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Big Flopsy maternity cushion

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Big Flopsy™ maternity cushion
In the second half of pregnancy, the expectant mother often has difficulty finding a comfortable position in which to rest. The solution is the Big Flopsy™ cushion, an essential companion throughout pregnancy! Thanks to its large size (170cms) the Big Flopsy™ cushion provides support and helps you relax in your preferred position. Ideal for lying on your side, this cushion can also be wedged between the knees or be folded to raise and take the weight off your legs.Filled with very light, anti-allergenic, odourless micro-pearls, the Big Flopsy™ cushion will continue to be useful after baby is born, during breast or bottle feeding. It can also become a small nest on which to lie baby down and later, when he begins to sit, it can help support his back. Product also available in 100% organic cotton.
Organic £69.95 others £59.95 Size: Length: 170cms

Prices range from £59.95 - £69.95 Available in Safetots, JoJo Mamam, VUPBaby or click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Florence Shosanya – Jeremiah 9 Weeks

Florence Awarded The Red Castle Big Flopsy Maternity Cushion 5/5

This product is of high quality and can be used for a variety of pre and post pregnancy tasks. The packaging was really good and the instructions were very easy and clear. There was no assembling involved, just care and cleaning instruction. The product is very good quality. I used the cushion post pregnancy. I used it during breast feeding my son and also to prop him up, as well as general back support. I have not had to wash it yet but this should not be a problem. I would definitely be happy to receive or buy this as a gift although it is a bit pricy. I would recommend this without a doubt.  It is a great product and would highly recommend it to friends and family. The product is really great, comfortable and is very versatile and can be used for a number of different things such as breast feeding support, support when pregnant and sleeping at night.  Florence Shosanya – Jeremiah 9 Weeks


Product Tested By Jemma Beeley- Elsie 9 Weeks

Jemma Awarded The Red Castle Big Flopsy Maternity Cushion 4.2/5

This appeared to be a very nice quality cushion at first glance. The fabric felt soft and cosy. The packaging was great; a handy plastic drawstring bag to store for the cushion for future use. The instructions were clear and concise. The quality is great; nice soft material however it has gone quite ‘bobbly'. It was very comfortable and easy to mould into desired position. I didn't receive the cushion until after my daughter was born, however I have used it almost every night since receiving it and it is very comfortable. I have found it easier to sleep since using it. I also use it for breastfeeding support and have found it excellent and far superior to a cheaper one I was using previously. I haven't washed it yet but would imagine it to be easy as it zips off and the inner cushion is so malleable that getting it back on shouldn't be a problem. I would be delighted to receive it as a gift although I do think the price is rather expensive so doubt it would really be something that I would buy as a gift. Although saying that, you can't put a price on a good night's sleep, especially when you're pregnant or have a new baby! I would definitely consider buying one. I would recommend it to anyone who is breastfeeding, and anyone who wants a restful night's sleep, pregnant or otherwise. It would also be ideal for nursing twins as it is really long. I found it to be a very comfortable multifunctional cushion but the quality of the material could be better given the price, overall I am very happy with the item though. Jemma Beeley- Elsie 9 Weeks


Product Tested By Kirsty Fulton – Cleo 12 Weeks

Kirsty Awarded The Red Castle Big Flopsy Maternity Cushion 4.8/5

I really liked this product when I first saw it, thought it was huge with very soft material. It came nicely packaged also in its own drawstring bag. I have had others in the past and they haven't been as nicely packaged. Instructions were great but the product is pretty obvious. The quality is great; lovely material, nice and soft, very user friendly. I used this exclusively for feeding and it worked brilliantly. It is very easy to launder; I have washed it once and it is as good as new! I would be happy to receive or buy this as a gift; I have already recommended it to my sister who is 30 weeks pregnant! I would consider buying it; although, quite expensive but I would say after using it, it is worth it! I think this is the only thing that would put people off. I have enjoyed using this product, when not feeding, I used it to prop the baby up and given its size, it provides excellent support. I can see how it would also be very useful when pregnant for easing back ache etc.  It is a lovely product with multi-purpose uses which I have enjoyed using and will continue to do so.  Kirsty Fulton – Cleo 12 Weeks




BizzieBaby 2012-13 SILVER Award

Florence Awarded The Red Castle Big Flopsy Maternity Cushion 5/5 

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