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Our children's melamine sets are so brilliant for kids who like to test how far they can throw food! Both sets include a plate, a bowl, a mug and a knife, fork and spoon. The sets are available in an adorable 'Fairies' design and a swash-bucklingly 'Sailing Boats' design. They are remarkably durable (none of us have a broken one yet!), and with such pretty designs, every piece is a pleasure to have in the kitchen!

£16.50 Available to purchase online at www.sophieallport.com

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Product Tested By Rebecca O’Rourke – Nathan 11 Months

Rebecca Awarded the Sophie Allport Melamine Feeding Set 5/5

My initial impressions of this product were very positive.  It looks lovely in its packaging and I couldn’t wait to start using it. The packaging consisted of a cardboard outer box with boat/ pirate designs on it and a boat shaped window to view the feeding set.  The set was held in place inside the box with another piece of cardboard.  It seemed well protected without any unnecessary packaging and I liked that it was 100% recyclable.  Appearance-wise the packaging looked very nice and it was nice to see something a bit different. The items were all good sizes although it will be a while before my son can use the cup as it only has one handle. The nautical design is lovely, the boats all look hand drawn and my son loves trying to play with them. The products are all easy to clean, even dreaded bolognaise sauce comes off with a quick wipe. My son enjoys pointing to the boat pictures while he’s eating, at 11 months they do distract him a bit from the task at hand but he certainly enjoys meal times! I’m not sure I would buy this set for daily use in my own home as there are so many cheap plates etc. you can pick up for everyday use but I would buy it as a spare for granny’s houses as it contains everything he needs for meal times.  I would definitely buy this as a gift as the presentation is so nice and it’s a bit different than a lot of other feeding sets you see. I was very happy with the quality of the set, it was all well finished and managed to avoid looking mass produced. This set doesn’t offer great value for money if you’re buying it for everyday use but as a gift its great value for money and it looks as though it costs double its actual price. I can’t really think of any improvements that could be made to the design other than including an option to order a double handled cup and some full melamine cutlery (rather than melamine handles with metal knife, fork attached). I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this set as a gift for a new baby or a christening and I would definitely recommend this to family members looking for gift ideas. This is a lovely feeding set, my son and I both enjoy meal times with it. Rebecca O’Rourke – Nathan 11 Months

Product Tested By Valerie Homer – Ralph 1 Year

Valerie Awarded the Sophie Allport Melamine Feeding Set 5/5

This is a lovely feeding set! The quality is great and I like it even more because the design is very cute, it doesn’t scream ‘mass produced’ at you either. It’s nice to have something a little different and unique to make meal times a little bit fun. The packaging that the set came in was also lovely, I would have definitely looked at it in store. The items in the set were all of good size and Ralph likes using them. They have been dropped a few times and haven’t broken so I think the quality is good. They wash up great and they haven’t suffered any stains as of yet! I think as a gift, this is good value for money because it’s something a little special. I would definitely have bought it as it is so sweet and it is also practical for use as a feeding set. Valerie Homer – Ralph 1 Year

Product Tested By Leanne Hamilton – Kai 10 Months

Leanne Awarded the Sophie Allport Melamine Feeding Set 4/5

My first impression of the item was very pretty, I liked the sailor design and thought it were very appropriate for the item. The items are all easy to clean due to them not having any hidden nooks or ridges. The size is appropriate too but Kai already has a lot of plates so I wouldn’t have bought it. The quality seemed good at first but unfortunately I gave Kai some food using the bowl and plate and he dropped it on the floor and it broke. I would not buy this set because of my son’s age and that he broke it, but for older children that don’t throw plates then this would be ideal. It really is a lovely design. Leanne Hamilton – Kai 10 Months


BizzieBaby 2010-11 SILVER Award

Rebecca Awarded the Sophie Allport Melamine Feeding Set 5/5

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