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Green Hands Gift For Nails

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Green Hands Gift For Nails set contains: A Green Hands Cuticle Oil and a Green Hands Glass Nail File and Nail Growth Tips.

£15.00 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Chloe Malt – Lucy Aged 5 Years

Chloe Awarded The Green Hands Gift for Nails 4.2/5

Lovely smelling oil, which was absorbed easily and cleanly.  I was very impressed with the glass nail file - I've never used one before and it was far superior to the cheaper files I have used.  Website is Easy to navigate with good clear photos of the products.   I like the fact that the packaging is all 'green' so it can all be recycled.  Also - no excessive packaging, which is a good thing. The only comment I would add is that if I was going to give this as a gift I'd want to box it - maybe they could offer 'eco-friendly' gift boxes as an optional extra?  Very clear instructions for use.  Great gift for anyone into nail maintenance (or someone with torn cuticles like me!).  I like the fact that all of the packaging/ product can be recycled.   I would be happy to pay a small premium for supporting local businesses.  Having said that, if it was made outside of the UK but was fairly traded I would be just as pleased.  I would like to see this product available in Independent healthcare shops.  My nails are in good shape, and the oil has worked wonders on my cuticles, which were in a much neglected state.   I was very impressed with both the oil and the file. I believe this is good value for money as a gift, and although a little expensive a nice treat for me.  Would consider purchasing again in the future.  My horribly dry hands and nails have been transformed by this product - no more scaly skin! Chloe Malt – Lucy Aged 5 Years

Product Tested By Claire Wilson – Sam Aged 5 years and baby on the way!

Claire Awarded The Green Hands Gift For Nails 4/5

Looked a little bland.  The website has a good selection of products for all types of care.  Packaging Not very exciting thought the cover for the emery board was a good idea.  Instructions quite easy to follow, however writing was small.  The items included in the set were just what you needed - the emery board and oil make a good set.  I am very keen on recycling anything I buy so was pleased to be able to recycle all the products.  I expect there are other companies in other countries that would make this product but I support items made in the UK so was pleased this is made locally in Hertfordshire.  I think that this product could sell well at baby fairs and maybe in Chemists.  It is something that all women like to use on their nails and if it is easier to get, then it will be good for the company concerned.  I was very impressed with this set.  My nails felt stronger and smoother - it was nice to treat myself!!  Good quality oil and emery board - still works now and I have used it quite a bit.   Good value for money it would make a wonderful gift for an expectant mum!!!  Also great gift for Mothers day.   I would consider purchasing this set as it has made an improvement to my nails.  Already have recommended this and a couple of my friends are looking into buying it.  This was a well priced treat for me to use and I have been pleased with the results that it has given.  Claire Wilson – Sam Aged 5 years and baby on the way!

Product Tested By Carolann Burden – Baby Tayla 16 Weeks

Carolann Awarded The Green Hands Gift For Nails 5/5

Very impressed.  The packaging was basic, but it is what's inside that counts.   Instructions very clear and precise.  On the whole all the items were great but I especially loved the nail file cos it was like “soft glass” and very easy to use.  I think being green is very important and this is one of the reasons why I enjoyed reviewing this product.  Just knowing that everything is recyclable was definitely a plus.  Another factor that made this item so appealing was knowing it was a local company in the UK and supporting local products which is fab.  I know you can purchase this online but would love to see it available in Boots.   I was very impressed with the end product.  The quality was very good and definitely worth every penny.  I would definitely consider buying this product again and already highly recommended to friends and family.   I totally loved this product, it did the job it said it does and that’s what makes it worth every penny.  Carolann Burden – Baby Tayla 16 Weeks


BizzieBaby 2009 BRONZE Award Chloe Awarded The Green Hands Gift for Nails 4.2/5

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