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Silver Cross Pop Vogue Pushchair

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Full lie flat recline, lightweight construction, compact umbrella fold, and lockable swivel wheels. Supplied with a newborn babynest, padded shoulder and buckle pads and a reversible seat liner. Suitable from birth - Ultra lightweight (7.2kg)- Rich satin finish frame, with matching wheels and detailing - One-hand folding system - Ergonomic grip handles - One-hand multiple position reclining seat - Luxurious soft, padded, reversible seat liner - Shoulder carry strap - Larger lockable self centering swivel wheels for smoother ride - Unique multi-position cup holder - UV protective large hood for extra shade with viewing window - Shopping basket - Ventilated raincover

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Product Tested By Louise Long – James Aged 2 Years

Louise Awarded The Silver Cross Vogue Pop Pushchair 4.7/5

Very smart looking pushchair, sturdy and very easy to use.  Instructions very easy to follow.  This was extremely easy to erect and fold away.  James was very comfortable when seated in his Vogue pop pushchair.  Safety harness is strong, durable and secure and easy to use.  It's usable from birth, it has a 5 point safety harness, it is very easy to put up and take down and it's quite light and easy to carry when folded. You can get quite a lot of shopping either underneath or hanging onto the pushchair without it becoming unstable because of the way the rear hood is attached, it means you can rest a bag of shopping on top of something in the basket and it remains secure. Fabric is excellent, high quality and easy to clean.  Also this is a very easy pushchair to steer, we never encountered any problems.  In my opinion this is very good value for money. The only issue we had was with the foot rest.  The foot rest seems to be too far back underneath the end of the seat. However, because the base of the seat is able to raise up, it doesn't make it into a very large problem. I would think, as my son gets older, it would become easier for him to place his feet onto the footrest but at the moment, he simply can't get them onto it because it's too far back underneath the seat. Yes absolutely purchase this item.   I already have a Silver Cross Fizz which I loved so having this sturdier model has been a pleasure.  We have really run this pushchair through its paces and found it to be incredibly reliable, safe, easy to use and great for our two year old son. My partner found the handles were at a good height and he is over 6ft tall and yet it is still comfortable for me to use being only 5ft 5in. It folds away into quite a relatively small space and is easy to store away both in the car and at home in the hallway.  Louise Long – James Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Rachel Ibbotson – Katelin 2 Years

Rachel Awarded The Silvercross Vogue Pop Pushchair  3.4/5

Appeared really smart with clever design features like the cup holder, the larger than average hood with the peep hole and adjustable leg/back rests.  Instructions totally adequate – no less clear or better that other pushchair instructions.  A couple of parts needed to be positioned accurately but none of them were too difficult to manage.  The folding mechanism seemed less smooth than that buggy I had used prior to testing this.  My daughter wasn’t huge for her age (2) but when we used this was shocked how small and shallow the seat is the footrest was down, she looked like she was perched on a ledge, didn’t look comfy and often refused to get in the buggy.  Found the straps fastened securely but weren’t very long.  Apart for the seat being uncomfortable causing my daughter to not want to go in it, I didn’t find the steering and maneuverability to be nearly as good as the old buggy had been using.  Shopping basket is practical and reasonably sized.  Very generously sized hood – nice to see and allows a toddler to not feel so claustrophobic.  This was easy to fit into the boot of our car as we have an mpv/ estate type vehicle. Overall the buggy did seem bulky when folded.  Fabric quality appeared to be relatively hard wearing.  Sometimes seemed to have a mind of its own, the wheels often swivelled not in the anticipated direction making steering hard work.  Although the styling was pretty good, the practicalities of the providing comfort and maneuverability were poorly executed, also the frame was slightly flimsy.  I thought it was a little expensive before the test started, but having used it I definitely stand by my initial impression.  Taking into consideration the manufacturer longstanding experience in producing pushchairs I was disappointed with the lack of attention to detail regarding the practical aspects of how this model would perform day in day out, more importance seemed to have been placed on its sleek styling and not enough to its substance.  Rachel Ibbotson – Katelin 2 Years

Product Tested By Kelly Kelbie – Lex 2 Years 5 Months

Kelly Awarded The Silver Cross Vogue Pop Pushchair  3.75/5

Initial impressions were that it was a very nice pram, not striking in any way but looked of good quality.  The instructions were clearly spelled out and were easy to follow.  It is very easy and quick to erect the pushchair. Can be tricky when holding a child or with bags, but it is quick enough to do.  It is very easy and quick to collapse the pushchair. Click one bit, release two bits and fold. Simple.  For a baby, it would be very comfy but for older children the footrest is a bit far back, making it the angle of the knee bend unnatural if a toddler wishes to rest their feet on it.  It is very easy to use and feels very strong, safe and secure.  It was slightly difficult on stairs as I found the brakes got in the way. The storage bit was good and the pram can be pushed with bags.  The shopping bag is effective. It does not offer as much space as some, it easily held food and toiletry supplies for the little man.  There is a flap on the rain screen so you can see the child but I found nothing to hold it back with. Hood is not bad but not great for sun blocking.  Did not fit into my coupe but it fitted easily into a 4x4 / saloon.  Fabric Excellent, it is easy to clean and very comfy for the occupant.  Very easy to steer with both hands It is possible one handed, e.g. when on the phone but it is not as easy as some others in this respect. Overall design reasonable. Other than footrest and rain screen flap holder, fine. Cup holder at the back that clips onto the handle is useful. Looks wise acceptable (but this is a personal preference).  For the price it offers fair value for money.  Fair value, few flaws (footrest, flap, brake placement) but overall a useful pushchair.  A fairly average pushchair. Easy to collapse/pop up but not the best to handle. Some nice touches like the cup holder and reasonable value for the money but whilst I could use the pushchair, I personally did not enjoy using this pushchair.  Kelly Kelbie – Lex 2 Years


Louise Awarded The Silver Cross Vogue Pop Pushchair 4.7/5

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