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Mia Tui is something new. Yes it’s functional – with its unique interior featuring pockets, clips and a matching clutch to give you total flexibility and convenience.

But most of all Mia Tui bags look great. It’s the end of sacrificing style for practicality.

Plus we've designed a range of accessories making the Mia Tui even more useful, and they can be used across the range giving you yet more options and more to play with.Going from the office, to the gym, home to the kids and then out for dinner? One Mia Tui bag can take you easily through your busy day. And, they look good. Really good.Our wide range of colours plus unique interior allow you to be practical, without sacrificing your sense of style.

It's one bag - that suits a thousand different lives.Welcome to the Mia Tui revolution.
Available in 5 fashinable colours.

£59.99 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Penny Taylor – Josh, Adam, Jessica & Lucy – 11 Months, 3, 4 & 10 Years

Penny Awarded The Mia Tui Amelie Bag 5/5

A little on the large side when first seen but makes sense when you look closer. The bag looks very stylish and keeping up with fashion, the shoulder strap is a must in my opinion as the carry handles are a bit on the small side for such a large bag. Excellent quality material and build with no weak points noticed as yet. Seems very hardwearing which is a must for a busy bag like this as it is in constant use when out and about. Overall quality of this bag is fantastic and it really is up to the job for a busy mum and I feel reassured that it would take whatever myself or my kids could throw at it. This was the winner for me, the use of the internal space of the bag is fantastic with a compartment for everything you would need, and the removable parts are pure genius for on the go and keeping the messy stuff separate, the way the removable bags clip in is brilliant both from a safety point and to help keep the organisation in the bag. This is where I had a war with myself, The bag is fantastic and holds everything I could possibly want but I still feel it is just a little on the large side and me being quite small feel a little out of place with a bag this size. But this is a very small problem as I reflect in my scoring because the bag is fantastic and does everything. This is definitely a mum's bag and I couldn't see it being used as a school bag as it is a little grown up but as a work bag it would adapt well although laptops may be slightly vulnerable without the padded sides. As a mum I really don't think there is a bag on the market that could rival this one both in terms of style and ease of use and practicality. With the shoulder strap on this bag is very easy to wear and hangs well at my side even when full of the kid's bits and bobs, Hand straps are a bit small and make it a bit cumbersome to carry with these.  Thank goodness for the shoulder strap option as without this my opinion of this bag would be very different. Shoulder strap is fantastic and works very well with the bag but I feel the hand straps are a little short and I would go as far as to say for me they would have been better left off and the bag just having a shoulder strap. I have found this bag a real eye opener as I did not know these type of bags existed on the market, The time I have used the bag has been great for me and we have been on a couple of day trips with it and it has definitely made the days easier and more manageable.  I will definitely continue to use this bag for days out and holidays although due to it being a little on the large side for everyday use for me personally I will be investing in a smaller bag from the range in the new year to use every day. I have already raved about this product to friends and family and will continue to do so as the product is excellent. Having always been a user of the smaller bag this product test has been a real eye opener for me and I have definitely been won over by it and will now continue to use this range. It has shown me how organised life can be with the right tools and really does make a day out with the kids that bit more manageable and frees you up to enjoy the day without having to rummage to find something or somewhere to store the dirty clothes etc. I now always know where my keys are, my phone is now answered when it rings as I know where it is and can find it before it stops ringing, my baby screams less as I can find his bottle quicker and all in all it just makes my life easier and after only a short time with it I think I would be lost now without my Mia Tui bag. Thank you x Penny Taylor – Josh, Adam, Jessica & Lucy – 11 Months, 3, 4 & 10 Years

Product Tested By Jeanette Philpot – Matthew 1 Year

Jeanette Awarded The Mia Tui Amelie Bag 5/5

Looked fabulous and I received the red one. Loved the colour and looked big enough to suit all my needs. A very stylish looking bag and fashionable too. Loved the carry handles as can use as normal bag or uses the shoulder straps to give you more control. This has been used every day and still looks as good as new. The quality of this bag is excellent. Ideal for me with all of Matthews bits and bobs and holds all I need. The space inside the bag is fantastic and lots of compartments to keep all your necessities to hand. I like the little see through bag for messy bits which is zipped and keeps them away from everything else in the bag. This is a large bag but has been invaluable to me. I have used this daily as a change bag; also I take this to dog training as holds all my items for puppy training and has been fantastic. I have also used this bag to take to the gym (holds everything with ease) and also perfect for travel bag. This will also be coming on holiday with us as perfect to take all Matthews swimming bits and creams & towel to the beach. This bag does everything and I would not be without it now. This is stylish (also available in some fab colours) easy to use, durable, looks fashionable and serves me well for so many different things, not just baby bag. The compartments are brilliant and perfect for finding things easily. The straps are well made, wide, strong and durable and the bag is comfortable to use. Also so easy to wipe clean and looks as good as new. I love this bag and will be purchasing one for my sister. I have told loads of people about this bag it is fab. Great value for money as will last and the interior of the bag is excellent quality. The design is superb and well organised so you have compartments for keys, phone, bottle, dirty nappies all easily found due to the great compartment layout inside this bag. I would not be without this now. Thank you. Jeanette Philpot – Matthew 1 Year

Product Tested By Shelley Brackley – Jack, Lucy & Hayley – 1, 4 & 6 Years

Shelley Awarded The Mia Tui Amelie Bag 4.8/5

Looked huge when arrived and thought it would be too big for me. A good looking bag, very fashionable. Liked the fact you had normal handbag straps and detachable shoulder straps. Looks very durable. Quality is very good although I do think the material looks a bit shiny which makes it look cheaper. Once you use it you realise it is good quality so the look is deceiving. This holds everything so ideal for me when out with all 3 children. The way the compartments have been designed is great. You have a compartment for everything. Also liked the extra see through plastic little bag to store nasty nappies and also messy bibs, kept them away from everything else in the bag. When this bag is full it is a bit heavy to carry, but then again I could fit in everything I needed and the shoulder straps were strong enough to take the weight and comfortable to wear (did not dig in my shoulder). A versatile bag and I would use this as a swim bag for older children, change bag and also has come in handy as weekend travel bag. This is such a good bag, well designed, durable and easy to use. The shoulder straps are very well made, durable and detachable so only attach when you need them. Hand straps are OK but they fitted over my shoulder so would use this way as felt too big to carry as normal bag, but still worked for me. This is a great bag to help you keep organised. I will definitely continue to use this bag. A few friends have mentioned they liked this bag so recommended as a very well organised bag for mums. I do love this bag, but still find it a bit too big. However, it has now made travelling with all the family so much easier and I can find things easily which has been great. A superbly made bag, stylish, looks fashionable and will suit all families whether you have small or older children this bag is definitely worth the investment. Shelley Brackley – Jack, Lucy & Hayley – 1,4 & 6 Years


BizzieBaby 2011-12 GOLD Award

Penny Awarded The Mia Tui Amelie Bag 5/5

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