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Blind safety is a must and a cord lock away raises the height of a cord so that it's out of children's reach, without hindering the blind operationally. Whereas a cleat requires a cord to be painstakingly wound, a cord lock away is a step forward for convenience.
Prices Start From £4.50 - £9.00 and available in 3 sizes  
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Prices Start from £4.50 - £9.00 Online John Lewis

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Product Tested By Gillian Trickett – Caitlin 3½ Years

Gillian Awarded The Cord Lock Away 4.9/5

This product was exactly as it was described on the packaging. The packaging and the instructions were excellent. It was very easy to install the Cord Lock Away but I didn't find the screwdriver that was included any use. Once the Cord Lock was installed it was very secure. It was fairly easy to operate but not a lot of cord was left exposed making it slightly more difficult to operate but not really a big deal. I was very confident that the blind cord was safely out of my babies reach. The quality is excellent and offers excellent value for money too. The only improvement would be to the screwdriver supplied. It is great that you get one with this product but I didn't think it was any good. I would consider buying this product and recommend it to others. This is a great affordable product with safety in mind. It is especially useful for long patio window blinds. Gillian Trickett – Caitlin 3½ Years



Product Tested By Donna Blackburn – Jonah 2 Years

Donna Awarded The Cord Lock Away 4.3/5

I was pleased to try this product out as we have blinds on ALL our windows and have used lots of different types of safety devices;  the cord winders which did not work, and presently we have clips that are attached to the wall which keep the blind back against the wall so your child can't get their head into the cord, but they do come off the wall sometimes and are not 100% safe. The packaging was basic and instructions were good. It took a couple of reads to understand it and it didn't need to be attached anywhere; NO DIY which is a very good selling point! It is very easy to install it and seems very secure once installed. It is still easy to open and close the blinds with this attached however only problem is I am quite small and the reach above the cord is more tricky for me but I know you can get different length ones. I am very confident now that my blind cord is out of reach of my child. The quality and price is ok but it would work out expensive if you had to get one for every blind in the place; we have 8 blinds so would be quite a lot for us. It would be great to see this product in different materials and colours; i.e. wood ones or metal effect ones. I am very glad to have had this product to test and would consider buying another especially as my child gets taller and nearer the blind cords. I would recommend it to others as it's a very good solution to a scary problem. It is a new and clever solution to a problem every parent should be aware of. Donna Blackburn – Jonah 2 Years



Product Tested By Zoe Kennedy – Rachel 2 Years

Zoe Awarded The Cord Lock Away 4.9/5

It was neutral in colour and sleek and I wanted to see if it was really as easy to put up as it said. You could see they product really well through the packaging; so I would be able to have a good look at it in a shop. I could read all about it on the packaging too. The only improvement that could be made would be to have packaging that was more widely recyclable. The instructions were perfect.  Easy to read (and digest) short instructions that meant I could assemble and put it up straight away. There is nothing worse than having long, rambling instructions. It is very easy to install and was very secure too. It is very easy to open and close on the blind that the cord lock away fitted.  We have blinds in nearly every room in our house but this would only fit one of them as many of our blinds are short (bedroom windows) so if installed it on any of these windows I would need a chair to reach the cord. I was very, very confident that the blind cord was safely out of my child's reach. Quality is excellent; strong, durable and I can foresee that it will last a long time. It is definitely worth the money. I would love to have these in my daughter's bedrooms but it is too long for the cord as the window is short. It would be great if it could be adjusted and made shorter.  As a child minderI think it is a superb idea and would definitely buy them. I also think they would be very popular with nurseries and pre-schools. It would certainly be reassuring for parents to see them at such settings too. I would recommend this to anyone with young children. It is an ingenious yet simple device that is installed in minutes.  Zoe Kennedy – Rachel 2 Years



BizzieBaby 2012-13 SILVER Award Gillian Awarded The Cord Lock Away 4.9/5     

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