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Griptight Suction Plate

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Prevent spills and messy accidents with the Griptight Suction Plate. It's BPA free and it's non-slip features ensure that you can have a happy feeding time!

£1.99 Now available to purchase online www.griptight.com

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Product Tested By Claire Currie – Finlay 15 Months

Claire Awarded the Griptight suction Plate 5/5

This is fantastic! It’s easy to use and its very good value. It has very minimal packaging which is good and told everything that needs to be known.  Great quality, it’d sturdy and been through the dishwasher fine. It’s the perfect size for Finlay; there is plenty of room for the meal to go on it. Not easily stackable as of the suction plate but the size of it means it easily fits into the cupboard. It stuck very well to the highchair which meant that my child couldn’t life it up and throw it on the floor!!! The shape of the plate which raised sides meant that food stayed in it too. It is excellent value at that price. Excellent product. Would like to see if there is a larger range with bowls etc. Claire Currie – Finlay 15 Months 


Product Tested By Amy Jay - Marley 15 Months

Amy Awarded the Griptight suction Plate 4.5/5

I thought this sounded like a really good idea but I was wondering how well the product would actually work, purely because it’s so cheap. The packaging is good, gives you all the information that you need to know and is also recyclable. The size and shape of the plate is very good, there’s plenty of room and the sides of the plate make sure food stays in it! I was very surprised at how well the plate stuck to the highchair, Marley could not get it off no matter how hard he tried to. I was very impressed and relieved that we will have no more messy meal times! This is very easy to wash and also store, and I am so impressed with the price. This is a must have item for any parent and child! Brilliant. Amy Jay - Marley 15 Months


Product Tested By Kate Brooksbank – Elana 15 Months

Kate Awarded the Griptight suction Plate 3/5

It looked bright and colourful and seemed a really good idea for it to stick down too. Packaging was minimal but appropriate. It gave a good insight as to how to use the product. Quality was good but it did not grip tight, my daughter could quite easily pull it of which was a little disappointing. The size of the bowl is perfect for a small child and the material of the product is good and nice and bright. I put it in my dishwasher which it says not to do, but it came out fine. It is sold as a grip tight plate, but unfortunately it was not that strong, my 14 month old could pull it off, which made dinner time messy. It’s a nice plate but it does not do what it says so I would not purchase it. Kate Brooksbank – Elana 15 Months



Claire Awarded the Griptight suction Plate 5/5

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