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Every product in the Pumpuli® range is hand-knitted from 100% organic, sustainably produced cotton which is dyed using natural colours (see The Pumpuli Story).  All garments are machine-washable at 40ºC, preferably using environmentally friendly washing detergents.  Tumble-drying is possible although not recommended (being tough on the garments as well as using huge amounts of energy!).

Pumpuli Ox Top - Available in sizes:- 0-3Mnths - 3-6Mnths -6-12Mnths - 12-18 Mnths - 18-24 Mnths

£10 - Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Jill Nicholson – Ruby Aged 1 Year 5 Months

Jill Awarded The Pumpuli Ox Top an Amazing 5/5 

Lovely soft knitted cotton in a nice simple design.  Website Easy to navigate, detailed description of products, sizing etc and photos.  Clothing Simple design, not too fussy.  Ideal for my little girl and she wore it with no problems.   Lovely quality, handmade with soft organic cotton.  Looked very comfortable to wear no harsh edges and material was lovely and soft.  This top fitted Ruby perfectly. Very easy to launder.  This particular item was half price in the sale on the website so was certainly value for money although I would have bought the top at the original price of £10.  Would certainly recommend as Garments are a bit different than those bought in the shops, I haven’t seen any other babies wearing the top. Lovely organic cotton t-shirt, soft and easy to wear.  Jill Nicholson – Ruby Aged 1 Year 5 Months

Product Tested By Hayley Rutherford – Baby Grace 9 Months

Hayley Awarded The Pumpuli Ox Top 3.6/5

Quite organic looking, almost old fashioned. The website has a relatively wide range of products and the images are very attractive although the font of the text is very unappealing and difficult to read.  Personally I felt the design of the top was quite shapeless, very simplistic design.  The top was made of 100% organic cotton so very soft and felt nice against baby’s skin.  I must admit I found this item lost its shape a bit after the first wash.  Seemed to go limp and not hold original shape.  The top looked lovely when we first used it and so soft and comfortable for Grace to wear.  Also very easy to launder.  Never caused any irritation to Grace’s skin.  This top looked lovely, fitted Grace well and soft against her skin.  However, it did not stand the test of time. Hayley Rutherford – Baby Grace 9 Months

Product Tested By Hasmita Varsani – Neha 11months 3weeks

Hasmita Awarded the Pumpuli Ox Top 4.6/5

First Impressions were that it was very tiny, cute and gorgeous. The company’s website was nice; it has a wide range of lights for all age groups. The design of the top is lovely and ideal for hot summer’s days. I do not think the design is practical for such young age as they are very curious and want to explore everything. My daughter just wanted to put her hands through the holes and pull the top. This would ruin the design and the shape. The quality of the fabric is very nice and soft. My baby looks very comfortable and happy wearing the top. There were no irritations caused by the top. It is machine washable, so very easy to wash. I would say that the top is great value for money, very worthwhile. After testing, I would consider buying this product, but when my daughter is little bit older. I would recommend this top to others as it is very comfortable and lovely for summer and holidays.  It needs to be made for slightly older children. But overall, a very good product, good value for money.  Hasmita Varsani – Neha 11 Months 3 Weeks




BizzieBaby 2009 BRONZE Award Jill Awarded The Pumpuli Ox Top an Amazing 5/5 

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