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The Babble Bib is a baby bandana bib designed to soak up baby's dribble but look cool at the same time. Our standard bibs are suitable from around 4 months to around 3 years of age. We offer our bibs in two different sizes. Refer to our bandana bib sizes page if you are not sure which is right for you. All of our baby bibs come with the same great guarantees....Our bandana bibs come in huge range of funky designs. Our standard bandana bibs are suitable for babies and toddlers from 4 months to 3 years of age. We now also offer large dribble bibs which are suitable for children from 3 years to around 10 years of age. Find out more about our Large Bandana Bibs www.babblebib.com   Unique comfortable super soft concealed seams- Twist on a standard baby bib -Made in UK -Made from top quality super soft jersey cotton and backed in Micro fleece to help prevent dribble rash and keeps clothes dry. Fastened with two nickel free poppers

£3.99 Available to purchase online www.babblebib.com

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Product Tested By Phoebe Robinson – Elise 12 Months

Elise Awarded The Babble Bib 5/5

The style of the product is a refreshing change from your usual bib; it looks ‘trendy.’ The bib has poppers for different neck widths, so you don’t end up with gaping at the neck. The only bib I have come across that completely protects the neck area.  The bib has a quality finish, no frayed or uneven edges.  The absorbency is incredible. My daughter likes to spit out her water when she’s drinking from a beaker, and under this bib she’s still as dry as a bone, unlike with all her other bibs.  The bib isn’t the largest, it would be a perfect size on a smaller baby (which it would be suitable for as the poppers on the neck allow for different sizes) but I’m not sure I’d like the look of a larger bib. I use an additional bib at meal times – the babble bib to stop any food going down the front of the top at the neck area, and an extra, longer bib on top to cover the whole stomach area.  The bib is a different shape to most, but I found this handy as some bibs would drag on the ground when my baby crawls, this doesn’t as it fits so well.  It has extra absorbency, and doesn’t seem to soak through even without the use of plastic backing, so it’s more comfortable for baby to wear throughout the day.  Lovely fabric, although the fleece backing may be too warm on hot days, but getting a bit soggy isn’t as much of an issue then.  Easy to wash And Very fast drying.  Although it’s not cheap, it dries so quickly that you can wash it regularly with ease, so wouldn’t need as many bibs.  I will continue to use this bib,  it saves me from changing my baby’s tops numerous times a day!   It’s the only bib that I’ve come across that doesn’t gape at the neck, so it stops all dribble and water, and the absorbency is second to none.  Very impressive product.  Trendy compared to usual bibs, incredible absorbency, lovely and soft to touch.  Phoebe Robinson – Elise 12 Months

Product Testes By Rachael Allen – Anthony Aged 10 Months

Rachael Awarded The Babble Bib 5/5

Really liked the style, colour and looked good quality.  The neck fixings are versatile so can be adjusted to suit the neck width of your baby. Well made, nice finish and looked good.  I certainly found this bib was very absorbent.  Anthony tends to be a bit of a messy eater and this was superb and stopped his clothes getting messy.  The bib could be bigger but still covered the area I needed covered.  I like the bandana style and suited Anthony.  Easy to take out with us and put on quickly when needed.  This would make a perfect gift and ideal for a newborn baby as you would get more use out of it.  It is extremely absorbent so protects clothing, just does not cover the whole chest area like most other bibs.  High quality fabric, is very effective and easy to wash.   Good price and value for money a good investment.  Superb bib, super absorbent and looks nice on.  Anthony found this comfortable to wear and is something I would purchase. Have already recommended to friends and family. Worked a treat and looked pretty trendy too.  Rachael Allen – Anthony Aged 10 Months.

Product Tested By Micheal Hartley -  Jayd’n 1 Year

Michael Awarded The Babble Bib 3/5

Nice feel and look, but too small for my child when he was 10mths old at the time.  The fastenings on this bib are great and very secure and easy to use.   The quality of this bib is very good.  Unfortunately the bib did not deliver good coverage as too  small only covered a 1/3rd of his chest.  The fabric this bib is made of is very practical.  I am sure it is easy to launder but as it did not cover Jayd’n we did  not use this bib on a regular basis.  I do think this bib offers value for money and more applicable to a newborn baby.  I would recommend this to friends with newborn babies.   For us this was not effective as too small for Jayd’n, but good quality bib and personally I feel ideal for newborn babies.  Michael Hartley – Jayd’n 1 Year


BizzieBaby 2010-11 BRONZE Award

Elise Awarded The Babble Bib 5/5

Babble Bib Bandana Bib Stockist Information

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