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The Wriggler Portable Changing Mat By Pluxty

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The Wriggler TM Portable Changing Mat gives you wriggle-free nappy changing anywhere!When you kneel on the kneepads it gently keeps your child in place while also anchoring the mat to the floor, keeping your hands free for fast and easy changing. It also transforms into a traditional changing mat for newborns so it’s the only mat you’ll need from birth to potty training. Patent pending.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2019 Changing Stations Category 

£43.99 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Farwah Farrukh – Arham 1 Year 5 Months

Farwah Awarded The Wriggler Portable Change Mat 4.8/5

It looked posh and great quality! I had an instant liking towards it when I had heard of it first and I knew my life was incomplete without it.The concept is mind-blowing! I can somewhat say for girls it might not be essential but for boys, it is as important as nappies! Wish I had purchased it earlier.The product comes complete with instructions and it is very easy with no assembly. Plus, there are very helpful videos on YouTube as well as the manual which contained detailed information. I don’t think there was anything missing.The product was super easy to use! Anyone can learn to use it by the pictures and it is very simple.I honestly cannot rate it highly enough! My baby was a NIGHTMARE when it came to changing times. At times, I couldn’t do it alone and had to seek help of my partner or daughter to hold his legs whilst I changed him and it was such a mission to change his nappy. I wish I had four hands but now the mat is my extra hands and I love it! So much easier to change. A calmer baby and a calmer mummy.The knee pads feature is of utmost importance I think because without it my baby just ran wearing the mat all over the house. There just had to be a way to strap him and the kneepads did the job perfectly. Without it would have been like any ordinary mat and I wouldn’t have bothered to purchase it.This also transforms into traditional change mat which is a super idea as no need to be purchasing mats again and again. Plus the quality is great hence it would last a toddler as well.Money well spent in my view. It took a couple of changes before my boy accepted the mat and eventually started liking it and giving up his stunts ha! But now he is happy and well settled. And calm too, surprisingly. I feel the easiest is when at home but I did not much fancy using it outdoors as the changing tables are quite high, so the knee pad feature couldn’t be used. Plus the mat is heavy and I found it took so much space in the changing bag. For outside, I prefer less bulky and easy to fold mats.My partner hates changing so it is only me the poor mummy who used it. I used it the most at my mum's and at my place especially in the lounge.The mat is very easy to clean, no stains remained and it looked spotless with an easy wipe. Loving it!The mat is of superb quality and you can feel it within a single use. It didn’t look shabby or with marks and cleaned really well.The product does offer good value for money but I’ve not given full marks as the price could have been a bit lower. With the stress of so many essentials when a new baby arrives, parents can easily overlook the importance of this changing mat and this beauty can be easily ignored.I loved the knee pads as they offered the best reward of strapping the baby whilst keeping him calm and the job getting done in minutes!I would love to purchase another set for friends who are due as this is a great product! I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family as I believe it would make lives much easier.This is a brilliant product! The experience of baby changing is made so much easier and this product is life-changing. A beautiful design and very strong product. Could have been a little cheaper so that most people could have afforded it. This mat is a very CLEVER idea for those naughty on-the-go toddlers who love to make a mummies life hell. This is the only way to regain the sanity back! This is one remarkable invention and at least one is needed in every house. I love it so much and can easily say it has made my life much easier, calmer and happier. No more dreading nappy changing times for both mummy and baby! Farwah Farrukh – Arham 1 Year 5 Months

Product Tested By Caroline Duncan – Poppy 19 Months

Caroline Awarded The Wriggler Portable Changing Mat 4.6/5

Fun looking bear mat, but possibly difficult to use.Fantastic idea! Poppy is at the age that she likes to alligator roll during nappy changes, which has occasionally led to needing an impromptu bath when wipes are no longer sufficient to clean her up from this! Following the paper instructions to change the mat from newborn mode to wriggle mode I knew to flip the headrest over. However, I had to use the video to understand what it meant by sticking the paws down. The video then made it simple. Yes it is very easy to use. The Velcro is strong enough to stay fastened, but not too strong that it can't be separated. The arm holes are also big enough to put her arms through easily. This made it much, much easier to change nappy with wriggly baby. Since she has become wriggly, I would normally shout to my husband to keep her laid still whilst I change her. This is obviously not always possible if he isn't home. This mat makes changing her much easier as she can't roll over or get away. Using the bear's restraining arms I found that often she just laid still and didn't even try to roll. On the occasions she did try she wasn't able to until I'd finished as I was using the knee pads. The fact this transforms into a traditional changing mat is a good idea to get more use out of the mat to improve the value for money. Poppy was happy with this mat straight away and was nearly always happy in it. Before the first time she was put in it, I introduced her to the bear and told her the arms would give her a cuddle. When I get the mat out now she says hello to it and she says bye bye when I put it away. She likes it and likes to help me Velcro the arms back down before I put it away. The only downside is that it isn't padded more for on hard surfaces, however, that's quite usual for travel changing mats. I found it easy to change Poppy at home and when I was out. The shoulder restraints seemed to generally stop Poppy from rolling most times, but if she was really unhappy it was definitely easier with the knee pads. It obviously isn't always possible (hygienic) to change her on the floor in public places, so if she had struggled then I assume she might have been able to roll without using the knee pads. It was strange changing her from a different angle on the floor. I was at her feet and not her left side as I've changed nappies for the last 5 years. However, for the convenience of the mat it was worth adapting to the new orientation.Only I used the mat. My husband said he never felt the need; however he doesn't change nappies very often. I used this mat most at home on a carpet so that it is more padded for her head and so that I could use the knee pads. I used Dettol wipes to clean the mat if necessary, which worked well. The quality is excellent. The mat and arms are strong so shouldn't rip. All of the stitching is perfect. All joints (the arms to the mat, the ears and paws) are all secured well. The bear print is also clear and smudge free. I found the product quite pricey. It would be an ideal present to give to a mum-to-be friend, but it's more than I'd like to spend.I loved the restraining arms as they were able to stop her rolling over, so I could change her easily. I would definitely consider buying it as I know how much easier it makes mucky nappy changes when there is no one around to help. I would recommend this product as I don't think there is anything similar on the market to even compare with this. It definitely fills a need with a wriggly toddler. It would have been a 5/5 if not for the price. It is a great product that fills a definite need from when they start rolling. It is really good quality and is a fun character that the little one can relate to. Poppy has also needed less impromptu baths since it has arrived. It would be great to have a more padded (non travel) version of this mat too to keep one mat at home and the other in the changing bag. It would need to become more affordable to buy both though. When I first started using the mat in wriggle mode, the Velcro on the back of the mat kept catching on the carpet as it is very strong. As the mat came with Velcro protectors on the paws I used these on the back to stop them catching. Caroline Duncan – Poppy 19 Months

