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Little Bird Told Me 3 in 1 Nursing Cushion

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This versatile nursing cushion can also be used as a support for baby while seated or during Tummy-Time play. Comes with two separate activity toys that can be attached to the cushion to engage baby.
Suitable from Birth.

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Product Tested By Chris Melvin - Hope 10 Months

Chris Awarded The Little Bird Told Me – 3-in-1 Nursing Cushion 5/5

The quality of this nursing cushion is fantastic. The concept of the feeding pillow is brilliant. I found this very easy  to launder, although we were worried about the colour running, however it was ok as long as we made sure we used some colour catchers just in case; we haven't had a problem with it. This really helps to reduce the strain on arms, back and neck even as they get older. It makes it easier to hold their weight and doesn't cause as much strain on mine or my partner's neck.  This makes it a lot more comfortable and enjoyable to feed Hope. I combine feed hope and this is brilliant. It makes it a lot easier to keep her in the right place when drifting off to sleep or in the night makes her a lot more comfortable for her feed and less strain on her. It is portable too.  We took it to our grandparents and away on holiday with us. I even used it as a pillow for me in the car doesn't take up a lot of space. It's amazing! Extremely easy to reposition when switching breasts as the shape accommodates everything. I absolutely love this pillow; it has been so useful for so many things don't know how I was ever without one. This pillow is extremely versatile for breast feeding, bottle feeding, helping to assist a not yet sitting baby. When they first start sitting unaided this offers great support to make sure they do not have any accidents banging their head etc. and the little sensory toys are great to encourage babies to have tummy time.  Hope loved it as much as me.  She was so proud that she could sit up on her own and was very excited about the colours and textures in the pillow as well as the sensory toys and coloured tags which help with hand eye co-ordination; of course trying to eat everything. The quality and play value of the toys you get with this pillow are fantastic and they come off to be washed or played with elsewhere such as the pram, car seat; to keep them entertained. Hope had fun for ages playing with the two toys, the tags and the two different textures of the pillow. The only thing I would add is a few more tags to the pillow and maybe the offer of different covers but that is the only thing.  We will definitely continue to use this, this is anamazing product and I don't know how I lived without it.  I have already recommended it to friends and family as well as a lot of new mums at my local baby group. It is amazing. It is a fantastic product and we loved it and if we have more children we will definitely buy more. It's a great idea and makes them last longer with the toys as you get more use! I would highly recommend it.  Chris Melvin - Hope 10 Months


Product Tested By Victoria Murray – Laura 6 ½ Months

Victoria Awarded The Little Bird Told Me – 3-in-1 Nursing Cushion 4.7/5

This is a good firm pillow. It hasn't lost any of its shape in the four weeks we've been using it and that has been by Laura 6 months sitting and lying on it and also our two and a half year old using it as a cushion to lie on when she's downstairs.  I like the idea of a product that can be used right from the early days from feeding through to play, because let's face it, when it comes to things for baby our homes end up cluttered with all be it useful objects but they soon mount up, whereas this isn't too large and has multiple uses. I haven't had chance to use as a feeding pillow as Laura was feeding without the aid of me propping her up, but having breastfed two babies I can see that this would have been a useful tool to have for new-borns and helping with the latch at breastfeeding time.  I haven't actually needed to clean the cushion yet, only had it a month but there is a zip on the side which I've undone and took the cushion out and put back in to test and it's easy enough. I'm sure it will wash lovely when needed.  I don't think it is very portable, only as a space issue for traveling on holiday' and also I don't drive so it's one thing I wouldn't take out with me. Even though I have not used this when breastfeeding my baby, I can see how this would have made doing so easier in re-positioning my baby. I really enjoyed using this cushion. I love that it could be used early on in feeding and then moves on for baby to play with. Laura loved it, it helped support her back, she also loved to lie back on it turn over and play with the toys.  The detachable toys are a great idea.  We ended up with them on the hood of the pram hanging down for Laura; really stimulating for her when we were out.  She loves the owl with the bell.  I think it's a lovely design, unisex with the colours used too.  We will continue to use it. I would recommend it to others; especially for anyone breastfeeding. We loved it but do think it is on the pricey side. It is a very useful tool that has helped Laura with her sitting up. Victoria Murray – Laura 6 ½ Months


Product Tested By Lucy Rigley – Dylan 4 Months

Lucy Awarded The Little Bird Told Me – 3-in-1 Nursing Cushion 4.6/5

The quality of this cushion is really good; the fabric is lovely and nothing has broken or come apart. I like having 2 different sides too. The concept is excellent.  I think having the toys attached for tummy time is great and being able to be used for sitting up too means so much more value can be had from it.  I haven't needed to launder it yet but it goes in the wash so that's great. I have surfaced washed the red side when needed. It did help reduce the strain on arms, back and neck though I still need to prop my leg up a bit as I'm short!  My baby is really comfy on it and often falls asleep and stays asleep on it.  When breast feeding he latched on no different from normal really though it did keep his head more still which was handy.  I think it is quite bulky so wouldn't take it out with me. It was slightly awkward to re-position him as I had to lift him quite high up to switch.  I did enjoy using this cushion; it just 'felt' nice and seemed comfy for my baby.  My baby loves tummy time on it and playing with the toys on and off the cushion.  The quality of the toys included is brilliant; he's played with them separately and they can be attached to prams and play gyms.  They are lovely toys too; the furriness is lovely and there is lots to explore on them and they're cute but quite traditional– i.e. shouldn't date. I will continue to use it;  I love it, it will get loads of use over the coming months. I will definitely recommend it if  it's within their budget.  I regret not buying a good quality nursing cushion for my first baby. Wish I had had one a long time ago.  I found it useful, comfortable, fun and good quality. Lucy Rigley – Dylan 4 Months



BizzieBaby 2012-13 SILVER Award

Chris Awarded The Little Bird Told Me – 3-in-1 Nursing Cushion 5/5 

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