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The award-winning Shnuggle Modern Moses Basket captures everything you like about traditional Moses baskets along with some improvements you'll absolutely love.  Made from a super-strong, hypoallergenic and easy to clean material it's so much safer for your baby. It's almost silent when baby moves around, helping your baby to stay fast asleep. A clever locking system means the hood actually stays up. All Shnuggle baskets come complete with a special hypoallergenic mattress.With beautiful 100% pure cotton fabrics, it's a warm and cosy place for your baby to begin life in the outside world.  It isn't made from wicker or palm leaves like most Moses baskets, but rather a super strong moulded shell, which is fully ventilated, hygienic, hypoallergenic and far stronger.It's about 10% larger than other baskets, so it can be used for longer. When the baby is ready to move into a cot, the Shnuggle basket can be safely stored and re-used next time!

Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2010/11 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2014/15

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Product Tested By Lisa O’Flaherty – Isabelle 3 Months

Lisa Awarded The Shnuggle Moses Basket 4.9/5

Beautiful basket, very stylish and modern. Looks and feels very sturdy. Came boxed and in plastic bag to ensure it arrives safely and remains clean. Minimal instructions but item does not need any assembly. The quality of the basket is fantastic, only issue is the baby cover inside isn’t big enough to stay in place when baby wiggles. But easily sorted by using own blankets. I had been using a traditional basket from birth, when moving it to take her to bed, bring her downstairs etc. it would wake her as it dips and makes creaking noises. This does not do either making it easier to move about and there is actually more space inside for her, also meaning it will last longer but also she is not waking herself hitting sides with her arms. Due to the practicality of it compared to a tradition basket and how modern it looks, choice of colours I would say its fantastic value for money. I have seen one similar for £100 which looked a lot smaller. I would buy this product, however was not on market when I bought our basket 5 years ago for baby 1. But would buy if starting again. I have already recommended to several people. I love this basket. When asked to review this product I was given the option of which colour I wanted and chose to fit in with my living room colour theme. When it arrived (on a Sunday via amazon may I add so a lovely surprise) it was well packaged, bagged and boxed. When I first saw the product it just looks gorgeous, I have a standard white rocking stand which it fit in no problem and together look very modern in my room, which I love. The mattress is nice and springy and baby always slept well when in it. The waffle trim, hood and cover I love, matches really well, only issue is the cover is more for "finishing the look” rather than practical as unable to tuck baby in with it, but easily resolved using own bedding. The hood actually stays up! Which my traditional basket never does no matter how hard I try. Trim easy to remove to wash which I have had to do due to baby reflux. I really cannot fault this product and have already recommended it to friends, I’ve also had a lot of compliments about it too. Lisa O’Flaherty – Isabelle 3 Months

Product Tested By Jenny Bray – Seth 12 Weeks

Jenny Awarded The Shnuggle Moses Basket 4.8/5

This Moses basket has a contemporary look and is a very practical design. I love the colour and that it is a little larger than normal Moses baskets so will last a little longer. It’s also great that it is fully sterilisable so can be stored between babies and then fully cleaned. The item arrived safely bagged and in a box. It was easy to open and assemble. Instructions were minimal but that is all that is necessary as it’s a fairly straightforward item. I was impressed with the look of the product and the quality of the actual moulded basket part. However, I washed the material parts on arrival, as I do with all new products for my baby, and the covers shrank. The instructions on the actual covers said that it could be washed at 40 although the leaflet said 30. I decided to err on the side of caution and washed them at 30 then let them dry naturally and didn’t iron them before putting them back on (I try to avoid ironing things!). Even so the section that goes over the edge of and into the basket shrunk slightly which meant that the holes for the handles were then inside the basket, causing the handles to fall into the basket. I didn’t like this when my baby has little control of their arms at this young age so could have ended up tangled in them so I ended up tucking the handles into the cover. Until I placed my baby in the basket the mattress also didn’t sit flush on the base as the liner made it hover slightly due to the shrinkage. One of the hems on the hood also frayed after washing it once (and before having ever been used) I didn’t expect this from a product of this price. The shnuggle is much better than other Moses baskets. It is a little bigger and is fully cleanable and able to be sterilised. However, the sides taper in from the top to the bottom. As it is as wide as it is at the top it would be handy if the sides had gone straight down to make the area the baby lies in wider rather than tapering to a narrow bed. Seth likes to spread his arms out when asleep and would regularly hit them on the side when moving around. It seems expensive initially but it has longevity on its side as it can be stored away and then sterilised and washed for safe use with consequent babies. This is a great selling point for it and one that makes it stand out from other Moses baskets. I wouldn’t consider buying this item. However, if I was on my first child I would have done as I always wanted 3 children so it would have been used with them all. As Seth is my 3rdand last child I wouldn’t have bought it this time round just for use with him.If a friend of family member was expecting their 1stbaby and considering having more I would definitely recommend this product to them for use with all babies as the ability for it to be stored and safely cleaned for the next baby is a huge draw. I love that this product is made in the UK so doesn’t clock up lots of air miles being made. It looks good and was easy to use. I enjoyed using this product. It looks great and is practical. It’s a little larger than normal Moses baskets so is a great option for those with smaller bedrooms who can’t fit a cot in their room once the Moses basket is outgrown. It would then allow them to have their baby in their room for longer than if using a standard Moses basket. As the base is flat I was able to use the sensor pad mat of my monitor with it (It wasn’t supplied with a stand and I don’t have one that will fit it so I used it on the floor). You’re not able to do this with most Moses baskets so this was a definite plus for me. However, I wasn’t comfortable with the straps sitting inside the basket due to the cover shrinking when being washed (despite only being washed at 30 degrees). I was then worried that Seth would catch himself in them so tucked them in to stop this. If then moving the basket from room to room, which we did, it wasn’t great having to untuck the handles each time and then retuck them in once moved. I also think that, as the handles are attached to the basket itself, they would be better in a matching plastic material rather than cotton so that they can be sterilised in the same way as the basket when needed. For the price I was not expecting one of the seams to be poorly stitched and to fray upon washing so I was disappointed by this aspect. Overall, I liked the product and will be recommending it to people. I just hope that they can sort out the quality issues I encountered with the covers. Jenny Bray – Seth 12 Weeks

Product Tested By Chantel asiedu-odei – kwesi 3 Months

Chantel Awarded The Shnuggle Moses Basket 4/5

Looked very nice well put together sleek look. It came in a plain box and plastic the instructions were very detailed and looked well put together time and effort had gone into the design on the instructions but as it is a Moses basket I feel it is quite self-explanatory. The quality of the product was high it had a high degree of finishing there were no loose strings or uneven stitching on the product which gave it an overall polished appearance. Apart from the hard plastic shell I don’t really see that much difference between this one and the basket I had beforehand my baby didn’t sleep any longer in this one then he did in the one I had previously. I thought £75 was way too much to pay for a Moses basket that your baby will outgrow quite quickly I do like value for money and I don’t think this basket was worth that price at all. maybe if there was some indication as to how they can justify that price tag maybe a special type of plastic was used or a different sort of material something along those lines then I could understand why they feel to charge that price. I wouldn’t buy it as I thought the price was too much and considering babies cannot sleep in them for a long period of time they outgrow them quite fast I would rather spend more money on a cot that he would be able to use for longer. Was a nice product to use but really no different from the basket I bought previously. All except the canopy and the blanket which made the basket look nice. Chantel asiedu-odei – kwesi 3 Months


BizzieBaby 2014-15 SILVER Award

Lisa Awarded The Shnuggle Moses Basket 4.9/5

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