nicer given the price of the bra. Instructions for how to get the correct sizing can be found on the website, they are simple, clear and easy to follow. Donít just order your normal size; I was definitely a different size to what I would have ordered normally. As I mentioned in my first impression, the colour and style of the bra really did impress! I opted for the black and hot pink which was a really nice combination and made the bra a little more exciting than the plain nursing bras available.The clasps on this bra are definitely high quality and I found them easy to open and close. The concept of this bra and how it can expand to allow for the changes in shape/size during pregnancy and breastfeeding is genius and worked really well for me. The breastfeeding feeding clips were easy to undo and do up one handed which is essential especially when nursing in public.Of all the nursing bras I have used this was definitely the most comfortable! I think because it was softer and less structured than some of the others. The expandable cups were great as I grew from pregnancy and again when my milk came in and made sure I never felt squashed in! Itís hard to say, I wouldnít necessarily say that the bra made it easier to breastfeed but it certainly made it more comfortable. The clips were easy to use one handed and the cups folded down nicely when I needed to nurse. It does look like a maternity bra but so much prettier than most. The bra was definitely made of quality materials, the clasps were sturdy and the material of the bra is super soft and comfy. Simple and easy to wash with the rest of my laundry. A very clever design, it really does work and made a huge difference. It is always my first choice now when putting on a nursing bra.At £30 for just one bra I do think it was a little on the pricey side that said it did quickly become my go to bra. So although expensive I would say itís worth the money. I really liked the colour and how comfortable it was to wear. I would buy this. Itís by far the most comfortable nursing bra Iíve come across and I love the colour too. I would recommend due to the clever expandable design is 100% worth the price tag! This would have been a 5 if it wasnít for the price. I feel maybe £20 for a single bra is more reasonable. That said I think itís such a clever product and is comfortable as well as being pretty. Very impressed! Iím definitely considering buying another. Itís become my favourite go to nursing bra because itís practical, comfortable and pretty too! Gina Pinnegar Ė Marceline & Everleigh Ė 2 Weeks and 2 years

Product Tested By Juliette Price Harrison 3 Weeks

Juliette Awarded The Xpanda Bra 5/5

This arrived in a nice neat bag, looked good quality and loved the colour as was white with Turquoise trim. Instructions clear and easy to follow. I also popped onto the website to get as much information as possible for this bra prior to arriving. Yes as a new mum you want to know everything. The style is lovely white with turquoise trim and a lovely bow in the middle. Just looked good and the material was so soft. The fastenings are so easy to use. This is adjustable during pregnancy and you use hooks at the size as your breast grow to still give you good fit. To breastfeed the hooks are so simple to use just made the whole breastfeeding experience easier. Comfortable, I would say so this feels so lovely on, not restrictive, you feel free to move and the material is beautiful and soft. As I said it is so easy to feed with this bra, which meant I was at ease and so was baby. Worked a treat. I really do not think this looks like a breastfeeding bra as has lovely finishing touches to the design. The quality is superb and very high quality material used which was soft and gentle against my skin. So easy to wash, just pop in washing machine and comes up lovely every time.The design means you purchase one bra to fit you during the latter part of pregnancy and also will be ideal for nursing. The innovative design means you can adjust the size of the bra as your breasts grow.So simple. I have purchased a few nursing bras and some of them nearly double the price. This is a no brainer lasts longer, feels great on and top value for money. I just loved the fit, how comfortable it was and how easy to use while breastfeeding. I would buy more when I have my next baby. I have already been recommending to lots of my mummy friends.This bra has been perfect for me. The design is great, can use in latter part of pregnancy and then ideal as nursing bra. I cannot tell you how comfortable it is to wear too. The material is just brilliant, high quality and soft. Cannot fault this product. The only thing I would suggest is offer in a wider variety of colours in the future. Just adored this bra. Juliette Price Harrison 3 Weeks


BizzieBaby 2018 GOLD Award Marianne Awarded the Xpanda Bra 5/5

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