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The Thumble - Large Mixed Pack Nail Files (Suitable from birth)

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Our Baby Nails Large Mixed Pack contains:
- One Thumble™
- Three sticks of 5 x 'new baby' snap-off adhesive nail files 
- Three sticks of 5 x '6 months plus' snap-off adhesive nail files
- One Baby Nails pouch for safe and easy storage.
Our nail file age ranges are only a suggestion. Our ‘new baby’ nail file grit is the softest (stage one), then moving to a medium grit for our ‘6 months plus’ file (stage two). Being only a recommendation, you may find that one grit suits your baby’s nails better despite their age.Instructions for use:
1) SNAP-off a nail file
2) PEEL off the backing
3) firmly STICK the nail file to the Thumble™
4) slip the Thumble™ onto your thumb and FILE your baby's nails.
A flexible design allows the patent pending Thumble™ to fit all sizes of thumbs and has an opening for your thumbnail to fit through.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2018 Baby Grooming Category 

£13.99 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Vicki Jones – Lincoln 3 Months

Vicki Awarded The Thumble Large Mixed Pack Nail Files 5/5

I was keen to get started using the thumble right away, our newest addition seems to have the longest nails and that's no fun when you breastfeed! So as well as saving yourself you can feel happy your little one won't scratch themselves. The package of the thumble is nice and keeps everything together and tidy, it's compact so won't take up much space and can be stored well and will be easy to find especially if your little ones draws are anything like mine! The instructions are clear and the nail file is easy to use great with a newborn and your inevitable sleep need to think you will chop off any fingers or toes!Presently I am using the New Baby file as Lincoln only 3 months. the nail files are really easy to use and no need to be afraid you will cut your little one's with their tiny fingers. You just pop the thumble on and can start fileing. I had no problem using it. I do have to file my little boys nails regularly not like if you cut nails but I would rather this than the risk of hurting him.I liked it, fits me well and feels good quality. Could have done with this with our first child with him we had to wait till milk time and my husband would have to grab a hand or a foot and carefully cut his nails. I think the pouch is brilliant I loose things a lot so this is easy to find even in messy draws full of other baby bits. I have probably used this on him every 3-4 days hia nails grow so quick. I think cutting would last longer but then you have the worry of cuttings fingers or toes so would go with this every time. this is perfect for your travels would fit in to your bags no problem. Can even go in hand luggage on a plane as it's not sharp so perfect.I think this is a good quality product and can't see it breaking at all. It feels and looks good I really like it. The thumble is quite expensive but I would still recommend, as it's way to nerve wracking to cut a new borns nails and the pack is contains a lot so will last a long time so works out quite reasonable when you think about it. I loved the reassurance that no fingers or toes will be chopped off or at least no skin cut. Coming from someone who had this happen to our eldest (cut skin not losing bits) it's a real relief.I would consider buying it like I have said having the reassurance your little one won't scratch themselves and knowing you won't hurt them by cutting nails is more than enough to convince me to buy this. I would recommend especially new mum's and dads who are worried about having to cut nails, it gets easier as little fingers get bigger but the early days having this thumble is a brilliant solution. I would have loved this with our first I really do think it's great. I file my 3 months old nails when he has passed out or awake. I use it on his finger and toe nails and don't get scratched by him and know he won't hurt himself. It's handy as well in it's little pack. I think this deserves 5 out of 5 as it's all over great made by a mum for mum's. I had a great experience with this product I feel reasured when using it and really would recommend it, the nail files are softer for newborns and develop for 6 months plus so it's not just something that will last a shot time so makes it well worth the money. Vicki Jones – Lincoln 3 Months

Product Tested By Kate Cleverley – Harriet 13 Weeks

Kate Awarded The Thumble Large Mixed Pack Nail Files 5/5

Great product, in attractive packaging and looked good quality. Easy to understand instructions and clearly explained. I used the new baby nail file. The files were easy to use, just stick them onto the thumble and its ready to go.The files did keep my little ones nails smooth, however it took a while on each nail. The thumble is a great design and fits comfortably on my thumb. It is made to a high standard and I think it will last a long time. Also like the colour! The little pouch is great and compact and ideal for keeping the thumble and files together. I use this every other day to keep my little ones nails short and smooth. Its easy and quick to use when my little one falls asleep on me! I am off on holiday in a few weeks and it will definitely be coming with us. Its compact size will be ideal. So far the quality of this product is proving to be extremely high. I have had the file on for the four weeks and it is just starting to come off the thumble so I will put a new one on. I think the selling price is very reasonable and it comes with a good selection of files. I like the design of the thumble - it is comfortable to wear and easy to use. I haven't plucked up the courage to cut my little ones nails and this just keeps them from getting too long and sharp. I would purchase as I think it is good value for money and a useful product. I already have recommended as lots of people ask about how to cut babies nails and are worried about using scissors. This is a simple but very effective and useful product. Its a great design and good value for money. Overall experience with the thumble has been very positive. It has been very useful on my baby who is pretty wriggly but I can use this when she sleeps and it doesn't wake her. Its comfortable to wear and the selection of files is great. Kate Cleverley – Harriet 13 Weeks

Product Tested By Siobhra Cran – Sionnach 4 Months

Siobhra Awarded The Thumble Large Mixed Pack Nail Files 3/5

Arrived suitable packaged. The pouch broke within a few uses as I feel it is a bit small to allow for easy taking out and putting back in of the thumble. Seeing as this is a child oriented product, I feel that the packaging should be a bit more user friend in that sense as quite often parents only really have one free hand to put things away or certainly don’t have the time to spend trying to squeeze everything back into a small pouch. The instructions were reasonable clear and came with good diagrams. I am presently using the New Baby nail file. It was very easy to place the files on to the thumble and an appropriate number of files were provided. These nail files weren’t very effective at filing down my baby’s nails unless I had a lot of time to sit and do it (and he had a lot of patience). I was tempted to move on to the 6 months plus files as I felt that they would be better but kept to the recommended files. I found it difficult to file the nail at times when it went below the skin on the tip of the finger so found myself reaching for the nail clippers more and more regularly. The thumble was comfortable and very user friendly. I really didn’t like the pouch. I felt that it was low quality and too small to hold everything once it had all been taken out and put back in again. I tried to use the files every two days but as they were ineffective, I ended up using nail clippers to cut down my baby’s nails and then used the files sporadically to maintain the short nail lengths.It is no more convenient to take on your travels than a nail clippers but less effective. the overall quality of this product is good. The thumble itself is strong and the files last a reasonably long time. For parents who are reluctant to use a nail clippers on their baby, this is a really good option, however I feel this is quite a lot of money for a piece of plastic and a few nail files. I liked how colourful it was and how comfortable the thumble was. Also, it was great that thumble fitted both my fingers and my husbands. I would not purchase this product as I do not feel this product was good enough in maintaining the short length of my baby’s nails. I would recommend this to parents that don’t like the thought of using nail clippers on their baby but would offer the recommendation. The overall quality is good and the concept is great as cutting a baby’s nails can be rather daunting, however I don’t feel the files are as effective as they could be and I think the filing process takes far longer than it should. I was really excited to have received this item to review as I had spotted similar ones online and was tempted to buy them. I’m glad that I didn’t. Perhaps I am an impatient person when it comes to cutting my baby’s nails and this product might be brilliant for some mums and dads but I wouldn’t consider my overall experience with this to be a positive one, more like frustrating and time consuming. Siobhra Cran – Sionnach 4 Months



BizzieBaby 2018 BRONZE Award Vicki Awarded The Thumble Large Mixed Pack Nail Files 5/5

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