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Maclaren Maclaren Major Elite Stroller - Designed for Children With Special Needs

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This lightweight Maclaren stroller pushchair has been specially developed for children with special needsA lightweight but sturdily built stroller with an aluminium chassis and 7" wheels to withstand years of rugged serviceSwivel front wheels for easy manoeuvringA three position detachable footrestFive point harness ensures your child's safety7.5kg (with footplate)Tested to 50kgEasily folded - Dimesnsions: 117 x 25 x 21cmPositive-lock safety catches
Accessories include - Sunshade - £30 - Padded Seat £40 - Lateral Inserts - £45 - Chest Pad £15 - Boot £55 - Rain Apron £25 - Shopping Basket £20

£250.00 Available to purchase,,, and

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Product Tested By Cheryl Vietri – Emma 3 Years

Cheryl Awarded The Maclaren Major Elite 4/5

Attractive, solid and well-made. Easy to follow, clear and concise instructions. Erecting is a fairly simple triple-action procedure, although accessories like the sun canopy, footrest and side supports must be added afterwards, making the procedure a little more complicated and time-consuming. Folding away is quite simple, but accessories have to be removed first and can't stay attached when folding. Very comfortable if the child is happy to be seated, but there is no way of adjusting the seating position. Safety harness is, by pushchair standards, very secure. Chest pad adds to this. It's also very easy to use and adjust. High manoeuvrability, ideal height and good balance make it easy to push this pushchair down supermarket aisles. The shopping basket is practical but will only take fairly small/light items. Could have been a little larger and more robust. It's also not easy to get items into the basket from the front or the back. Both the shower hood/sun canopy are useful and provides ample protection from sun and rain. Only downside is that the sun canopy has to be fitted separately and cannot be folded away while attached to the pushchair. I have a fairly small car. Granted that it is designed for children up to 50 kg, the pushchair will nevertheless have to be stored diagonally or lengthwise due to its folded length, even in larger cars. Good, sturdy, well-finished fabric all round. Swivelling front wheels make it easy to manoeuvre and its design makes it easy to mount pavements even with an older child in the pushchair. On grass it's ok. Very good and useful accessories. Easy to mount. The only downside is that they all have to be mounted separately and cannot be folded with the pushchair. Pretty good value for money. I would recommend it, but potential users would have to make sure that their requirements don't exceed the capabilities of the pushchair, i.e. that they don't need a pushchair with an adjustable seating position and that they won't be using it on anything other than hard surfaces. My overall experience can be described as positive. My child loved the pushchair and didn't want to get out of it, the handle height and balance is great and it's easy to use, even though I am over 6' 3”. However, it would be great if the accessories could fold away with it, the seating could be adjusted and the wheels were able to cope with soft surfaces. Cheryl Vietri – Emma 3 Years

