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Little Dish Pasta with Cheese, Peas & Broccoli Trees

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Pasta shells with petit pois and mini-florets of broccoli in a fresh cheese sauce. Kids love the natural sweetness of petit pois, and there is something about 'trees' that makes broccoli fun to eat. Ingredients:Cheese Sauce (57%), Cooked Pasta Shells (25%), Petit Pois (11%), Broccoli (6%). Cheese Sauce contains:Water, Milk, Single cream, Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese, Mild Cheddar Cheese, Cornflour, Nutmeg. Cooked Pasta Shells contain:Durum Wheat Semolina, Water. Allergy advice: Contains cow's milk, wheat and gluten. Suitable for vegetarians. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

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Product Tested By Joanna Southwell – Samantha 18 Months

Joanna Awarded The Little Dish Pasta with Cheese, Peas & Broccoli Trees 4/5

Good it looked nice and was easy to cook (either in the oven or the microwave). The packaging was good and had pictures.  It tasted very nice. However the peas did not transfer as well as other vegetables might and were a little overcooked (my daughter and I however both have a taste for raw peas so that is a personal thing! Packaging Good and the nutritional information was stated on the back.  Very convenient – can be cooked from frozen in the microwave in 4 minutes and held up very well being cooked as such. Or can be put in the oven as well. So very useful to have around.  Very nice – while as said below not as good as home cooked for a pre packaged dinner was very nice. In fact it was such a good prepackaged meal I would consider taking it to work myself.  When on offer yes they do offer good value for money for a meal that can be made in minutes. However if you do have time to make home cooked food then that would be cheaper.  For a little child no my daughter loved it. I tasted it and it for an adult lacked a little seasoning which would not be suitable for a toddler! This dish was very easy to eat.  I would not use them for every meal (it would get repetitious and expensive) I think they are an extremely useful item to have.  It was a very nice dish that suited our tastes.  The little dish meals are very tasty and useful. While I think they are too expensive to be used everyday and do lack some of the taste of a home cooked freshly made meal I found they were incredibly useful to have in the fridge and freezer particularly after a day out when you could come in and within five minutes have a tasty nutritious meal served up. I will definitely be keeping them in the store cupboard for such occasions.  Joanna Southwell – Samantha 18 Months

Product Tested By Debbie Partridge – Gillian  19 Months

Debbie Awarded The Little Dish Pasta with Cheese, Peas & Broccoli Trees 4/5

Looked really good quality.  I must admit I had not tried Little Dish before so was keen to taste.  A tasty meal and a traditional dish we all make.  Gillian certainly liked the cheese sauce but not so crazy on the broccoli and peas.  We do enjoy our meat so we always have a selection of meat and vegetables.  However, the cheese sauce was tasty and Gillian enjoyed this as an alternative every so often.  I would imagine this would be ideal meal for vegetarians too.  The packaging is colourful, informative and you have all the nutritional information you need.  These are easy to keep in the freezer, and get out and heat up quickly just when you need them. Ideal for your travels and great nutritional meal ready if you have been out all day.  You can get these ready in minutes by just popping in the microwave.  So easy.  Very tasty and even though not as good as homemade a very good alternative. . I did find this needed a bit of extra seasoning, but a very high quality meal. These are a bit expensive and look out for them on special offer.  However saying that they are great to have stock in the freezer for when you need them.  We have also had some ready for when friends pop round and stay longer than expected so great life saver.  These are great meals to keep in storage, tasty and nutritious.  I have already purchased and will recommend.  Thank you.  Debbie Partridge – Gillian  19 Months

Product Tested By Charles Martin – Charlie 20 Months

Charles Awarded The Little Dish Pasta with Cheese, Peas & Broccoli Trees  4.5/5

Looked good quality.  Had heard about these before from my wife’s friend.  Looking forward to trying them.  The packaging is high quality and really good informative information on the pack about ingredients and nutrition.  Found this very helpful.  Was not problem at all to prepare?  Popped in the microwave for a few minutes and ready to serve.  Now Charlie loves his vegetables and Pasta so this was a bit of a winner with him and cleared his bowl every time.  The only thing he would leave were the peas which did not taste as nice (yes I tried them).  The sauce and the rest of the dish tasty and filling and good meal for a growing lad. Good quality, well prepared, easy to cook and nutritious.  A very good ready made meal to have on hand.  We have purchased more and would certainly recommend.  A good high quality meal to have in freezer for times when you need to prepare a meal in minutes.  Charles Martin – Charlie 20 Months


Joanna Awarded The Little Dish Pasta with Cheese, Peas & Broccoli Trees 4/5

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