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Freddy Buttons 6 Book Series

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Freddy Buttons is 8 years old. He lives at Tumbledown Cottage with his Mum and Dad.  His best friend in the world is Juno his dog. 
Freddy Buttons loves going on food-fuelled adventures with his talking animal friends, the FBI, which we all know can mean only one thing…the Freddy Buttons Investigators! Together, they solve exciting food mysteries while teaching children lots of fun facts about their food and where it comes from.The world of Freddy Buttons is full of fun and exciting things to do. Here on the website you can find tasty recipes, links to our YouTube cooking tutorials, puzzles, colouring pictures and lots more! If you are a Freddy Buttons fan, we’d love to see you on our Freddy Buttons Fan Gallery.

Bizziebaby GOLD Award winners 2018 Children's Books Category 

£16.50 for set 6 available Amazon and online

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Product Tested By Amy Thompson – Jake 8 Years

Amy Awarded The Freddy Buttons 6 Book Series 5/5

They looked really good, and the title of the books made them seem interesting. We couldn’t wait to start reading. We really liked the concept of these books. . It gave them an understanding of where foods is grown and you don’t just get them from a supermarket. Front cover for these books looked like he was going to get into bother. We really enjoyed the stories. Having a mystery to solve got my children hooked. Yes they enjoyed reading books and really liked the recipes. We’ve had to go and buy some fruit and veg for the recipes, I never thought I’d get them eating spinach or kale. These books are really well written and illustrated. We loved that it was entertaining and educational, the did you know page was very clever and the yummy recipe at the back was great. Quality really good. Glossy cover, bright pages and easy enough to store on the book shelf has not too thick. I do believe these are good value for money. I would consider buying more of these books.Would most certainly recommend. The colourful book with a quirky front cover grabbed our attention quickly, we loved that not only was it educational there were FBI missions to solve, and when you’d finished with the story the Did You Know page was really interesting. We especially liked the recipe at the back of the book to make some delicious and healthy food. Amy Thompson – Jake 8 Years

Product Tested By Sabrina Devlin – Holly & Jenson – 9 & 3 Years

Sabrina Awarded The Freddy Buttons 6 Book Series 5/5

I thought these books were very bright and colourful and they arrived well packaged. I thought the concept of these books was great and my kids loved learning about food and where it comes from. The front covers where bright, colourful and the illustrations were very appealing to children. The stories were great and are well thought out. Both my kids loved reading these books and they got excited sitting down together to read each book in the series. I found these books very educational for my kids with how each story taught them about various foods and also the fact that each book had a recipe inside to go with the food they were learning about in the story which was great because we were able to make these recipes together and for my kids it made the book come to life. The illustrations in the book were very well done and each character has been well drawn. My daughter loved that each story had a ‘Did you know’ section which helped her learn some fun facts. My son’s favourite thing about the book would be the colourful pictures. The quality of the book is great however to be honest I think the inside pages are a little thin. These books are definitely value for money and have a lot to offer to kids. I would definitely consider buying these books as they are very educational for children. I would recommend these books to anyone with kids as it’s a great way for them to learn about food and healthy eating. My kids have both enjoyed reading these books and learning about different foods. My daughter’s favourite story in the series has been Freddy Buttons and the little lost hen. Sabrina Devlin – Holly & Jenson – 9 & 3 Years

Product Tested By Kate Onyskiv – Evelyn 3 Years

Kate Awarded The Freddy Buttons 6 Book Series 4.4/5

Nice size, varied themes to the books. Thought my daughter would enjoy them as we have an allotment, so she can relate to growing fruit and vegetables. The books are based on a small self-sufficient farm where Freddy Buttons lives and his family seem to make everything from scratch. I liked the concept, as its important children learn where food comes from. The front cover picture chosen for each summed up the book well, without giving anything away. Good stories that my daughter enjoyed. I found them a bit long to read a few in a row though. Books 1-3 are shorter and 4-6 are longer reads. At three, she is younger than the suggested 5-7years age range on the books (I think that is to read the books to themselves) but understood and enjoyed the stories. My daughter refused the Horrible Hornets one at first as it looked ‘too scary’, she enjoyed it after we’d read the others a few times. These books are educational regarding food. They show fruit and vegetables growing in the garden. They show some milk comes from goats, honey from bees, eggs from chickens. The books show the children enjoying eating fruit, veg and dairy products. There’s a fact file on one of the things featured in each book and there’s a recipe (including branded dairy products) in the back of each book for things like milkshake or fruity crumble. Not really any mention of healthy eating though, apart from how nice it is eating fresh food and the lack of junk food visible in the books. Illustrations are good nice colours and animals, they show the emotions well. Being three, my daughter enjoyed the animals going to school and pooping on the floor in the Slimy slug book, overall, she enjoyed hearing about the animals’ (FBI) adventures. The books themselves are nicely printed. Nice thickness to the covers and nice matt paper inside. Good value as nice books and make a good set. I would consider buying these books. I would recommend if they wanted some books for young children about food basics. It would be easy to set up related activities and cooking after reading the books. Would also be good for schools or childminders. Nicely made books, bright and colourful to look at. They are educational about where fruit, veg and dairy are from on a small farm. My daughter enjoyed listening to them and would often make me read a few in a row. The final page of Freddy loving branded dairy, and the branded products in the recipes, I found a bit advert-like in a book that is for sale. It was only when I saw that the books are also available when you collect tokens from the branded products that it made sense. That doesn’t detract from the stories though. I’m sure children will love saving up their tokens to read these. I was hoping they would encourage my fussy eater to try some new things to eat, but sadly not. She did seem to learn from the books though. Probably more suited for the age range stated, but enjoyable and educational for ages 3+ there is also a website with Freddy activities, and YouTube channel that has kid’s cooking videos. Kate Onyskiv – Evelyn 3 Years








BizzieBaby 2018 GOLD Award Amy Awarded The Freddy Buttons 6 Book Series 5/5

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