Product Tested By Rachel Kendall – Jacob Just over 5 Months

Rachel Awarded The Wriggle Portable Changing Mat 3.5/5

The product was well packaged and looked relatively expensive in the card wrapping / packaging. Upon unpacking the mat I noticed some dark staining that looked like dirt however when cleaned it did not come off. I think this is glue on the underside of the top rubber layer.The concept is fantastic. I was excited to use the product as I’ve had a very wriggly baby from him being approx. 3 months old. He was an early "roller” and is already virtually crawling and won’t sit / lay still so having something to assist with awkward changes was appealing to me.Instructions could be far better. The product arrives folded into the newborn mode. When it arrived we unpackaged and turned it into wriggly toddler mode. Given our little man was still quite small I decided to start in newborn mode before moving up to get him used to the mat first. Well getting it from newborn to wriggly was a breeze, the instructions are great but there are no instructions to get from wriggly toddler to newborn! Easy you might think, No, not at all! The folds and wraps are very specific and if not done right there is no head support. I had to watch the video (which shows newborn to toddler change) several times in reverse to figure it out the folds to get it back into newborn mode which was very time consuming. Once the instructions had been figured out it was relatively easy to use, as long as you don’t want to switch from unravelled toddler mode back to newborn!When it worked it worked well however probably not as good for us until baby is older, this is just a sizing issue with him being a very early wriggly baby.The knee pads were effective and will work however due to baby still being small I feel it will be more effective as he grows.Newborn mode is great, comfortable and wipe clean. Packs away for travel and can be used when out and about. Trying to transform back into newborn mode from wriggly mode is very difficult, on par with an Ikea flat pack and no instructions.Baby eventually got used to the mat but again due to his age and starting early it will come in time. I feel he is probably still a little small for wriggly mode to be fully effective despite the fact he is constantly wriggling and rolling at 4/5 months old.Changing baby when Home was fine. The toddler / wriggly mode couldn’t be used when out and about. Most changes when out happen in public rest rooms with raised changing stations and the mat doesn’t accommodate for this due to the fact you have to kneel on the mat to make it work. Obviously I wouldn’t place our changing mat on a dirty floor just to make use of the mat. Newborn mode was far better in this instance but didn’t help with wriggling.We both used the mat with no issues.The mat was used predominantly at home. We tested it when out but needed newborn mode for this and changing from newborn back to toddler and back again was a nightmare with the folding of materials into the right position.The mat was easy enough to clean, the top wipes clean but it does have a rubbery feel and at times felt sticky.The quality was fairly good however our product has faded quite a bit with use and we’ve only had it just over a month.I don’t think this product would last anywhere near 3 years. We are 1 month in and already experiencing fading and bobbling on the Velcro parts. The folds have become very prominent and I think they will eventually tear as a result of use.We fold the mat up and place in a drawer after each use. If it was left out and flat the wear would obviously be less however the product is intended to be folded so I was somewhat disappointed that we experienced the wear after just 1 month of intended use.It looks fun, the concept is appealing and it does work despite the quality. Personally we would not purchase this item. I think it is quite expensive for what it is and was disappointed with the marks that were on it when it arrived.Again I don’t think its good value for money, it won’t last and the quality isn’t great. Glue marks under the rubbery coating and the creases and Velcro are already showing signs of wear.The concept is great and I think in time it will work more effectively as baby gets bigger. Instructions to revert to newborn are non-existent and are a nightmare to accomplish. Quality of our mat was quite poor with the glue marks. Rachel Kendall – Jacob Just over 5 Months







BizzieBaby 2019 BRONZE Award Farwah Awarded The Wriggler Portable Change Mat 4.8/5

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