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Babyway Travel Cot

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The Stylish travel cot from Babyway which is also suitable for use as a playpen. Comes complete with mattress and carry bag and is quick and easy to assemble with easy to clean padded handles. Step by step instructions included

Technical Specifications
Age Group From birth up to 15kgs or when child can stand unaided
Dimensions 780  x 1190 x 600mm
Weight 8400g
Mattress Included

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Product Tested By Charlotte Bell - Belle 22 Weeks

Charlotte Awarded the Babyway Travel Cot 5/5

A compact and sturdy travel cot! The instructions were clear but getting the cot up for the first time was a little tricky. Once i'd mastered it once it was very easy to get used to and do it easily. Very compact and reletively light, the carry case it comes with is very useful. Can easlily fit into the car without taking up too much, much needed room. Baby slept in the cot with no trouble from the first time we put her in it, it comes with a mattress so seems very comfortable.  It is good as a cot and a playpen, it can also be used to store toys when not in use. The fabric on the mattress is wipe clean and practical, and the mesh on the sides of the cot is good as you can easily see your baby sleeping through the sides if you are sleeping besides them whilst camping for example. I have looked at other travel cots on the market and the price comes in quite low without compromise on the product, very good value for money. A great travel cot! Charlotte Bell - Belle 22 Weeks

Product Tested By Caroline Dulin - Baby Joshua 4 Months

Caroline Awarded the Babyway Travel Cot 3.5/5

I thought the cot looked nice and of decent quality too. From the instructions it was really easy to set up the travel cot but with folding it away it's a two person job when putting the base around the main part. The unassembled size of the travel cot it very good as a cot but not very practical as anything else. The mattress is quite spongy, comfortable and easy to clean. The travel cot is very narrow and too small to be used as a playpen and the base doesn't seem sturdy enough. The fabric quality is good and it's really practical to use but it does make a noise when baby is turning over on it. Due to the shape and size I would expect it to be slightly cheaper but it's not extortionate! Overall, its perfect as a travel cot to stay at my parents home.  Caroline Dulin - Baby Joshua 4 Months

Product Tested By Jenny Malin - Baby Dante 21 Weeks

Jenny Awarded the Babyway Travel Cot 4/5

My first impressions were that the cot seemed quite heavy, but its of a good size for a growing child and also as a playpen space. The instructions were standard and easy enough to follow, the cot wasn't the easiest to erect, each time we tried to straighten the sides the ends collapsed and it turned into a two person job. However, we did appreciate that this may be because it is new so it may be stiff. Its easy to fold away the travel cot, just unclip and it folds up and it also goes back into the bag with ease. A good size, but also very high, so struggled to get son out as unable to sit up. However, this is not a negative as I feel it will aid security when he does sit up. My baby did not seem to have any issues. He frequently fell asleep whilst in it. We did not get to see its full capacity as a playpen yet, as our baby is unable to sit up yet, but it appears a good size. I also like the windows to ensure you can see what they are doing whilst sitting down. It is quite large. I would not consider taking it on a plane, as your baggage allowance would be greatly depleted. Although I like the size, whilst it is at home, this may be problematic, if the room ie in a family members home / B&B is small. We have had no problems, soapy water or baby wipes have kept it clean. Not sure how it will be when son is on solids. Good design. I have not had experience with other travel cots, but it appears to do what it advertises. I have noticed cheaper travel cots around, but for the dimensions, it appears to be good value for money. The Babyway travel cot is practical, spacious and endurable. Jenny Malin - Baby Dante 21 Weeks


Charlotte Awarded the Babyway Travel Cot 5/5

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