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BelleBelly is THE essential wardrobe item for breastfeeding.
What is a BelleBelly?
It’s what you’ve been waiting for – a belly band designed to fit you when you breastfeed. It’s A-line shaped (smaller at the top and bigger at the bottom), and full length (from underbust to hips).
Use a BelleBelly to turn all your tops into nursing tops, expanding your wardrobe and saving you money.
It’s also a must have for pregnancy to fill the gap between your tops and your bottoms when your bump gets bigger.
How do I wear my BelleBelly?
Put it on over your head before you put on the rest of your clothes. Wear it tucked in or out at the bottom for a ‘layered look’. Wear it every day. No more only going out between feeds, put on your BelleBelly and be ready wherever you are.
When it’s time to feed, just lift up your normal top and your BelleBelly’s got you covered.
BelleBelly made of Natural fibres with plenty of stretch
It’s 95% cotton so it doesn’t make you sweaty – keeps you cool in summer and warm in the winter.
It’s also 5% elastane which gives it the stretch your belly needs as you’re growing your baby. And the spring it needs to return to it’s original shape just like your belly.
It’s available in 3 sizes – Small, Medium and Large:
Small designed for UK dress sizes 8 to 10
Medium designed for UK dress sizes 12 to 14
Large designed for UK dress sizes 16 to 20

£12.00 Each available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Smeera Lauder – Yori 6 Months

Smeera Awarded The BelleBelly Breastfeeding Belly Band 4.9/5

Initially really pleased with its' simplicity and versatility. The style of the band was great; good length and coverage. I selected black and it co-ordinated well with whatever I wore. It is a comfortable material. However due to the sizing, whilst it fitted well on my hips, it became loose during wearing around the trunk area and consequently I needed to keep pulling it up or trying to secure it under my bra strap. The band is perfect for its purpose of breastfeeding without having to expose midriff. It did not get in the way at all. I felt completely covered up whilst breastfeeding and it made it a comfortable (and warm) experience. The coverage of the band was great and covered my hips which meant it was possible to wear shorter tops and feel at ease. It is very discrete and is not bulky. Other than the looseness in the trunk area it fit well. However this did not show up under my top. It is simple to wash and went in with all my other washing – nothing special required. I did not iron it, does not need it. It would be great if they did more sizes to account for different bust size and to reduce the looseness issue. I will definitely continue to use it. I was really pleased to receive this for testing. I have recommended it to a couple of friends who are not breastfeeding as just another layer to combat ‘the gap' between top and trousers. But also to friends who are breastfeeding. I was wearing a vest top under tops in order to breastfeed so wondered if this was useful. It is more versatile and cooler (temperature) and so discrete. Smeera Lauder – Yori 6 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Kinnear – Grace 14 Weeks

Rebecca Awarded The BelleBelly Breastfeeding Belly Band 5/5

I thought this looked fabulous. The style of the band was fantastic and it was really comfortable to wear. It was very easy to breastfeed while wearing the band and I felt completely covered up. It was so easy to breastfeed when out and about. The size of the band was perfect and just looked like a T-shirt. The band is really easy to launder too. It would be lovely if it were available on more colours and then you could match it up with various clothes – red and grey ones would be great. I will definitely continue to use this now that I have tested it. I will be telling all my friends and family about it too. It is a fabulous product and has made breastfeeding in public a far less stressful experience. Rebecca Kinnear – Grace 14 Weeks

Product Tested By Becki Ives – Eleanor 6 Weeks

Becki Awarded The BelleBelly Breastfeeding Belly Band 4.7/5

Looked simple and stylish as was not sure if this would work. The style is plain but good quality. Length gave good coverage. You can choose from black or white to suit your wardrobe. Material used is good quality and comfortable to wear. I found it very easy to breastfeed while using this band. Made me feel confident especially when out and about as gave good coverage and you were able to be discreet. This is very easy to care for just pop in the washing machine and comes up great each time. Lovely item, makes breastfeeding more discreet and comfortable to wear. I will continue to use this as have found it keeps me warm in the cold weather too. Have already told lots of friends about this. Just one comment would love to see this available in a range of colours and also patterns. Comfortable to wear and made breastfeeding in public comfortable. Becki Ives – Eleanor 6 Weeks


BizzieBaby 2011-12 GOLD Award

Smeera Awarded The BelleBelly Breastfeeding Belly Band 4.9/5

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