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Swimming with your baby It is crucial that babies acquire different kinds of movements and physical abilities during their first year of life, in order to promote the development of higher functions of the brain.  Swimming gives babies free movement, meaning they can develop actions they wouldn't otherwise have had the opportunity to experience.Swimming is excellent for improving core muscle development and co-ordination.Regular swimming often improves eating and sleeping patterns.  It's fun, socially stimulating (for both you and your baby!) and an excellent way to bond with your child.The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" can be used from only 3 months of age and gives children the necessary sense of security in the water during every stage of their development. Our highly innovative, patented design ensures early enjoyment in the water.

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Product Tested By TammyScale – Evangeline 5 Months

Tammy Awarded The Fred's Swimtrainer Classic 4.4/5

Looks good quality, eager to test. Packaging ideal for the product. Instructions very clear and easy to follow. Needed a little help at first to fit this onto Evangeline, but once you are used to it easy to fit. It did look like she would slip down but was quite comfortable and stayed secure. My daughter was very happy to wear this swimtrainer and I was confident she was safe in the water. This gave her confidence in the water and also encouraged her to try to swim. I really like this product and I am going to buy the next size when she needs it. I would recommend. This is easy to use and my daughter was confident in the pool. Very good product would recommend to friends.Tammy Scale – Evangeline 5 Months


Product Tested By Danielle Cheetham – Paige  6 Months

Danielle Awarded The Fred's Swimtrainer Classic 4.2/5

Thought it was a brilliant idea to help children learn to swim as my child was frightened until I introduced her to Fred.  I thought the packaging looked cheap I would never have thought it was worth £19:50. The instructions were very helpful. I did not find it difficult to put on Paige. My child felt secure but I didn't leave her as this was something new we were trying out. She was happy using the swimtrainer and enjoyed the swim day. She was a bit smaller but still found it easy to move in the water with this on. This is very good product and very high quality. I would say it is well worth the money. I would purchase this item. I have also loaned this to a family member who was really pleased with it. My daughter really enjoyed using this and so did I. It is something new my children tried and think it's a very good idea. Danielle Cheetham – Paige 6 Months.


Product Tested By Kartina Dorrell - George 10 months 

KatrinaA warded The Fred's Swimtrainer Classic 4.7/5

This looked a very good product. George really loves going to his swimming lessons now and I was keen to try this out. This fitted really well and was easy to put on George. He seemed to be comfortable and very confident in the water wearing his swimtrainer. It made it so much more fun for George as his confidence was boosted. Also this fits well enough for him to be able to move easily in the water giving him more confidence. I found this easy to put on and George seemed very comfortable. This is a very good product for any child starting to learn to swim. Really good value for money and great quality. I would purchase this item and have already recommended to lots of mums and dads.  It also was easy to inflate and you could deflate pretty quickly so was easy to pop back in swim bag. This is a great swimming aid, fun for George and also safe to use. Katrina Dorrell –George 10 months



BizzieBaby 2012-13 BRONZE Award

Tammy Awarded The Fred's Swimtrainer Classic 4.4/5 

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