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Plod Ons are designed for crawlers to protect their kneesFrom the Creators of Sock Ons

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Product Tested By Chloe Gemmell – Noah 15 Months

Chloe Awarded The Plod Ons 5/5

I like how both the packaging and the product stand out because of how colourful they are. The product was made of nice soft thick material perfect for baby’s knees. Nice and colourful. The packaging would catch my eye in a shop. Soft, thick material and very well made. I love the fact they come in many different styles and colours. I thought the size of the product was great. It fit my sons knees perfectly and wasn’t too tight. They simply stretch over the feet and onto the knee. Very easy. They looked very comfortable; my son crawled around the laminate flooring with ease. My son has just started walking and I find that wearing his plod ons is a great bonus as if he falls on his knees I know that they will be protected. Once I put them on they stayed on perfectly. My son didn’t try and pull them off which was a bonus. They are very well made, so I would say yes it does offer value for money. I would definitely consider buying this product. The plod ons have been an extra reassurance that my child will not hurt his knees whilst crawling on harder floors. I have already recommended this product to my friends. I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this product as it has been a great help with my sons crawling, by giving him that extra bit of protection whilst crawling on the harder floors. Chloe Gemmell – Noah 15 Months

Product Tested By Danielle Reuby – Arlo 12 Months

Danielle Awarded The Plod Ons 4/5

At first I wasn’t sure about the size as my little man has chunky legs. They are nice a thick and very colourful. The packaging is fine not too much which is good for the environment etc. they are good quality seem to wash well but the elastic is a little frayed once used but this could be down to Mr chunky legs rather than quality. The style is a lot nicer than it looks on the internet, very bright and colourful. It would be nice to see more boyish designs though. My son is average size but does have fairly chunky legs. Therefore this always looked a little tight and possibly uncomfortable on him. He never seems bothered by them though. Just as easy to put on as socks are on a wriggling active crawler. At first Arlo tried to take them off but after a while he is used to them and just carried on playing. To me they look like they could dig into the thigh. He isn’t walking independently yet bar a few steps can’t say from experience but I would suggest from his toddling these would not affect walking and would create added padding for falls. We didn’t have any issues of them falling off. They worked well without clothes. I personally wouldn’t recommend them with too heavy trousers as they would make movement a little harder. They are a bit pricey but could offer better like a discounted wear one wash one pack .Maybe you would get more value for money if you brought these as soon as your little one was showing signs of pulling up on to their knees. I would purchase at a cheaper price and at an earlier age and my son is mainly cruising now. I would recommend as I think is does help to protect them from the sore red knees especially if you have hard floor or carpet. At first I was so sure but after seeing them on and a few goes I can really see that they will protect little active knees. Arlo can pick up quite a pace with these on so they must offer comfort for speed on the knees. They are of a good quality but probably for a smaller baby. They are very bright and quite thick so add extra warmth which is both a good thing and something to monitor is you have a hot bob. Overall a very useful thing to have when you like one is starting to pull themselves up on to all fours particularly on hard floors or maybe even sensitive skin babies. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review these plod ons. Danielle Reuby – Arlo 12 Months

Product Tested By Fiona Broadhurst – Darcey 13 Months

Fiona Awarded The Plod Ons 3.6/5

Liked the idea, looked good and looked cute. Packaging was plain and slightly boring, provided protection for the item but nothing fancy to entice you. After wearing the plod ons for 30 mins they had started to bobble and look worn. Plod ons are stylish but not the greatest quality. I personally thought the sizing was on the small size; I didn’t leave the plod ons on for longer than an hour at the time as they looked tight and slightly uncomfortable. Super easy to pull on. Looked tight and looked like they would leave a mark on the skin, even though leggings and trousers definitely stayed on, wasn’t going to move as too tight. Good price but for my chunky monkey they weren't correct. I would not purchase only because they seemed tight and too small and can’t imagine them lasting long. I would recommend as would be good to protect special occasion outfits. This item sounded great, the colour and styles are lovely but the quality wasn’t the best and looked worn after several wears. I didn’t let Darcey wear them too long as they seemed tight and looked uncomfortable. The idea is great but just a bit of work needs doing on the sizing. Fiona Broadhurst – Darcey 13 Months


Chloe Awarded The Plod Ons 5/5

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