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Specially formulated babies and toddlers (0-3 years) LOW fluoride (500ppmF) - safe to swallow XYLITOL acts against decay-causing bacteria and prevents acid formation that attacks little teeth. Low foaming toothpaste which is better tolerated by babies and SLS Free Gentle Applemint flavour that babies love

Xylitol prevents bacteria from producing the acid that rots teeth Fluoride strengthens the tooth's enamel SLS freeA delicious 'AppleMint' flavour helps children to enjoy brushing their teeth

£2.35 Available to purchase online www.brushbaby.co.uk

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Product Tested By Maddy Bowles – Nicky 2 years

Maddy Awarded The Brush-Baby Baby & Toddler Toothpaste 4/5


Packaging was plain, normal for toothpaste as not always looking for a pleasing design just want it to be effective. The quality was good, came in a tube with a screw top and easy to dispense. I did find this a little bit runnier that our other toothpaste. Information and instructions on the tube good and you do not really need instructions for toothpaste. Nicky is really good at cleaning her teeth and used to just brushing and then spitting out the excess. She was OK with the taste, but not one of her favourites. We brush every day and she has good teeth. It is very difficult to state whether this is better than other toothpastes as her teeth look strong and healthy.The taste was OK, but not one of her favourites. In my opinion a fairly standard toothpaste. I feel the price is a bit high and would only purchase again and try out if on special offer. A lot of toothpastes on the market and for children the incentive is to offer sweeter tastes so they enjoy brushing their teeth daily and getting into a habit of keeping teeth clean.Worked well enough.Maddy Bowles – Nicky 2 Years


Product Tested By Nicola Attwood – Harrison 2 Years 3 Months

Nicola Awarded The Brush-Baby Baby & Toddler Toothpaste 3/5

Packaging was a little plain and the toothpaste was very runny. Cap broke off after only a couple of uses. Could have been directed more to captivate a child's attention, i.e. brightly coloured or patterned as my child had little interest in it unlike his other toothpaste (Cars characters on it!). Instructions pretty self-explanatory although odd to have toothpaste that you don't need to rinse your mouth out after using. Because it was in a tube and the toothpaste was very runny it was quite messy and too much went onto the brush, maybe better in a pump. At first he didn't like it and always wanted to have his other toothpaste when I offered both, not sure if that was because of the packaging or taste of the other one though. Now he always goes for the "baby” toothpaste first then wants the"cars” toothpaste after. Hard to tell if there are any benefits with regards to how clean his teeth are. The only real benefit would be the no rinsing as it can be quite hard to get a 2yr old to spit out the water rather than swallowing it after brushing. Not that impressed as its very runny packaging is poor and it's not very aesthetically pleasing. There are cheaper children's toothpastes on the market. Although my child doesn't mind using it now, it's runny and messy plus the lid is broken. He also likes the game of rinsing and spitting so the benefit of it being a no rinse productis irrelevant. Below average, don't think I would buy this product unless it was for a baby and their first few teeth. Nicola Attwood – Harrison 2 years 3 Months


Product Tested By Louise Dent – Daniel 3 Years

Louise Awarded The Brush-Baby Baby and Toddler Toothpaste 4/5

Packaging was good. Fairly plain, blue and white which was fresh and with baby pic on. Not something that would appeal to a child which sometimes you need to persuade them to clean their teeth.This came in a tube with a screw top which Daniel could easily get off when he wanted too. The consistency of the toothpaste was a little runny compared to the other one we use. This meant it would run off the toothbrush easily and could be a bit messy. Worked round this in the end and found way to put just enough on his toothbrush to clean without any mess. Information on tube informative. No instructions needed it is a toothpaste. We all brush our teeth in our household and do not rinse out with water as leaves toothpaste in your mouth to carry on cleaning, so this was not something new for us. Daniel did not mind the taste and would use it daily. Hard to really tell how well this works compared to others. The taste was nice and Daniel liked the taste so we never had any problems with him using his toothpaste morning and night. I think this is fairly standard toothpaste, and a little bit on the expensive side. We will carry on using this until finished but not something I would purchase again. It is a good toothpaste and cleans teeth well but our other toothpaste is tried and tested and also not so expensive and does the same job. LouiseDent – Daniel 3 Years




Maddy AwardedThe Brush-Baby Baby & Toddler Toothpaste 4/5 

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