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Our Bubbles and Cuddles Organic Baby Bubble Bath contains our signature blend of organic essential oils and gem essences in a gentle vegetable base that is perfect for everyday use in the bath. Great night time product as the essential oils and gem essences have a calming and relaxing effect on children (and adults!)Not only lots of fun for kids to play with at bath time, the natural ingredients in our Natural Organic Baby Bubble Bath leave the skin clean and smooth ready for Mummies to massage with our Calm and Content Lotion or one of our bespoke massage oils. Made with Organic Aloe Vera, Bergamot, Lavender and Gem essences the smell is heavenly. View our full range of Organic Baby Products or why not take a look at our unique Children's Soap or our unique Cheeky Baby Barrier Cream for baby skin problems.

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Product Tested By Tracy Cole – Ava 2 ½ Years

Tracy Awarded The Pitta Patta Bubbles and Cuddle Bubble Bath 4.5/5

I thought this looked like a higher level brand when I first saw it. It smelt lovely. The instructions say bubbles will form if water in moved around so I wasn't expecting it to get a ‘bubbly' as it did;  very positive. It did make a lot of bubbles in the bath; although I was quite generous with amount used. It was really easy to pour. It left my baby's skin lovely, soft and clean. It didn't stay as bubbly as some other brands I have used however this wasn't an issue. I had no issues with the design of the bottle; it was very easy to use. I think it offers good value for money. It was smaller than other brands on the market, which offer more ‘baths' for less, although with its organic claims it felt a more luxurious brand.  As much as I loved the product it's out of my price range. If it was on a special offer in any of say the ‘baby event's', I would buy it. I would recommend it to family and friends because it worked well, smelt lovely and made me feel I was lookingafter my baby's skin with a quality product. I see bath time as part of the bedtime routine and using this I'm hoping it was an aid to my little ones relaxing sleep. It is a lovely luxury item to treat your baby with. Tracy Cole – Ava 2 ½Years


Product Tested By Leah Eaton - Charley and Henry 4 Years

Leah Awarded The Pitta Patta Bubbles and Cuddle Bubble Bath 4/5

This came in a pretty looking bottle which was fairly plain. It was not really easy to get bubbly but it was explained in the paper work that it would require vigorous agitation due to the natural organic ingredients. I knew it wouldn't make lots of bubbles so I added extra to make it bubblier. It was very easy to pour. My twins have quite sensitive skin and it didn't aggravate them and it left their skin beautifully soft. I was pleased with its cleansing ability. The bubbles lasted for around 20 minutes before dispersing. I liked the design of the bottle. It was fairly plain packaging but was a nice design and very easy to use. I'm not sure this is something I would buy due to price even though it used organic ingredients. I will continue to use the rest of the bottle but I wouldn't buy it myself because of the cost. It's great for those looking for organic bubble bath but unfortunately I wouldn't recommend this due to the high cost. It is an expensive bubble bath that doesn't produce many lasting bubbles but it's a bonus that it contains organic ingredients.  Leah Eaton - Charley and Henry 4 Years


Product Tested By Lesley Pickford - William 5 Years and Olivia 3 Years

Lesley Awarded The Pitta Patta Bubbles and Cuddle BubbleBath 4/5

This came in a nice shaped bottle which looked easy to use. We have hard water so I didn't find it easy to get lots of bubbles from this bubble bath. I think I would have had to use half of the bottle to get lots of bubbles. The bubble bath was really easy to pour and had no problems at all.  Olivia's skin was soft after using this but no different really than when we use our normal baby bubble bath.  Olivia was clean after we used this in her bath. By the end of her bath time there were no bubbles left though.  I found the bottle was easy to use and a nice shape too. I feel it is expensive for a small bottle and I don't think it was any better than other brands that I use. I found the smell quite strong too. It could be improved by making it easier to produce more bubbles and maybe less fragranced but I suppose this is personal taste. Unfortunately this didn't really suit my needs. Lesley Pickford - William 5 Years and Olivia 3 Years





Tracy Awarded The Pitta Patta Bubbles and Cuddle Bubble Bath 4.5/5 

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