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Life’s Little Bugs Book Set

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Life's Little Bug Book Collection by Tina Stubbs author and illustrator
Life’s Little Bugs Books offer a fun and unique way to encourage young children into good habits in health, hygiene and positive social behaviour.
Hand-washing, respect, litter control, positive thinking, preventing germ spreading and health and fitness are just some of the subjects covered. Written in rhyme, the books are also ideal for bedtime reading and literacy and can be used in support of SMSC and Home Education studies.You can purchase the books below, they come in two sizes. Small Book – 16.5cm x 15.0cm or Big Book – 31cm x 28.5cm

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2017 and Bizziebaby GOLD Award winners 2018 Children's Books Category 

£28.99 for set Available Gardners, Life's Little Bugs, Amazon, Waterstones online and

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Product Tested By Kirsty Fulton – Cleo 5 Years

Kirsty Awarded the Life’s Little Bugs Books Box Set 5/5

I was impressed with the books - very glossy and the illustrations looked fun. I was also quite curious about each title and what they each were. I could guess some of them but not all of them. Without a doubt these books teach some good lessons, they are fun and the teacher’s message at the end reinforces the books message. Cleo loved the books; she enjoyed going through them all and choosing a bug to read every night.Cleo liked the pictures and even copied a few of them to draw herself. They are fun, colourful and slightly different from other books. Cleo did enjoy them and they are short enough to be able to read through twice at bedtime we sometimes choose two different bugs but usually she liked the same one twice!I think they are a lovely collection of books, very different from the usual bedtime stories we read but she was very into them and by the end of a few weeks could tell me what each bug was and what its message was. The collection of books are incredibly educational, they are a good length and they each have a strong message. Cleo loved doodle bug the best - she is a keen drawer. She now points out all the graffiti and talks about the naughty doodle bug! The books are of a high quality both inside and out. I would buy these books as a present, especially for a young family as they have good lessons in story form and a very easy and understandableway in which to talk to kids. I loved the fact these books each have a strong message in an explainable way for 5 years and over. I think it is priced correctly and offers something different from the usual bedtime stories. I would definitely recommend these books as each have a solid message and one that can be understood by young children. I have never seen a collection of books like it. A lovely set of educational books which can be used nightly on a rotation. The reward charts that come with it are also very easily linked to early learning and morale code. Cleo has enjoyed the books since we received them. She even took them into her Kindergarten to show her friends! Would recommend to any family with kids 5 years and above that are looking for a change from Julia Donaldson!  Kirsty Fulton – Cleo 5 Years

Product Tested By Katie Ainslie – Freya 4 Years

Katie Awarded the Life’s Little Bugs Books Box Set 5/5

When these books arrived they looked great quality and interesting. We loved these books and they have all been read lots of times. The illustrations in the books are excellent and help explain each story. Freya loved these books. Each book has a message and this did change her attitude for a couple of days. These did stimulate my daughter. Nice explanations and rhyming words a good hit.I think these are a great set of books.They are fun to read and also very educational. My daughter loved Doodle Bug -daughter been drawing on walls desk etc. so good for her to read at the time. I really liked Fitness Bug -we've recently started becoming fitter walking to school and running. Fab quality and nice size. Great value to teach children great values . I really loved the rhyming and the stories. I would buy these as lovely rhyming stories with a meaning behind them. I would recommend and my daughter also took them into nursery and they all loved them. These are a lovely set of great books. Daughter loved the book, took into nursery and read with the class. These are great books with great meanings.Katie Ainslie – Freya 4 Years

Product Tested By Emma Daily –Daughter 3 Years

Emma Awarded the Life’s Little Bugs Books Box Set 5/5

I really liked the design, size and quality. My daughter was instantly drawn to them and they were easy for her to handle. The books were really good quality and robustenough for a 3yr old to handleand as mentioned above easy for her to handle. The presentation definitely drew my daughter’s attention and we have read and looked throughthem numerous times.My daughter really liked the characters, they were colourful and they made her laugh. My daughter enjoyed reading them very much,especially because they rhymed. She really relate to books that rhyme. I though the stories and messages were great. With how these are written and designed it was easyfor my daughter to relate to them rather than me trying to explain. As mentioned above the way they have been written and designed made it easy for my daughter to understand and take an interest. Very impressed. Would highly recommend to other parents. These books are very educational. These were easy for my daughter to understand and relate to as appose to be trying to educate her in a different way. She liked the Gum Bug the best as her big brother has started to lose his baby teeth so is teethare big topic in our house at the moment.I enjoyed the Litter bug as littering is a massive pet hate of mine and I am always trying to instil into my children that they should not litter so th9s was a more fun way of explaining it to them. I work for a print company so am alwayslooking at literature and I feel these are very well made, especially with them having a laminate on as this will make them more robust.Most definitely great value. It’s a nice and easy way to make children aware and instil the message into them in a way they can understand. I really liked that my daughter enjoyed reading them so much and she enjoyed the learning process as well.Ithink these are great value for money and will help parents going forwardgetting the message across to their children and knowing that by how the books are designed and written that the children will understand the importance of the messages.I would definitely recommend. Not only did I find them useful my daughter enjoyed reading them so much we got to send nice quality time together with a positive outcome.I feel this product is well make, well written and well designed. A lot of research has gone into these books to ensure that they are child friendly and get the important messaged across in a fun way. My overall experience has been fun and educational. It’s nice to be able to take time out to read with my children knowing that I am also teaching them important messages and that they relate and understand. Emma Daily –Daughter 3 Years




BizzieBaby 2018 GOLD Award Kirsty Awarded the Life’s Little Bugs Books Box Set 5/5

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