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Ideal for potty training you can see the drips and drops protects floors and carpets absorbent, disposable & hygienic non-slip waterproof back sheet perfect for home or travel
These innovative Pee Pads are designed to make potty training for a little one as simple as possible. Colour changing material makes it easy to see when the pad needs to be changed. These super absorbent Pee Pads are perfect for protecting carpets and floors from little accidents when children are potty training. The Pee Pads protect floors at home and also those of friends and family! They help prevent children coming into contact with dirty floors when on the inevitable emergency potty stops. Hygiene is a priority and the waterproof backing also protects floors from any stains, germs and long lasting smells.


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Product Tested By Michelle Kirby – Elliott 2 Years 7 Months

Michelle Awarded The Pee Pad for the Potty 4.9/5

Functional packaging, not particularly eye-catching.The instructions explained very well how to use. The pads stay in place but I have laminate flooring/tiles anyway.Very obvious when my son has had an accident on the mat. These soaked up the accidents very effectively. We also used one in the car seat for naps and the seat stayed dry. Seems well made, neat edges, strong. These do offer good value for money due to how many you get in the pack .Design suggestion; maybe offer a variety of patterns to make them more attractive to the child. I would purchase these as very good, especially in the bathroom. I have already recommended these. Very good, kept my bathroom floor and car seat clean and dry therefore helping my toddler feel proud. Michelle Kirby – Elliott 2 Years 7 Months


Product Tested By Georgina Estelle – Hannah-Rose 4 Years

Georgina Awarded The Pee Pad for the Potty 4.3/5

I was impressed by the item. My 4 year old daughter was having difficulties with night training so I decided to use the pads on her bed, underneath her bed sheet. Packaging good and well presented. Instructions easy to follow. As I used these on her bed it was very easy to know when she had an accident. These did a good job and protected her mattress very well. Very good quality. Good quality product but £5 is a little steeply priced. I thought the design was good as it was, and the wetness indicator a very good way of telling if the child has had an accident. I would consider purchasing these as they are effective and would recommend. I used these pads underneath my daughter's bed sheet as she, like many 4 year olds I'm sure, wets the bed. For this purpose(although not the intended purpose as described on the packaging) it worked a treat... they stuck down well to the mattress and did not come loose even when she moved around in her sleep, they absorbed well and kept the mattress dry and the wetness indicator allowed me to easily see that she had had an accident. Over all a good item, the proposed price of £5 I think is a little more than I would intend to pay, as Drynites mats are currently £3 and the mats are much larger in size. I would happily pay a maximum of £3 to £3.50 for this item. Georgina Estelle – Hannah-Rose 4 Years


Product Tested By Vicky Smythe – Lucile 2 Years 9 Months

Vicky AwardedThe Pee Pads for the Potty 4.8/5

Arrived well packaged and nice little design on these.You do not really need instructions but well written and easy to follow.The pads have adhesive strips on the back so stick to the floor (in my bathroom tiles) easily and stay put. Once you put these down they are large enough for your child to put feet on them and if they have accident protect your floor and your child as absorb accident well. The pads change colour when a child has an accident so easy to see.You get a packof 5 so we used some when on days out and visiting family and friends. They are very absorbent and work really well. They are well and good quality. Certainly good value for money as easy to use, effective and disposable. Ideal for home and holidays too. I will be purchasing more as going to take some on holiday with us. I have also recommended as work well and so easy to use. A great little idea and worked a treat.Vicky Smythe – Lucile 2Years 9 Months




BizzieBaby 2012-13 SILVER Award Michelle Awarded The Pee Pad for the Potty 4.9/5      

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