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Plum Baby Stage 2 Pouches

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Plum Baby Stage 2 pouches - A range of variety on offer including - Lemon chicken & Sweetcorn: -
The finest organic, British free range chicken is bought to life with this fresh flavour packed combination of lemon, tarragon and sweetcorn - babies will be reaching out for more. GLUTEN & DAIRY FREE
Also available in Minted Peas with Lamb, Root Veg and Lentil Casserole and many more - click onto to view the range. 

Prices start from £1.19 - £1.45 each Available at Tesco, Boots, Morrisons, Ocado, Waitrose and online

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Product Tested By Claire Davis – Olivia 1 Year

Claire Awarded The Plum Baby Stage 2 Pouches 4.2/5

I thought these meals were quite thick. Unfortunately my baby did not really like these pouches; she turned away a lot and only ate ¾ of them. The nutritional benefits of the new pouches are a lot healthier sounding meals than some on the market. The packaging was great and very eye catching. These are very easy to use on the go, would be even better if they came with a small plastic spoon on the back, even the size of a medicine spoon would be good. I didn't save any leftovers as there was never really enough for a 2nd meal. The selection of recipes sounds healthier than others on the market. The quality was fine, just too thick for Olivia. They offer value for money for the convenience. It is not something I give my child normally but I would recommend them to family and friends. These are easy when on the go, healthier than most products and convenient too. Claire Davis – Olivia 1 Year

Product Tested By Josephine Dolan - Milo and Elliot 14 Months

Josephine Awarded The Plum Baby Stage 2 Pouches 4.2/5

My initial impression of this product was the packaging was attractive but not recyclable. The boys loved them though they were too runny for their age group and needed something chunkier. They had everything in it as far as I was concerned in nutrition; well balanced. They were very convenient and very easy to use and store, didn't take up much space. The size of the pouch was the right size for Milo and Elliot. I think there is a good selection of recipes in the range too. I was very confident in the quality. They are quite pricey; I tend to batch cook meals especially with twins. I don't think the taste could be improved in any way as my boys loved them. I would recommend them for younger children and if they were going on a long trip and didn't have much space for example going on train journeys. The boys loved the taste but they were too smooth for their age group, as I mentioned earlier the fact the packaging is not recyclable would deter me, though they would be good for emergency food on trips out. Josephine Dolan - Milo and Elliot 14 Months

Product Tested By Lindsay Smith – Cameron 13 Months

Lindsay Awarded The Plum Baby Stage 2 Pouches 4.4/5

These pouches looked lovely, with attractive packaging. Cameron loved the taste of these. The nutritional benefits are really good; which is something I look for when buying foods for him. The pouches were so easy to use and will fit into your changing bag nicely when out and about. There was always the right amount in the pouches for Cameron. I thought there was a good selection of recipes for him to try too which is good as he did not get fed up of the same taste all of the time. The quality of the product is fantastic as its Organic and healthy. I think it does offer value for money, they are convenient, healthy and an Organic product so the price is about right. I have purchased more of these since and have recommended them to friends with babies too. Cameron loved them and I was really happy with them too. Lindsay Smith – Cameron 13 Months


Claire Awarded The Plum Baby Stage 2 Pouches 4.2/5

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