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Sensitrol is an effective, easy to apply desensitiser with active ingredient di-potassium oxalate. It helps to relieve teeth sensitivity. Sensitrol is water based and contains patented surface acting agents which act in synergy with the di-potassium oxalate to deliver it direct to the dentine. Available as a handy cotton bud applicator.

£5.99 - Available in Asda, Boots, Lloyds, Sainsburys, Superdrug, Tesco, Waitrose, Alliance Pharmacy, Selected Dental Practices & Independent Pharmacies - www.molarltd.co.uk to find online stockists

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Product Tested By Stephanie Loydon

Stephanie Awarded the Sensitrol Bud 4.6/5

The products packaging is a hard case, great choice. Simple to follow instructions and the product is very easy to use. I used to buds once (all 12 of them) and I believe they were fairly effective. They are good quality and I feel they are reasonably priced. Overall, definitely recommended for people who are suffering from sensitive teeth because it does make a difference. Stephanie Loydon


Product Tested By Ngalula Besana – George 3 Years

Ngalula Awarded the Sensitrol Bud 4/5

My partner initially got mistaken by the shape of the product and thought they were ear buds. My partner said that it was a boy's game to use the buds. You just needed to snap them and then rub them onto the sensitive teeth. He used the buds for roughly a week and felt relief from the third application. I think that the number of buds provided is enough for people with mild sensitivity. Great quality, easy to use. For the number of buds and the fact that my partner did feel a clear improvement after a week of usage, I would say it's quite good value for money. We would recommend to people we know suffer from mild sensitivity. Sensitrol Bud is an effective and easy to use solution for people suffering from sensitive teeth, definitely recommended. Ngalula Besana – George 3 Years


Product Tested By Charlotte Carney – Faith & Baby Caden 2 Years & 6 Weeks

Charlotte Awarded the Sensitrol Bud 4/5

When the product arrived it was very compact and I was dubious that it would help my sensitive teeth. But after just one application I found it quite good. Extremely easy, all you had to do was crack the bud itself onto your gums. I used them roughly twice a day and found they made my gums tingle but my teeth were not as sensitive as usual. I was really impressed. I would have preferred for more to be included in the pack because some people have very sensitive teeth so more would be needed. But I was so impressed with the effectiveness of them, I will definitely buy them! It enabled me to eat ice cream and freezing cold water without being in pain. I think the buds are absolutely fab, they came in good quality packaging, very simple to use and overall did the job. I am highly impressed. Charlotte Carney – Faith & Baby Caden 2 Years & 6 Weeks


Stephanie Awarded the Sensitrol Bud 4.6/5

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