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Educational Shoe stickers that help children differentiate their left shoe from their right shoe, and put their shoes on right all by themselves.
Simply secure the durable vinyl stickers to the inside heel of the left and right shoes.  Children put the animal together and put their shoes on right.

£3.60 available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Anna Cooke – Ziyad 3 Years

Anna Awarded The Shoezooz Educational Shoe Stickers 4.9/5

I thought this was a simple but useful idea, good quality and well-made product. The packaging was fine, did not come with too much packaging as it is only a small item, which is good as I dislike when products come in a far too big box than what is needed. The instructions were very clear. The stickers were simple but good concept. The size of them was great and they fit perfectly onto his shoes. He did notice the stickers and they did help him with putting the correct foot in shoe, but he has said sometimes he still doesn't know. The stickers managed to stay put after continued wear. The quality is good too as they stayed in the shoe and still look the same as when they were new. They are good value for money as they stay good as new for a long time. The only improvement would be maybe different options like transport ones as well as animals e.g. front and back of train is something my children would really like. I would buy these again definitely for other shoes. I would also recommend these stickers to others too. Overall, a simple yet good idea and a handy quality product. Anna Cooke – Ziyad 3 Years

Product Tested By Chantelle Curran – Jake 3 Years

Chantelle Awarded The Shoezooz Educational Shoe Stickers 4.8/5

My initial impression was that they were colourful. The packaging was basic and the instructions were easy to use. These stickers are a great idea and very educational too. They were the perfect size. At first Jake wanted to put the stickers on paper but after showing him what they were for he went upstairs and got more of his shoes to put them in. They really did help him and Jake can now put his shoes on the right feet. One of the stickers came off the inside of his trainers, after trying to put it back in I realised it was not very sticky anymore. They are really good quality and offer excellent value for money. I would consider buying more as Jake has more shoes and I have also recommended them for my niece. They are a great product, colourful and great for learning too. Chantelle Curran – Jake 3 Years

Product Tested By Emma Gibson - Harriet 33 Months

Emma Awarded The Shoezooz Educational Shoe Stickers 4.9/5

Initial impression was that it was a great idea and that it would really help my daughter who was, at the time, continually putting her shoes on the wrong feet. The packaging was eye-catching and bright. Shows how the product works on the package too, which would make me want to buy it if I saw it in a shop. The instructions were basic, straightforward, and easy to follow for both me and my child! The concept was brilliant. They are very simple, very easy for any child to grasp because it is visual and uncomplicated. Even other members of my family commented on how great they thought they were. They were a good size for a child's shoe – great for visibility, just hard to get inside things such as wellington boots. She noticed the stickers, and put the animal together automatically. My daughter even makes a game out of them now and tests ME saying "is this the right way round, Mummy?” They have stayed in the shoes that she wears every single day. They are very good quality and with three pairs of stickers per pack, the RRP is great value for money. These would be great if they had more variety of animals available. I would buy these again for future children (if I was having any). I would definitely recommend them, I can't fault them at all, and they are a great product. I thought these were simple, effective and really great, and more important than all of that, they really did what they were designed to do – they helped my daughter teach herself which shoe went on which foot. She can now do it with shoes that DON'T have the Shoezooz in. Emma Gibson - Harriet 33 Months


BizzieBaby 2011-12 GOLD Teen Award

Anna Awarded The Shoezooz Educational Shoe Stickers 4.9/5

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