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Arbonne RE9 Advanced for Men Post-Shave Balm

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Fast-acting balm comforts skin and soothes razor burn. ( 90 mL )

£24.00 available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Jim Dunn

Jim Awarded The Arbonne RE9 Advanced For Men Post-Shave Balm 4.1/5

I thought this was nicely packaged, and nice smelling. It came in a simple grey box, no excessive packaging. It was easy to apply to my skin. For a person with very heavy beard growth, I often get shaving rash. My skin felt relieved within minutes. It absorbed really well and had a nice smell that was not too powerful. I had no reaction at all using this. I really enjoyed using this balm. I used it every time I shaved which is 3 times per week. I think it is a tad expensive, but does what it is meant to do. I would recommend it to others as it performed very well for what it was designed for. It is an effective product that was packaged simply. It was well absorbed by the skin and eliminated any rash/soreness. It had a nice odour and, at a lower price, I would highly recommend it. Jim Dunn

Product Tested By Adam Reeves

Adam Awarded The Arbonne RE9 Advanced For Men Post-Shave Balm 4.3/5

I do tend to suffer with sensitive skin and was interested to see if this helped. The packaging was nice and simple. The balm itself was really easy to apply. It absorbed well into my skin and did seem to soothe my skin. It had a nice smell to it too. I had no allergic reaction whilst using this and it really did help my skin feel smooth. I used this twice a week and will continue to do so. The price is more than what I have paid in the past but I would still consider this in the future. I will be recommending it to others. It is a really nice product that helped soothe and moisture my skin. Adam Reeves

Product Tested By Andrew Bales

Andrew Awarded The Arbonne RE9 Advanced For Men Post-Shave Balm 4.5/5

This was a perfect product for me to try as I do get irritated skin after shaving. It arrived in a simple and easy to understand box. It was easy to apply to my face and absorbed really good too. It was slightly scented which is another thing I liked about this balm. I don't like too overpowering smells, but this was perfect for me. I have used this on a regular basis and have not had any bad reaction to it at all. I have used it between 1 and 2 times a week and it has really helped. The price could put some people off but it really does work and I would consider buying it again once I have used this one. I have recommended it to friends and family members already. It is a lovely fast acting balm that really soothes your skin from the effects of shaving. Andrew Bales


BizzieBaby 2011-12 BRONZE Men's Award

Jim Awarded The Arbonne RE9 Advanced For Men Post-Shave Balm 4.1/5

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