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Abuba neck swimming ring for Babies

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Swimming has long been recognized as being beneficial forphysical and psychological development of babies but baby swimming is not easily accessible.
Abuba neck swimming rings allow practicing freestyle baby swiming both at home and outside promoting baby fitness in a fun way.
This is a real bonding experience that both the babies and parents look forward to.
Suitable 1-18 Months

£16.50 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Claire Everitt – Amy 4 Months

Claire Awarded The Abuba Neck Swimming Ring 4.5/5

I think the packaging of this product is good as it is bright and colourful and explained what the product is used for. The instructions were clear and concise and I was able to use the product after reading them.  It was difficult to fit the ring on my own;  I think you definitely need two people to be able to put it on your baby without causing them too much distress.  I was confident that my baby was secure in the ring and I did let go of her but at first held my hands to the side so I could catch her if there was a problem.  We used the ring in the bath so I was close by at all times.  My baby loved the ring and I could tell she was happy kicking about and enjoying the sensation of floating and the water all around her.  I think it is a quality product.  The edges were a bit rough but I liked the ball inside the ring.  I think this product is good value for money and this is a product I would consider purchasing.  This is a product I would recommend and already have recommended to friends.  My baby enjoyed it and I think it is a great way for them to enjoy bath time and have fun splashing in the water.I  would have given it full marks but as mentioned it has rough inner edges and I was worried my baby would get scratched from it.  I really enjoyed using this product.  My baby loved the sensation of the water as she floated around in the bath and was able to kick her legs and swimming around.  She especially liked watching the balls inside the tube move around.  We are planning to take it with us when we go swimming so that we can try it in a bigger pool.  My baby does not always like having it put on her head but if two of us put it on then it is so quick that she does not mind too much.  Claire Everitt – Amy 4 Month


Product Tested By Abi Bradley – Oliver 4 ½Months

Abi Awarded The Abuba Neck Swimming Ring 3.8/5

I did not like the idea or look or this product at all when I first saw it, I had a strong aversion to allowing my baby to swim with the only support being from his neck,  almost as if he were hanging.  The packaging was excellent, very professional looking and appealing.  The instructions were clear and easy to understand.  My baby has a bigger than average head and the ring wouldn't fit over his head;  instead it had to be fastened around his neck to be used.  He didn't like this fuss at all.  Although confident that my baby wouldn't fall out of the ring, I didn't let go of him the whole time he was in it, as I didn't like the idea of him hanging there. Oliver kicked his legs freely, but no more than he would have if he were swimming without it.  He didn't seem to be comfortable with it around his neck, and was far happier without it.  It is an excellent quality ring, can't fault it for the quality.  I do think the price is a lot to pay for something like this though.  Although the quality and packaging are great I couldn't get over my own personal initial aversion to the idea of the product and how it's supposed to work.  This is just my personal view as the product is excellent quality and may appeal to others.   Abi Bradley – Oliver 4 ½Months


Product Tested By Gill Hendricks – Simon 5 Months

Gill Awarded The Abuba Neck Swimming Ring 4.3/5

I was unsure about this product, I have to say.  I had not seen anything like this before, only rings that go around the waist.  The packaging and the instructions were fine.  The instructions were easy to follow. The ring did fit over Simon's head;  at first he didn't like it but once in the water he soon forgot about it and was able to enjoy the water.  It took me a while to still let go of him when in the water and when I did I was right by him anyway but he was secure and safe.  Simon seemed ok in the ring which surprised me as I thought it would irritate him.  The quality of the ring is really good.  The only down side for me is the price as I think it is a little expensive.  If I saw this on offer I would definitely consider buying it.  I have recommended to a few friends who I go swimming with as they saw it on one of our swimming sessions.  It is something different than the normal floats out there on the market.  Gill Hendricks – Simon 5 Months




 Claire Awarded The Abuba Neck Swimming Ring 4.5/5

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