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Simply peel, stick and smile!
These adorable designs are the simplest way to create beautiful feature walls or simply to add a tasteful touch of colour and fun around a nursery or child’s bedroom. The possibilities are up to your imagination!

FunToSee Mini Wall Art Stickers £6.00 Per Pack - Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Linda Nichols – Lauren Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Linda Awarded The FunToSee Mini Wall Art Stickers Top Marks 5/5

Looks well made, tasteful colours, clear simple description of what the product does. The packaging is simple, tasteful and clearly describes the product; it has a window so that you can see the stickers.  The window in the packaging allows you to clearly see the product and the description is clear and simple. The stickers were easy to apply, I had to unstick them from the sheet for Lauren but she was able to decorate her wall chest of drawers and wardrobe with them herself.  Very easy to remove and reposition. The stickers seem to have a plastic coating so that they come away from surfaces without tearing or crumpling.  Very happy with the quality and versatility of this product.  We had the sweetheart pack which was perfect for Lauren's room. I've had a look on the website and love some of the other packs too. May buy some for school - topic work.  Thought that £6 was a fair price as the stickers are reusable and good quality.  We were both very happy with the room. The stickers were applied to a wardrobe a chest of drawers and a wall. It looks very pretty in there now!   I was very pleased with the design and can't think of any way to improve it.  I would buy it for my second child (due Oct) and would buy it for use in my classroom too to support topic work.  It was so much fun and looks great too so I would recommend this product.   It's a great product and was fun to use too.  A great product which gives a child and parent a fun instant project to complete together – An ideal way to organise a room makeover!.  Linda Nichols – Lauren Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Product tested by Meena Mistry – Pranay Aged 2 years 8 months

Meena awarded FuntoSee Mini Wall Art Stickers 3.9/5

At first I was skeptical and confused as to what the product was. The logo, for me, did not stand out. I had to look to see who this product was from – bright and bold would have been better. I did not know what it was, thought it was a picture at first; unaware that it was for decorating rooms until I read the small print. I must admit I struggled to separate the stickers from the packaging, trying to pull off with my nails; it needed patience, it’s not something to rush, as I was doing. Had no idea where I was supposed to be sticking them. I didn’t like where I had placed them so tried to separate them from the walls and damaged the paint whist doing so – had to cover the mark over with a sticker!  It stayed on at least after moving. You could see that cheap materials had not been used as the stickers were not thin or flimsy and were pretty robust. Personally I would have expected set to contain at least 4 sheets of stickers and not the 2 sheets.  I must admit I ABSOLUTELY loved this product  and so did my little boy.  He was very excited about the change to his room.  I must admit I did not think it would look any good, How Wrong was I!! His bedroom is plain yellow and the stickers looked fabulous on the walls.  I think dotty daze with I had should come in bold reds, yellows green, orange colours as apposed to the pastel shades.  I have  already been looking at their website to see what I can buy.  I would recommend– the stickers do not look like much but once on the walls you will see the difference Excellent product  - needs more stickers in the packet and reduce the price a bit Give it a go you will not be disappointed!Meena Mistry – Pranay 2 Years 8 Months

Product tested by Sarah Jackson - James Aged 3 Years

Sarah awarded FuntoSee Mini Wall Art Stickers 3.8/5

Looked interesting and was keen to get started. Website is good with lots on offer and some great ideas for room makeovers.  When we went to use these stickers we did encounter a few problems as they were not easy to remove from the packaging.  We had to take our time and be very careful not to ruin any of the stickers.  Some of these were great and stuck on really well, others had to remove and replace as put on awkwardly.  Most were really easy to replace, but some of them did take off the paint in his nursery.  Once they had finally been placed in correct position they did stay put.   These stickers are good quality and I have since purchased a room makeover kit which was superb.  Just with this item we had a few problems, but do not let that put you off as they are really good products and have so many products on offer. This set only contained 2 sets of stickers so reasonable value for money.  I enjoyed using these stickers and James really liked the finished result.  They certainly uplifted his room and looked so different and a lot more inviting.  Would certainly recommend FunToSee as such a great idea and so much on offer.  This is a product that can deceive you as does not look much but the change it makes to a room once stuck on is really good.  Sarah Jackson - James Aged 3 Years


Linda Awarded The FunToSee Mini Wall Art  Stickers Top Marks 5/5


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