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Miniscoff - Organic Creamy Salmon Pasta

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Organically farmed Scottish Salmon in a creamy sauce with vegetables and penne pasta. 1-2 helpings Contains: Wheat gluten, fish and dairy.  Free from: Egg (despite all our efforts, some fish bones may sneak through from time to time) 
 Ingredients  Pasta (100% durum wheat) 38%, *Milk 25%, *Salmon 13%,*Cream 4% , Butter 3%, *Flour 3%, *Mature Cheddar 3%, *Carrots 3%,*Peas 3%, *Sweet corn 3%, Water, *Pepper, Sea salt.* Organically grown or produced
Nutrition - Typical values per 100g - Energy 165 kcal -Protein 8.9g -Carbohydrate 14.7g (of which sugars 1.6g)Fat 7.9g (of which saturates 3.7g) - Fibre 1.0g - Salt 0.2g - PER PACK - 429 Cals. 20g FAT 0.5g SALT
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Product Tested By  Elizabeth Tierney - Livy and Riley 18 Months

Elizabeth Awarded The Miniscoff Frozen Meals Organic Creamy Salmon Pasta 250g 5/5


Great packaging, all information was simple to understand and the food looked real and healthy. Most products that are similar usually have more colourful packaging which diverts your eyes away from the food and product information itself. It tasted fresh and not lacking flavour due to it being a children’s meal like other brands. I was very impressed with the nutritional benefits, just as good a meal as I would cook at home, no additives and all fresh food. The packaging was nice and simple too. They are very convenient for if you have had a long day and do not have the time to prepare a meal in time for Dinner. The quality is fantastic. At first I thought it was quite expensive for one meal but once I added up how much it would cost me for the ingredients I realised that the meal itself was cheaper than me buying the ingredients. I think that these meals are a great size, my 18month old twins would have one each and only left a third, as for an 8 year old I would have to add some extra veg. I would definitely consider buying these and recommend them to others and will continue to do so. Overall an absolute pleasure to try out, It opened my eyes to the fact that there was a quick healthy option out there for children and I refuse to feed my children fast (unhealthy) food.

Elizabeth Tierney - Livy and Riley 18 Months


Elizabeth Awarded The Miniscoff Frozen Meals Organic Creamy Salmon Pasta 250g 5/5 

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