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Summer Infant My Bath Seat

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The Summer Infant My Bath Seat (Bath Positioner) is ideal for your precious little one transitioning to an adult bath tub. It provides a safe and secure place to bath baby and allows parent to use both to clean their child. What age range is this product appropriate for?
The Summer Infant My Bath Seat is suitable from 5-10 Months 
Why Buy Me? 360 degree supportSecure and safe High backrest

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winners 2018 Bath Time - Bath Seats Category 

£34.99 Available Smyths, or click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Victoria Symons – Michael 8 Months

Victoria Awarded The My Bath Seat by Summer Infant 5/5

The box is bright and cheerful gives a goodindication of what's contained and protected the item well from damage. The instructions were very easy to understand, it wasn't difficult to install at all. It’s amazing, it held him securely and loved the fact that you can reach all areas of their body with ease to wash and without any fear of them falling over whilst they are playing in the bath. The seat had enough room for us to get our baby in and out of the seat with ease, without getting any parts stuck, it is roomy enough for them to play in the bath with a bit of freedom to move. Very easy to fit into our bath and to remove to clean the bath, it's really great that the back middle arm can be pushed back into the seat with ease when not in use. It made bath time so much easier, I can play with my baby without worrying about their safety. This makes is so much easier to clean baby, as you can reach and clean all of their body with ease and safely. It fitted securely into our bath and didn't budge even when my baby was sat in it wriggling and playing. My son did enjoy this bath seat, he absolutely loves it, nothing else has come close to how happy he is now at bathtimes sitting in this seat, in fact he cries when it's time to take him out of it, he tries to climb into it when it has been taken out to clean, beaming smile on his face. The seat fitted very securely to our bath, once it was fitted we tried to move it and it was very secure, the suckers held onto the bath very well. It made bath time so much easier as I didn't have to worry about him accidentallyfalling.Very easy to keep clean, when not in use we rinsed it and took it out of the bath and dried it. Very good quality, very sturdy and well built, fit for purpose. It's provides great value for money; we'll worth the money for peace at mind at bathtimes. I loved how easy it is to install and uninstall, but most of all how happy it made my little boy at bathtimes and the reassurance I got that he was safe and secure whilst I watched him have fun and play. Would definitely purchase it, such an amazing product, keeping my baby safe at bathtimes giving me peace of mind. I have already recommended to my parent friends and family members too, as the same as myself they were looking for a safe and secure way that their babies can enjoy bathtimes and this has definitely helped us. It's an amazing product, so secure when it's fitted and safe; my baby can play safely in the bath with his siblings without the worry over it tipping over at any time as the suckers are really strong. Victoria Symons – Michael 8 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Rawcliffe – Adalynn 6 Months

Sarah Awarded The My Bath Seat by Summer Infant 5/5

Looked a very good product. Packed well and box not too big. Instructions good and easy to assemble. Very good idea for older babies. Good size to fit in bath time. This was easy to fit and remove. Bath time is now a lot easier and my child loved sitting up. Cleaning baby is a lot easier now using this bath seat. The suckers and the bars are very strong. My child loved sitting up and playing in the water. This certainly gave me the confidence my baby was safe using this product. My child couldn’t get out of the seat which is a lot safer. This is very easy to remove, clean and store.Very good quality, the plastic is very strong. Definitely value for money. I loved the factthat my child was safe in the bath and she loved playing in the water. I would definitely buy this my child loved it. I would recommend because it is a very good product. Very good product for growing babies to enjoy bath time. Sarah Rawcliffe – Adalynn 6 Months

Product Tested By Lisa Marie Fairley – Lane 8.5 Months

Lisa Awarded The My Bath Seat by Summer Infant 4.8/5

When this arrived it was exciting as the picture looks amazing. Couldn’t wait to try it.Was packaged well. Very large box.Very clear and easy to follow instructions. Excellent idea to keep little ones sat up as my little boy slides all over and doesn’t like to be laid down he likes to sit up. At first I thought it was a bit big but once in the bath it was a nice size and low-down which I liked. At first it was a little bit of a mess on and the suction bits were quite a bit faffy putting in and taking out but once you have the side lengths right it was quite easy just to slot in and adjust slightly.This did make bath time easier. My little boy was sat up and can still reach into the water to splash and play and I had hands free. This is amazing as it is very spacious to wash. Only thing was a struggle washing the bottom area but I just picked him out and did it last. The 3 points suctioned to the bath were very secure. Sometime couldn’t release them ha x. he loved the fact je could sit and splash. This did give me confidence he was safe during bathtime.The design didn’t make him slip or fall through and he sat up well. It allowed me to have hands free whilst washing as a couple times baby could slip while I tried to hold him and wash him. Easy to keep clean as I just showered it after. Bit fiddley to store. We kept it in the bath and just removed as needed for other people. Excellent quality. Very sturdy and soft lines. I think it’s a little on the expensive side. I don’t think I would buy this over a cheaper version that does the same thing. I liked the fact the seat was low down. I have another bath seat and feel my baby is quite high making me fill the bath up more. Could maybe do with a bath toy or ledge on the front for baby. I would purchase if saw it for a cheaper price. I would recommend ad I liked the design and concept. Excellent product. Great design.A great product to aid with bath time. A little difficult to store and a bit faffy to take in and out of the bath at first but once used to it it’s not so bad. Price is a little on the steep side compared to similar items on the market. Lisa Marie Fairley – Lane 8.5 Months


BizzieBaby 2018 GOLD Award Victoria Awarded The My Bath Seat by Summer Infant 5/5

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