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Revelo Limited introduces the Kid-Sit from Kleine Dreumes: a board and seat combination to attach to a stroller.

The Kid-Sit has a refreshing design, is very user-friendly and great fun for toddlers. The board rests on the rear axis and attaches securely to the stroller with user-friendly zip straps. Kid Sit can be used just like a traditional board, but when your toddler wants to sit down - just lock the seat in place with one simple click.

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Product Tested By Tilly Freemay – Amber & Christian Ages 3 & 2 Years

Tilly Awarded the Kid Sit 4.6 /5

Both Amber and Christian were very excited when they saw the Kid Sit and immediately went to inspect it. It reminded me of a really unique looking scooter; it even has a wheel on it! The packaging was good, it showed us everything we needed to know about the product and the instructions were simple to follow to fit the Kid Sit too. We had it attached to the stroller in no time and the kids loved sitting on it! Both my partner and I found it great to use, very easy and convenient. It looks comfortable enough and I think the quality is perfect. The price is a little high, but it is a real winner with the kids so after testing, I would thoroughly recommend to others. Thank you! Tilly Freemay – Amber & Christian Ages 3 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Jacqui Grainger – Jack & Oliver 3 & 2 Years

Jacqui Awarded the Kid Sit 4.3/5

The product is very cool. It looks similar to a motorbike seat. The kids were very excited and couldn’t wait to try it. The packaging displays a clear picture of the product that looks very appealing. The instructions made assembling the seat a simple task. It also could not be easier to take on and off the pram, which is brilliant when taking baby out. The product was convenient to use but when going up Kerbs I had to lift it up. We have also had bad weather recently so I have not used it as much as I would if it was warmer weather. The kids have absolutely loved using it; they even sit on it when it’s in the house. It’s sturdy and well designed, but even though it’s brilliant I do still think it’s a bit pricey. I would consider purchasing it but I would struggle to justify spending this much money on something. Overall I think it is a brilliant product and would highly recommend it. Jacqui Grainger – Jack & Oliver 3 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Richard Coates – Josiah 2 years & 8 Months

Richard Awarded the Kid Sit 4/5

It looked like a fabulous solution to our problem of needing somwhere for our son to rest whilst encouraging him to walk. The instructions were a little hard to read clearly because there were a few different languages, but with a bit of patience the product was easy to attach. I found using it very convenient; it went on and off the pram very easily and quickly. My Son loves it! He can have a rest when he is tired and sit talking to his baby brother. The quality is standard, but I do feel that the RRP is quite high. A few people have commented and said that they wouldn’t pay this, but after us testing it I think we would have probably purchased it with a lot of thinking. Overall, a good experience with this, the kids love it, it’s easy to use and it does its job well! Richard Coates – Josiah 2 years & 8 Months


BizzieBaby 2010-11 BRONZE Award Tilly Freemay – Amber & Christian Ages 3 & 2 Years

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