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Hipp Organic Rice Cakes - Stage 2

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Hipp Organic Rice Cakes - Stage 2 -
Hipp Organic Apple Rice Cakes
Rice, wholegrain rice, apple juice, thiamin (vitamin B1)*.All ingredients are organic, unless stated. *from non-organic sources
Also available in Apple & Blueberry, Carrot and Pumpkin and Tomato & Sweet Red Pepper

£1.08 Per Pack - Available is Asda, Waitrose, Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons or click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Sheena Johnston – Murray 11 Months 3 Weeks

Sheena Awarded The Hipp Organic Stage 2 Rice Cakes 5/5

Bright packaging. Appealing. Looks healthy. The rice cakes were very flavoursome. I would not hesitate to purchase this product in the future as I felt that they are a healthy option. The packaging is bright and healthy looking, very appealing. The packet is a handy size and can fit in your handbag for when a quick snack is required on the run! The rice cakes were a good size; I found them to be bigger than other brand names. I feel the product is very reasonably priced considering the size of the bag. I really liked how when my son was eating the rice cakes there was little colouring came off in his hands, face, clothes etc. As soon as I see this product in the shop I will be stocking up! Would recommend without hesitation. The rice cakes were full of flavour, a good size and the packaging was very appealing. Sheena Johnston – Murray 11 months 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Claire McLean – John 11 Months

Claire Awarded The Hipp Organic Stage 2 Rice Cakes 5/5

Large bags, nicely packaged, I wasn't sure if my son would like the carrot and pumpkin. My son loved the apple rice cakes and this flavour was his favourite. He liked the carrot ones too but I don't think as much. Rice cakes fit in to my son's healthy balanced diet. The packaging looks nice but I felt the bags were too big. There is no way my son would be able to finish a packet. He ate one packet over 3 days. I invested in a clip to attach to the bag to keep the rice cakes fresh. There were very convenient. I kept a bag in my sons change bag in case of snack emergencies! They were good quality. I bought another shops own brand version of apple rice cakes to compare and the Hipp Organic version was clearly superior. There are not as good value for money as normal rice cakes but the size and flavour make them more appealing for children. The taste is fine but the carrot and pumpkin ones stained my sons t-shirt really badly and I have struggled to get the stains out. Too much colouring? I have bought the apple rice cakes since reviewing this product and have also recommended. Both the rice cakes were loved by my son, especially the apple one. The quality was great and the packaging was good quality and bright. I would have like a reseal able bag to retain freshness or a smaller pack of 5 cakes for on the go eating. Claire McLean – John 11 Months

Product Tested By Emma Hobson – Julia 12 Months

Emma Awarded The Hipp Organic Stage 2 Rice Cakes 5/5

Love the packaging and the fact organic. A health option for Julia. These rice cakes tasted really scrummy and Julia really enjoyed them. A health snack, ideal to take out with you when you are on the move. We loved these and would purchase again, well we already have. The pack is a perfect size to keep handy in your bag and ideal to take in the car when on a long trip as they always want a snack. These are tasty, superb quality and loved by Julia. Thumbs up from us and have purchased more and recommended. Nutritional, healthy and very tasty. Emma Hobson – Julia 12 Months


BizzieBaby 2011-12 GOLD Award

Sheena Awarded The Hipp Organic Stage 2 Rice Cakes 5/5

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HiPP Organic, 165 Main Street, New Greenham Park, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG19 6HN

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