Product Tested By Kerry Evert – Eden 16 Months

Kerry Awarded The maclaren Major Elite 4/5

Impressive look, bigger and more solid than I expected. For the main pushchair it wasn't necessary to use the instructions, as it is very simple, but the accessories needed them, they were easy to follow. The pushchair needs 2 hands to erect, so impossible while holding a child. All the accessories need to be added separately, so it takes ages to get the pushchair up and running if you're using with accessories. The clips which hold it folded are quite difficult to "unclip”. . Even with the padded seat, which I found was essential; the pushchair doesn't fold very easily. As long as the padded seat is used, the seat is comfy to sit in. My daughter can't sit up unaided, so it is difficult for her age, as the seat is made to fit much older children, so even with the side supports she is unable to sit in the seat without falling over. The harness is entirely useless for my daughter, it is even too loose on my 32 month old. It is a lovely pushchair to go out with, as it is relatively narrow, compared with other special needs buggies. It is very manoeuvrable, the handles are comfortable to hold and high enough. The shopping basket is too small and cannot fit much in it. The sunshade is brilliant, it's much bigger than on conventional pushchairs and has great coverage; the only downside is that it must be detached in order to fold the pushchair away and cannot be raised or lowered. The rain cover is also great; it protects well from rain and provides enough space around it for the child not to feel as though they're in a plastic bag. However you need to have the sunshade attached in order to use the rain cover. This fits into my car boot easily, bit I do have a large boot. The pushchair is quite long when folded, but that is a small price to pay for the size of the chair. Fantastic fabric, very good quality, easily wiped clean and the seat pad can come off to be washed with ease. It is perfect and lightweight up and down pavements. I found it fine in the park with a gravel path, although it wasn't totally gravel, if that makes sense? It's not designed as an off road/mountain buggy, so I found it fine for my purposes – going to the park, shopping, walking in town. Though on cobbles it is very difficult to steer. The accessories are all great; very good quality! The footmuff is lovely and warm, but better suited to a much older child. I found the footrest an essential, even with a tiny child, but it is very heavy. It is a shame everything needs to be removed in order to fold the pushchair, which does make accessories a bit more effort than they're worth, in my opinion. Although it hasn't been cold enough to make a footmuff essential yet. The pushchair itself is very good value, however I'd say that the accessories together with it, make it pretty expensive. Considering the length of time a child can use the pushchair, it is very well worth the money, as long as it suits your child's needs. For my daughter, with severe developmental delay, this pushchair isn't suitable. The seat is not adjustable (and quite upright) and the harness and side protectors are too big to hold her in place. I would say for older children it would be ideal, but at her size, this chair is just too big for Eden. Perhaps in a few years when she is able to sit better, I would definitely purchase this as it is far better looking than your average special needs buggy. I would definitely recommend it for children who are not as disabled as my daughter. It is also fabulous for "normal” children. It is very easily manoeuvrable, getting on and off public transport is easy. The breaks work very well and independently, so easy to pop one on to keep the chair in place. It would be perfect for an older child who can fill up the seat a bit better in order to make use of the many and varied accessories. This would be ideal for someone using public transport and with enough space to store the pushchair fully made up (or without other children to consider when heading out. It is a very good quality pushchair, and I can see it being very durable in the long term. Kerry Evert – Eden 16 Months

Product Tested By Eileen Carter – Jenna 4 years

Kerry Awarded The maclaren Major Elite 4.5/5

Very impressed and looked superb quality and ideal for our needs. Instructions are clear and precise. It came with a range of accessories and these all have to be added separately, so need time to attach. It is fairly simple to fold away, but be sure to take off the accessories first. My daughter needs support when sitting and the seat unit was perfectly comfortable for her. The side supports are extra protection and comfort. The safety harness is very robust and made to a much higher standard which is ideal for a special needs pushchair. This is very easy to manoeuvre and narrow enough to ensure you get down shopping aisles with ease. The sunshade is excellent, gives superb coverage. Rain cover is superb and really did give Jenna full protection from wind and rain. Once folded it fits into my estate no problem. The quality of the fabric used is excellent and you can easily wipe clean. Also liked the fact
you could wash the seat pad which is important to us. This is great for around town and on our general walks. Very good on pavements, and OK on park walkways. We enjoyed our walks out and Jenna was always comfortable. Easy to steer. Footmuff was ideal as had a few cold spells and kept Jenna warm and snug. I do believe this is good value for money and will care for our daughter for a while to come so giving us value for money.  I would purchase this pushchair as has been one of the better special needs ones I have used. I would recommend and suggest they have a trial run to ensure suits Childs needs. Jenna was very comfortable in this pushchair and that is a big bonus for me. It is easy to manoeuvre, handle height is adjustable and was ideal for me and my husband to use. This I must say is one of the best ones I have tried for Jenna, just needs a few tweaks and would be absolutely perfect. This is excellent quality and very easy to maintain. If you have a special needs child worth giving this a trial run. Eileen Carter – Jenna 4 Years.


Cheryl Awarded The Maclaren Major Elite 4/5

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