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Little Tractor and Friends By Dorling Kindersley

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A fun story about Little Tractor and his friends, perfect for reading aloud to young children. Open this chunky board book and join in the fun with Little Tractor as he chugs along passing pony, pig and duck on his travels. The ground is wet and muddy and poor Little Tractor’s wheels get stuck – what will he do?  Read this together with your child; they’ll love the rhyming text, lively illustrations and sparkly foil on every page. Perfect for parents and children to share and a great gift for any child who loves farm animals and big wheeled tractors!

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Product Tested By Judy Morrison – Ben aged 1 Year 9 Months

Judy Awarded The ‘Litle Tractor and Friends’ by Dorling Kindersley 4/5

My first impression was excellent quality cover and a sturdy book. I liked the interactive idea too. I feel the book was aimed at boys due to a blue tractor. Maybe Red or Green would also make girls look at it. Website is easy to follow and really liked the home page. The quality was first class. I liked the shimmery front cover. Definitely eye catching on a shelf full of books. Ben wanted to see what happened to the tractor. The pages were very interesting to him and with the interaction it was a good read. Ben loved the animals and liked the actions in the book ie the tractors facial expressions, the animals pulling the tractor and the rain. Yes likes reading  when he first received it he looked through it whilst I read it about 4 times. We now read it and look at it approx once a day. The story was fun and kept Ben entertained. Personally I would of liked it to be more original.  A stimulating and fun interactive book.  I liked it very much however I am not sure I would recommend it as I feel the story was not original.  I feel cost of this book is high. Personally feel more suited to boys.  Stimulating and good quality but quite predictable and not many pages. A quick read only.  Judy Morrison – Ben aged 1 Year 9 Months

Product Tested By Deborah Lamont – Reuben Aged 3 Years

Deborah Awarded ‘Litle Tractor and Friends’ by Dorling Kindersley 4/5

An attractive and eye catching book for babies and toddlers. This would be a book that adults would want to pick up and have a look at as a possible gift for small children in their lives. It is a well-made and attractive book. The sparkly and shiny format of the book is particularly eye catching and well presented. My son was very curious about the book, even though he has many, many, books as he loves them.  He knew that this was a new one and was very interested in it initially.  I thought that the illustrations were eye catching and stimulating, particularly for younger children. I liked the model looks of the animals and tractor in the book. The sparkly and shiny pages of the book worked very well. My son was very interested in the book and it did hold his attention well. He liked looking at the book and enjoyed it immensely. He seemed to like the rhymes and was interested in the story. He has a couple of other story books where vehicles get stuck and need help from other animals to pull them out so he could relate to that. He enjoyed the rhyme of the story; again he has stories which are told in rhyme form which he enjoys. He likes to count and answer questions in stories so he readily took part in all that he could. He also enjoyed making the sounds that all the animals make. The book worked on many different levels for him. I think that he enjoyed the story, as I said above, he has similar stories where vehicles are stuck in the mud and are pulled out by animals, so he was familiar with that idea and seemed to like it in this book too. This is quite an interactive book. However, I think that a younger child would get even more out of it. My son is probably nearer the top end of the age range for the book. I think it is a lovely well made stimulating book for older babies up to pre school children up to the age of 2. For the younger ones it could start off quite simply and builds up quite well for the older child to interact with. It is well made and sturdy and should stand the test of time being read by babies and toddlers. The pages are lovely and thick, the perfect size for small fingers and hands. However he is at the top age for the book, I think it would be best to be bought for a bay so that the child could grow with the book. Recommend for other younger children.  An attractive book that works on many different levels. A lovely book for babies to pre school children.  Deborah Lamont – Reuben Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Joanne Douglas – Ethan Aged 4 Years

Joanne Awarded ‘Litle Tractor and Friends’ by Dorling Kindersley 4/5

Good size book.  Website offers and extensive range of books for all ages and easy to navigate. This book is excellent quality. Ethan Couldn't wait to "read" it, went  on ahead and got the jist of story by the illustrations. My toddler loved it.  We both thought the illustrations were superb. Ethan loved reading this book and thought it was great fun.  This book is certainly interactive and stimulating with special prompts for adults. A very good book, high quality, good value for money.  Will certainly be looking to purchase more from Dorling Kindersley and have already recommended this to friends.  Ethan loves this book, very pleased and a good experience for both of us.  Joanne Douglas – Ethan Aged 4 Years


Judy Awarded The 'Little Tractor and Friends' by Dorling Kindersley 4/5


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