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Packed with innovative, patent pending features the Baby Pixel™ Monitor provides extra peace of mind to parents, bringing a greater level of safety and control. Offering a large 5” colour touchscreen, the Baby Pixel™ Monitor includes a Moonlite™ enhanced night vision boost, 360Tilt™ camera steering to remotely pan, tilt and zoom, and a Sleepzone™ virtual boundary to alert parents when baby moves outside of a pre-set virtual border.

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winners 2018 Monitors - Sound and Vision Category 

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Product Tested By Lucy Kibbler – Leo 3 Months

Lucy Awarded The Summer Infant BABY PIXEL™ MONITOR 5/5

I was impressed at the high quality of the item and packaging. The handheld is lightweight and easy to use. I liked that you could see the item through the packaging and that the benefits were clearly laid out. The instructions were very easy to follow, I like that they were broken down into sections.I liked the idea of a high function zoom.Really easy to set up, the buttons were self-explanatory, even without the instructions you could work it out. I particularly liked how easy to use the date and time function was to use. Really easy to use, the buttons are self-explanatory.The 5” colour touchscreen is easy to use and gave a clear image. The Moonlight enhanced night vision would be useful for us in the future when he is older and in a separate bedroom, but this was mainly utilised for naptime at the moment. The camera steering was really useful, especially the zoom to get a clear image of the baby’s face. The camera moves very smoothly and silently. We have not utilised the Sleepzone yet. The Onscreen Nursery Temperature display was very useful particularly during the recent warm weather. The voice activated technology was very useful, though I didn’t rely on it; it was good to know and is a great ‘safety’ feature. The range was very effective as we live in a three storey property – so yes, this was useful for us! I think the concept of adding up to 3 extra cameras to the monitor is very useful and could save money in the long run. The two colour nightlight feature was one of our favourites, we liked that you can control it from the screen. We didn’t use the two way talk back feature this as much as I thought, it was useful to hear him though not sure it worked so well the other way around. I loved the nightlight feature was especially useful, for soothing baby and being able to control it remotely was time saving and efficient. I don’t think the quality differs much from other baby monitors; it is the features - touchscreen, nightlight, ability to add more cameras, which sets this one apart from other baby monitors. It is a bit more than I would have considered paying, but having tried it I think it is about right. I loved the Touchscreen, easy to use buttons and the nightlight feature. I would buy this because the features it has are features I didn’t realise I would use as much as I did, having used the product I now don’t feel I could live without these in terms of baby monitor usage. I would recommend as it has exceeded my expectations and has some really unique and useful features that I used more than I expected to. Exceeded expectations, had never heard of the brand before but have been impressed by the quality, would definitely consider using this brand for any future products I may need.Easy setup, movement/rotation of camera is smooth, easy to use buttons – they are relevant to their feature – clock for time, lightbulb image for light, etc. High quality image and zoom – zoom was useful in seeing how much baby was stirring, screen wakes up when baby is stirring which was useful too. Like the remotely controlled nightlight. Lucy Kibbler – Leo 3 Months

Product Tested By Nicolle Binks – Darcie-Beau 6 Weeks

Nicolle Awarded The Summer Infant BABY PIXEL™ MONITOR 5/5

Very nice, you have a good view of the product and good idea of all the features that it includes. Really like the packaging, you get a good view of what is included but it also has different bubbles highlighting different features of the product that may be useful. The orange, white and grey colour scheme is also very nice.Instructions are very well written and give good instructionson how to set it up and use the product to get the best out of it. I love the idea of having a screen to be able to see my baby. With a normal baby monitor I would still go and check so I could see them. Being able to see my baby on the screen gives a great piece on mind. My partner set this up and said it was very simple. Really simple to use after you have had a good read on the instructions. The 5” colour touchscreen gave a lovely clear image. The Moonlight enhanced night vision was brilliant for the baby's room which is quite dark due to the blackout blind. The camera steering remotely pan was quite tricky to get the hang of at first but was fine when you knew how to use it. I didn't use it very often as my baby does not move around a lot.As my baby doesn't move around a lot yet I didn't really use the sleepzone feature a lot. It will be a fantastic feature when my baby is older. The Onscreen nursery temperature display was fantastic especially in this hot weather.I loved the voice activated technology feature, especially when I am in a different part of the house and my not be able to hear my baby. The range was more than adequateto move around the full house and it still work effectively. To be able to add up to 3 extra cameras would be brilliantif you have more than one young child. I loved the nightlight feature, the red light really helped when my baby was going to sleep. I did not use the two way talk back feature a lot due to the age of my baby but I think when she gets older this was will very useful. We used the moonlight boost the most as it is fabulous. This product is excellent quality. Although the product is brilliantand has some fantastic features I am unsure ifcould spend the RRP on this product especially when having a new baby is a very expensive time. I loved the whole product and cannot wait to use the less used features when my baby is older like the boundary monitor. I would consider buying it if it was a cheaper price. I would recommend as I think it is a fabulous product and even better that you can add more cameras for more children which so many of my friends have. Brilliant product with lots of fabulous features. The product is very easy to set up and install. Gives great piece of mind actually being able to see my baby which is made easier through the moonlight boost feature. The nightlight feature is also fabulous I love how it changes colour from red to help going to sleep to blue when they are actually asleep saves buying a separate nightlight. Nicolle Binks – Darcie-Beau 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Rachel List – Aria 8 Weeks

Rachel Awarded The The Summer Infant BABY PIXEL™ MONITOR 5/5

This looked really nice when it arrived. The packaging is good the product is visible and it gives clear instruction of the functionality. Instructions easy to understand and clear don’t on back could be bolder and darker. The concept is really good I liked it as it wasn’t connected to the internet, clear! Like that you can talk to the baby though the camera. Very easy to set up just need to charge it up first and it’s ready to use Very easy to use! The monitor says how to use it clear. I did find the 5” colour touchscreen was a bit fuzzy.The Moonlight enhanced night vision was OK but would like it if the light stayed on longer. The camera steering remote was good that you could move it on the screen. The Sleepzone virtual boundary is good so you know when baby tried to get out of the cot. The onscreen nursery temperature display gave me peace of mind and was great especially with the hot weather we have had. The voice activated technology works well. The range is good and you can still see them at a distance and hear them well. To have the facility to add up to 3 extra cameras is good if you have more than 1 child in different rooms. The two colour nightlight was good, but it’s clearer in the black and white. The two way talk back feature is very comforting and reassuring that the baby can hear mum and dad. We used talking to baby feature and moving camera the most. This is good quality very sturdy and light weight. Quit expensive for new mums who have a lot to buy for. I loved that it was really easy to use and set up and doesn’t need internet connections! Lovely to use and reassure when baby is asleep! The screen is big so you can see baby well. I would purchase this item. I would recommend as I really like the product and have already recommended to a friend. Lovely product easy to use very smart. This is really good, looks nice, easy to use, good picture, good sound. It is also light weight, sturdy, has many useful features including big screen, clear display and a wipeable monitor. Rachel List – Aria 8 Weeks


BizzieBaby 2018 GOLD Award Lucy Awarded The Summer Infant BABY PIXEL™ MONITOR 5/5

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