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QuickSmart Easy Fold Highchair

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The QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair has impeccable table manners. The simple fold mechanism lets you hide it away, fully assembled, in just seconds.
Easy-store rapid flat fold Dishwasher-safe snack plateEasy care, easy wearAccommodates growth stages.
No assembly required

£120.00 Available online amazon.co.uk or just click online www.quicksmartgo.com to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Leasa Railton – Luke 11 Months

Leasa Awarded The Quicksmart Highchair 4/5

My first thoughts were, very smart, a little bit bigger than expected but overall looked like a high quality product. To fold it away you have to push in and down with your foot whilst holding back the clip and pulling up. Not easy when baby is in arms. The seat is very safe, lovely 5 point harness and wonderful footrest that changes positions so felt very secure and padded well. Its 5 point harness had adjustable straps. The only downside was the straps did not adjust bigger around the waist as my boy is a big boy and it was very snug on his tummy. The fabric was very practical; every time Luke made a mess it was nice and easy to clean down and didn't stain. The highchair tray was brilliant, it had a click on tray that I used when feeding, which when finished clicks off leaving the main tray available for play. It also had a cup holder and was completely removable so I could clean the whole area. It was very easy to clean, no problems at all. Due to its size it was restricted to one place even though it folded it was quite heavy so was not able to move it from places with ease so restricted it to food and short times of play whilst I did the washing up. I loved the extra tray aspect and the comfort. The adjustable foot rest was a nice touch too. I still don't think I would spend this much on a highchair. I think the design can be improved a little; I think the straps need to have more length in them to accommodate a larger child and maybe if there was a way of making it not so heavy. Even though it had no instructions it was very easy to work out how to manoeuvre the parts and recline things etc. which was good. The padding was very good and I felt like Luke was comfortable when in it. The extra tray was a godsend as it enables him to play on the bottom part whilst I washed the top after feeding him. It was nice and compact when put down but a bit too heavy and overall bulky when up compared to others I have used. I loved the foot rest as was a nice addition that added to Luke's comfort. Overall I was very happy with the product. Leasa Railton – Luke 11 Months

Product Tested By Claire Cowley – Ethan 12 Months

Claire Awarded The Quicksmart Highchair 4.2/5

Product looked good and was well packaged. Folding the highchair is quite easy although it does take a couple of goes to get used to it. The seat does seem safe and comfortable and my baby hasn't complained at all while in it. I do sometimes think that it does wobble slightly but I don't think this means it is unsafe. The harness is great, easy to use and adjust and very safe. The seat fabric is very good, comfortable and easy to clean and covers all areas necessary. The seat unit does recline to one position. As my baby is slightly older though I haven't found it necessary to use it reclined. The tray is removable and this makes it very easy to clean. The non- removable part is also easy to clean which is good. In my opinion I think that this highchair is quite expensive. I think it can be improved in some ways. I don't really feel that the seat is upright enough in the top position. It does look to me like it is still reclined slightly. I do like the product and feel it is better than the highchair we originally had however I wouldn't purchase this product at the price advertised.  Claire Cowley – Ethan 12 Months

Product Tested By Helen Dawson – Florence 13 Months

Helen Awarded The Quicksmart Highchair 4.8/5

I was very impressed with how flat it goes and the ease of folding/unfolding. It was fantastic. For normal seating position the seat is great. Florence is a ‘rocker' when in her highchair and it withstands her full force rocking with no problems. Recline could do with going further back as she does have a tendency to fall asleep after her lunch and it doesn't recline as far as other highchairs which causes her to be uncomfortable. The chair has a safety harness and it is easy to use and secure on my baby. The seat fabric is very easy to clean. Tray is removable and can be repositioned very easily too. This is also very easy to clean and it even goes in the dishwasher! I think this highchair is very versatile and offers great value for money. The only improvement I would suggest is maybe recline position could be made to go further back. I would consider buying this now and recommending it to others too. It is fantastic for space saving. Overall it is a fantastic highchair that is practical and also looks good. Would be ideal for homes where space is at a premium. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to my mummy friends. Helen Dawson – Florence 13 Months


BizzieBaby 2011-12 BRONZE Award

Leasa Awarded The Quicksmart Highchair 4/5

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