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Moving a young child from their cot into a first bed can be a stressful time for both toddler and parent, especially if it is to make way for a new baby.
Change is never easy, and some children are more susceptible than others. Introducing a Snuggle Sac while still in the cot can help with this move as they are taking something associated with them ‘being a big boy or girl’ with them. They love the cosy, secure environment and form a sleep association with the Sac which helps them sleep wherever they are.
What are Snuggle Sacs?
Snuggle Sacs are cosy sleep sacs designed to replace conventional bedding. They come in 4 sizes to cater for toddlers (from 12 months) through to adults.The idea behind the original Snuggle Sac creation in 1999 was to combine the attributes of a favourite teddy bear, a familiar comfort blanket and a sleeping bag to create a secure sleeping environment which helped solve disruptive sleep patterns.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2018 Bedtime - Bedding Category 

£40.00 for Toddler 1-3 years available online

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Product Tested By Tim Capp – Edison 2 Years

Tim Awarded The Snuggle Sac 4.3/5

We were impressed that the Snuggle Sac came with a carry case. The product was very soft, both inside and out, I could tell from the look and feel that it was high quality. We got the light grey with white stars design, it was stylish and fit in with the theme of our son's bedroom, and he was very excited that he had a 'new blanket'. Packaging ideal, minimal and simple. A simple and easy to use design that didn't need much explanation. The concept is a very good one; I'm surprised there hasn't been a product like this on the market already. We particularly like the feature of being able to insert your own pillow into the headrest section. We must be honest and say that we haven't attempted to transition our son from his cot to a big bed yet, but we can see already that it will make that easier, especially as he has become used to the security of sleeping inside the Snuggle Sac. Again, a very simple concept that was easy to use and required little explanation. Our son was very comfortable sleeping in the Snuggle Sac, the only issue we had was when the weather improved and it became hotter in his bedroom at night he preferred to sleep without any blanket or cover. This did keep him warm at night, but sometimes too warm during hot weather. This is absolutely ideal to take on your travels. It has a useful carry case and is very easy to pack up and take whenever we visit family members overnight. Material used is very soft,and so far very durable. Very easy to launder. No change in shape or size from machine washing.Very soft fabric, very durable and maintains its quality through washes.In terms of quality, it's very good value, however I think the price may put off some potential customers who may not fully understand the concept and see it as just a sleeping bag or a grobag.The comfort and softness of the product is the best feature. Now that I've experienced the benefits of the product I would consider buying it. I might be sceptical beforehand if I hadn't already tested it, as I could never be 100% sure my son would be happy to sleep in it. I would recommend because it has been a success in our household. Fantastic product, easy to use, soft, comfortable and durable. Not so great in hotter months. My son has enjoyed sleeping in the Snuggle Sac overall, and has only wanted to get out when it has been too hot in the night. He was very excited to try it when it arrived, and we were very impressed with the overall quality. Tim Capp – Edison 2 Years

Product Tested By Annie Hallam – Jackie 2 Years

Annie Awarded The Snuggle Sac 5/5

Really excited when this arrived looked the perfect travel item. Could not wait to try it out. My daughter could not wait to use this. Packaging perfect arrived safe and sound. The instructions were very good, very easy to follow. Loved the concept as a simple yet great idea. Also really lovely touch to be able to insert own pillow into the top as you always love your own pillow. We found this very effective moving Jackie from her cot to the new big bed she has in her own room. It just helped her feel comfortable, safe and snug and we had no problems with her sleeping in her new bed with her snuggle sac. This was very easy to use and a delight.Our daughter loved her snuggle sac. She loved to just cosy up in it and thought it was very special and very comfortable. This is great for the cooler and colder weather but a bit too hot when we have those very rare sunny days and muggy evenings. This kept my daughter perfectly happy and snug in her bed. She just loves it. We also loved the fact this is so easily transported as comes with own little carry case. It has been on trips to grandparents and on holiday with us. Worked a treat. This is lovely soft material and high quality could not fault it. Perfect to wash, just pop in washing machine and came up lovely every time. This is top quality and will certainly last a long while. For us this has been great value for money. Normally when travelling we have to take so many bits of bedding that she will not sleep without. This gave us the freedom to take one item in a neat carry case that fulfilled all her needs and she slept soundly as it was her special blanket. This little item is a blanket, duvet all rolled into one very versatile blanket. Just loved the softness of the material and how comfy our daughter was using this.Would like to see it available in low tog for the summer months. I would certainly buy one for our youngest when the time is right. Already been recommending as I just love the whole idea of this blanket. This has been an absolute hit with our daughter and us. It is soft, lovely to sleep in and she wants to take it everywhere.Also the quality is fantastic. Annie Hallam – Jackie 2 Years

Product Tested By Emily Graham – Charlotte & Florence 1 & 3 years

Emily Awarded The Snuggle Sac 3.6/5

Looked good when arrived. Although adequately packaged, I felt the product could have benefited from a nice canvas storage package. The instructions were clear, though stating that the product was not suitable for children under 36 months, which threw me as this is targeted at that exact age range . This was very easy to get my baby and toddler in and out of; I liked the zip and the option to insert a pillow . My 3 year old was very happy in it, she fitted well and it was excellent addition to our holiday, however I don’t feel that it was at all suitable for my 1 year old as the foldable flap would often end up over her face, she was also quite lost amongst the product itself we did double it under itself, but felt that she became a bit too warm in it. This did keep them warm at night. For the 3 year old it was an extra layer of security for her. We took the snuggle sack abroad with us, and in all honesty, we found it a little bit bulky, when space is of Premium in suitcases/car journeys. I felt possibly that a more varied option of sizes would work better, and again a more durable storage case to perhaps reduce size too.Good quality material which was soft, perhaps my only suggestion would be a more breathable type of fabric on the lower section which comes into contact with the skin. I found both of my daughters tended to sweat after a night in the snuggle sac. I have a large machine 12kg, so fitted easily. Dried nicely and retained its shape. Nice product overall, soft fleece and decent zippers. Would have liked perhaps poppers to pin back the flap at the top and a softer lower lining. I felt it was quite expensive for what it is and in comparison to other products on the market, such as twinkle togs and ready beds for travelling. I think I personally would be happy to pay around £30 for this, and primarily to use in the winter, as I think it’s too hot in the summer for this product . I really loved the option to add a pillow, and the easy of moving around the house. Personally I would not purchase this. I would not recommend purely based on the fact the age range is too vast and I don’t think there are enough options on the tog to make it useful all year round. I would recommend it to those with children 24 months plus. Overall I feel the product has a lot of potential to fill a gap in the market, however I feel that it’s lacking options to make it adjustable therefor suitable for the age range targeted. I feel there should be more tog/thickness options or maybe a removable/ layering system on the top section as well as perhaps a Muslin style covering on the lower so it’s more breathable on small people’s skin.I feel it has a lot to offer the market, especially with the bed to cot transition, but isn’t quite there yet. Emily Graham – Charlotte & Florence 1 & 3 years


BizzieBaby 2018 BRONZE Award Tim Awarded The Snuggle Sac 4.3/5

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