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Mobility and individuality. The 10 impresses i'coo Pluto by quality and functionality. The little buggy is agile and light as a feather . Convincing its clear design, high quality materials used and its expressive colors. A real gem .

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Product Tested By Zoe Kennedy Ė Niamh and Libby Ages 3 & 2 Years

Zoe Awarded the Ií coo Pluto Pushchair 4.8/5

It looked liked a really good quality buggy. Very sleek, very fashionable Ė a top of the range pushchair. The instructions were generally very easy to follow but were mainly explained in pictures.  The safety harness was through 2 loops on the seat when we unpacked it but this position made it  impossible to fit the harness onto my daughter and I just had to presume that I take them out but wasnít too sure. Much easier than any other buggy I have used (and I have used a few in the past!) It is the only buggy that I have been able to fold away with one hand! It is very comfy. It is nice and deep and wide. I really like the harness - I feel very happy that my daughter is very secure in the buggy and the release button is stiff enough that a child cannot open it.  The only issue I have with it is that the shoulder protector pads fall off all the time as they are very loose. It would be better if they were secured onto the straps better as I feel that I may loose them altogether one day. I always have to fasten the straps before I fold the buggy away as they have fallen off a few times then too.  Yes it is a good sized hood that gives as much protection as is practical, itís also light and easy to maneuver. It is wipe clean which is very practical and the quality seems very good for the length of time that I have had it. This was one of the first things we were really impressed with.  It is very easy to steer, seems very light and I felt it had the maneuverability of a 3-wheeler. I found pushing it through grass easy and gravel paths. No problem at all. I love the design! It is a very eye-catching, modern looking buggy. I also love the large pocket at the back of the hood. What a great, practical design feature! I think that it probably does as it is a very good quality buggy and has a top range buggy look and feel to it but it would be out of our price range.  I love this buggy. I love the look of it and the maneuverability of it. I feel my daughter is safe and secure and the footrest is handy too. This is a very good quality, modern pushchair that not only looks good but is handy and practical. Zoe Kennedy Ė Niamh and Libby Ages 3 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Camille Fitzgerald Ė Baby Hayden 7 Months

Camille Awarded the Ií coo Pluto Pushchair 4/5

Lookís expensive and modern. Instructions easy to follow but not much of them, just picture with no text. The pushchair was easy to put together, just a little stiff with being new. Very simple to fold away just takes two movements. The seat position for sitting up are good but it doesnít lie back very well, therefore when Hayden falls asleep he isnít tilted back very far and doesnít look comfortable. The safety harness is very easy to use and does the job well.  I feel Hayden is very secure once strapped in. The pram is easy to move around shops but not very happy with the weight issue.  Even just putting change bag on the back of pram can make it tip backwards. The shopping basket is very practical and of large size, you are able to put in rain cover for the pram and more. The sun canopy doesnít shield the sun much and a further sun umbrella is needed.  It does cover the top of babyí head but doesnít stop the sun glare in eyes and protection from sun on rest of body. The pram doesnít fold small; it is long but very slim.  If you have wide or long boot it will fit in with plenty of room.  But if you have compact car I donít think it would fit. The fabric is of good standard and wipes clean easily. The pushchair is easy to use and I havenít come across any problems other than wheels make slight noise. The pushchair is more difficult to use on uneven surfaces and more strength is needed. The pushchair looks and feels lovely; I especially like the handles with the chrome detail.  It makes it look expensive and itís something different. I think the pushchair is expensive especially that you have to purchase extras for additional cost.  If was slightly lower it would open up to larger market. I have enjoyed using this pram; it is sturdy, reliable, and something different. It has been a reliable pram in the time I have used it, it only has some minor faults otherwise it is a stylish and child friendly. If you want something stylish yet practical that will adapt to your growing child then the Ií coo Pluto will be right up your street. Camille Fitzgerald Ė Baby Hayden 7 Months

Product Tested By Moyra Masson Ė Ava Grace 24 Months

Moyra Awarded the Ií coo Pluto Pushchair 4.5/5

It looks incredibly smart, slick and lightweight. Generally the instructions were very easy to follow and it is quite easy to erect the pushchair but you do need two hands to do so. It is slightly harder to fold away than other pushchairs. You need one hand to pull out the lever, and the other hand to firmly pull the handle up so the pushchair folds.  Not the easiest thing to do while restraining a 2 year old! Its excellent comfort wise. It also a really big wide seat so itís suitable for a toddler whom you donít generally find in a light weight stroller. Itís a very secure harness but after a couple of uses the side harness (i.e. the 1st stage of fastening) kept slipping out before I could get it into place which was a pain.  However once itís all fastened, itís very secure and doesnít budge an inch. It maneuvers wonderfully, feels really smooth and lightweight.  I can steer it one handed which is fab. Its one of the biggest shopping baskets I have come across in a lightweight stroller, you can fit plenty in it. The hood is really large and covers a lot which is great in the sun and shades my daughter easily. Itís slightly bigger than some of the other models out there, but considering the quality is so much better, I hardly class that as a negative!  I own a Yaris and it fits in the boot of that. It wipes clean easily, it has no fancy/fussy frills on it which is great. No complaints. Its one of the best looking pushchairs I have used, its slick, smooth and fashionable and most importantly, lightweight. It looks great, itís wonderful to push, it attracts so many compliments, and my daughter is really comfy in the large seat. The only bit I donít like is the fussy harness. I was delighted to be chosen to test this product and I definitely wasnít disappointed with the product.  I had been looking for ages for a lightweight buggy with a seat unit big enough for a toddler and I can safely say I have definitely found it! Moyra Masson Ė Ava Grace 24 Months


BizzieBaby 2009 BRONZE Award

Zoe Awarded the Ií coo Pluto Pushchair 4.8/5

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