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 Joy and Joe baby Wrap has been safety tested to support baby weight of birth-16kg.. When worn correctly according to the user guide, the weight of your baby is evenly distributed around your baby eliminating nasty shoulder/back  pains associated with lots of baby carriers. The textile used in our manufacture is 100% cotton(excluding the panels in our special winter range which is designed using fleece) . The fleece used in our winter collection has been sourced from the best British textile industries that special in super-soft fleece production.At Joy and Joe baby, we pride ourselves in the extra-special touches our wraps have such as its integrated pouch for storage of your wrap, its neat decorative outline, our conspicuous middle marker designed using a high quality woven label that carries our logo ,care instructions and safety compliant marking absent in many brands of similar or higher price margin. We offer an exceptional value for money on all our products backed up by our very friendly customer care services.

Prices start from £14.99 available to purchase online

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Product Tested By  Jenni Calcraft – Emma 6 Weeks

Jenni Awarded The Joy & Joe Baby Wrap Carrier 4.4/5

A well-made version of the many wrap-around slings on the market, but this time for a reasonable and affordable price!  The quality of the fabric was excellent.  Putting this on takes practice but no harder than any other wrap-around sling available.  The same with loading your baby in, it just takes practice.  I felt that Emma was very secure when I was wearing the wrap and I could carry on with my daily routine.  She seemed completely fine in it. It offers excellent value for money.  I am quite slim and the wrap was much too long.  I had to wrap the ends around myself 3 times, so different lengths available would be great. T he written material that came with the sling seemed very amateur and let the product down too.  I will definitely continue to use this and I would recommend it.  It is a great and affordable product providing solutions to those moments when the baby won't stop crying or the tea just has to be made or the toddler is adamant it's time for you to get muddy in thepark! Easy to use and a lifesaver to parenting for 2!  Jenni Calcraft – Emma 6 Weeks


Product Tested By Angela Spencer – Abigail 11 Weeks

Angela Awarded The Joy & Joe Baby Wrap Carrier 4.2/5

I thought this looked quite complicated to put on at first. The material felt very soft to touch but strong.  It comes in lots of different patterns/colours.  I went for a blue floral print that went well with jeans and casual clothes.  Initially it was difficult to put on.  It took a long time observing diagrams and I had the help of a friend too.  However upon watching the YouTube clip it became much easier.  As you get used to putting it on it gets easier.  Again, at first loading my baby was hard and needed to get the wrap on correctly and then a friend had to give me Abigail but with more practice it got easier.  She was very secure when I got used to it; it was nice feeling the baby so close and Abigail was very settled while in the wrap.  This made doing the house work, shopping etc. much easier and less hassle than putting a pram in and out of the car.  She is very content when in the wrap although perhaps too content as she doesn't like to be put down now;  maybe I used it too much!  It wasn't so good in the rain as didn't cover her obviously but quite cosy on a typical dry windy autumn day.  I think it offers excellent value for money.  I can't find any way it can be improved;  you just need patience to get the hang of using it in the 1st place.  We are heading to Spain next week to see family and we go walking in the hills quite a bit so will definitely be taking it with me.  I have already recommended it to others.  It makes for a very settled baby if you persevere and get the hang of putting the wrap on;  easy to carry on with everyday jobs while having your baby close.  Angela Spencer – Abigail 11 Weeks
Product Tested By Gemma Everitt – Megan 11 Weeks

Gemma Awarded The Joy & Joe Baby Wrap Carrier 4/5


Pretty design, really nice package of accompanying paraphernalia.  Seemed to be really long at first and a bit daunting but once I had looked at the instructions I realised how easy it was to use.  The fabric was nice, stretchy, and soft and felt well made (nice thickness).  I was not concerned about carrying my baby in the sling.  It is easy to put on although it is daunting when opening for the first time and cannot be put on outside (i.e. when leaving the car) as it will drape on the floor and become soiled so I put on before going anywhere to put baby in once we had arrived.  Loading my baby into the wrap took a little thinking about, especially if you put the wrap on prior to going out in the car.  Trying to remember which side they need to go in is tricky. I didn’t feel that confident putting Megan in the holder as it is a bit awkward, having said that it could be because I am not very big (only 4’11) which may have made it more awkward than someone with longer arms/body.  Megan did feel secure but I still supported Megan at all times with my arms.  Walking to school etc. was fine, however I did struggle to do other things in the house while wearing it.  Again this could be a size issue.  She didn’t seem bothered by being in the wrap but she didn’t sleep too much in it either, I think because she slipped down sometimes and needed to be hoisted up.  It didn’t protect her from the weather elements but she was able to wear a snowsuit under it.  I think it offers excellent value for money; if you wanted a wrap or carrier this would be ideal.  I usually use a buggy and find this easier (I also have a 3yr old to hold onto).  I can’t think of a design improvement, the pocket is especially useful.  The only thing that I didn’t like was the length; it seemed too long for me. I would recommend this to family and friends as it is easy to use.  Gemma Everitt – Megan 11 Weeks




 Jenni Awarded The Joy & Joe Baby Wrap Carrier 4.3/5   

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