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Morning Rescue Tea

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A pregnancy tea for morning sickness For newly pregnant women in the mornings, afternoons, evenings or nights when your tummy needs to be settled.Whole leaves of lemon verbena, mint and lemongrass combine with pieces of root ginger for a soothing cuppa. Each pack contains 15 whole leaf, biodegradable tea pyramids. They can be used to make 30 cups of tea or more.

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Product Tested By Kelly Downey

Kelly Awarded The Morning Rescue Tea 5/5

I thought that the packaging was very smart and attractive however it didnít jump out as a tea for expectant mothers. I was very disappointed that the tea was not in individual packets as this would have been brilliant as I am always out and about on the go, quite often my sickness was midday whilst out. Easy and simple instructions also liked that they were in picture form again looked quite smart. The tea was 100% effective, I have tried all the old wifeís tales and nothing has helped as much as the tea. I had to force the first few sips as I was very nauseous but after that it was a godsend. I loved the taste of the tea, lemon is one of my most favourite tastes anyway but along with the ginger and mint I found it very enjoyable, better to drink hot though as once left cold the flavours didnít seem as nice. Very, very easy, just add freshly boiled water and leave to infuse, however most of the time I left the teabag in anyway as I loved the flavours. I drank the tea every morning and again at tea time, I would have drank throughout the day as well had the teabags been individually packaged. Most of my sickness was towards lunchtime so I did take the odd bag in a sandwich bag. I did like the fact it was natural team made with a blend of herbs. However to be perfectly honest I was only bothered if it would take my morning sickness away and thankfully it did. I got my husband to try it but he didnít like it. I will definitely continue to drink this tea as I really did find the flavours very refreshing. I did think it was very good quality especially the material bags the tea was held in. I would have paid that and more just to help calm the sickness, they helped 100% so yes most definitely worth the price. I really loved the strong lemon flavours and the fact that it helps calms the sickness. 100% Yes I would buy this if I was to become pregnant again, I probably wouldnít buy if not expecting though as I do enjoy normal breakfast tea. I have recommended to anyone really suffering with sickness, even if it wasnít pregnancy related Iím sure if someone was sick it would help them too. Iíd give a higher mark if I could, as stated above the flavours were gorgeous and it really did calm my sickness. Very pleasant and enjoyable, obviously would have been great if they came in travel packets as I am always on the go, the tea 100% calmed my sickness down and I was able to enjoy a meal after the tea which was a godsend. Kelly Downey

Product Tested By Veronica Corsiero

Veronica Awarded The Morning Rescue Tea 4.4/5

I am not a big fun of teas so wasnít sure at the beginning. This arrived in very nice and elegant package. The instructions were good but did not really need them. I did find that it was not completely good at helping with my morning sickness.Surprisingly I did like the taste of this tea and I was surprised as I donít really like tea. This was a very easy tea to brew. I would use this once a day. I do like the fact this tea is a natural blend of hers. Very important when you are pregnant as you are looking for natural rather than medicine/tablets for morning sickness. No one else tried this tea just me. Not sure if I would continue to use this tea especially because it will be summer but maybe when the cold weather is back. Good quality very pleased. I did not find the cost expensive so yes value for money. I really liked the taste is not strong compared to other teas and that is why I have kept drinking it. Yes I would purchase this again but in the winter. I would recommend to anyone not just pregnant women. I like the package because itís colourful; the teas bag is very elegant and has a lovely taste. You should not market this only for pregnant woman but to everyone. Veronica Corsiero

Product Tested By Julia Roye

Julia Awarded The Morning Rescue Tea 3.5/5

I liked the packaging but was unsure of the ingredients it included and wondered if I would enjoy the taste. Packaging was nicely designed and fairly compact in size.Instructions very straight forward and easy to follow. I did not suffer from morning sickness so could not judge this accurately however it did settle a bloated stomach. I thought the flavour was good but I chose to add honey to make it more to my taste. Very easy to brew ready within a few minutes. I would drink this tea every other day. I liked the fact it is a natural blend. I would also consider continuing to us this tea in the future. I think the high quality is indicated by the strong flavour you can achieve from one bag. It is fairly expensive considering the number of tea bags so may not be as competitive when compared to other herbal teas. I really liked the combination of new flavours that I had not tried before. I might purchase as a one off alternative to the teas I usually drink. I would recommend for flavour reasons but not necessarily for the stated benefits of assisting with morning sickness.I think this tea hits the mark for balance of flavour and can be nice hot or cold. And it's good that it is an all natural product. However on price point I think people may look for alternatives to save a few pounds and I am not completely convinced in its ability to prevent or aid morning sickness. I enjoyed drinking the tea. It became a first choice alternative to other herbal teas. It was an easy brew and in my experience tasted nice hot and cold.I like a strong brew and was easily able to achieve this using this product. The quality of the tea bag meant that no bits were left in the cup once straining the tea bag. As a normal herbal tea I believe it can rival many of those that were already in my cupboard on authentic flavour. But not so much on price. Although I think the quality of this product probably reflects the price and in turn the number of tea bags in one pack. I think I would be less likely to buy this product for its written aiding factors as the combination of herbs were unknown to me as a remedy for morning sickness.But overall it was a good tasting cup of tea! Julia Roye



BizzieBaby 2018 BRONZE Award Kelly Awarded The Morning Rescue Tea 5/5

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