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TotsUp Red Bus Reward Chart

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A Star chart is a fantastic and proven way to encourage better behaviour amongst children. The TOTSUP Red Bus Reward Chart is an innovative new kind of star chart that will help you praise and reward your children with positive parenting.Instructions on how to use the Reward Chart and accompanying iOS app.Contains:
3D magnetic red bus reward chart with 10 passengers, and adhesive letters to personalise your bus.

This is available in Red or Pink 

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2017 Reward Chart Category 

£22.95 Available TotsUp online store

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Product Tested By Rachel Duxbury – Eva & Marcie - 2 & 5 Years 

Rachel Awarded The TotsUp Red Bus Reward Chart 4.9/5

Looks good quality and is brightly coloured to help keep the child interested. Packaging was slimline enough to fit through the letter box yet was sturdy enough when put together. No unneeded packaging. Bright and fun packaging. The instructions were clear and easy to follow; I like how it gave you options on how to use it, there wasn’t a set way which made it more flexible for you to tailor toyour child. The bus looks quite thin but is surprisingly sturdy which is great if little hands are helping to put the magnetic faces on the bus. This was a really good tool to get my child to behave better as she loved getting someone on the bus and was unhappy if someone was taken back to the bus stop. Although she has only just turned 2 and is therefore on the younger side of the age range recommended, she understood that doing something good/nice would result in someone being put on the bus and when it was full she would get a treat. It’s probably more than I would pay for a reward chart, however it is really good quality and, in my opinion, worked just as it should. I would consider buying this and I would recommend. The only drawback for me would be the price but its effectiveness overrides that. I was a little sceptical about this product working for my child as she can be very stubborn and is on the lowest side of the recommended age. However, it did work and helped her understand the consequences of being good and not being nice. She hated it when someone came off the bus so she worked hard to make sure that they were put back on, whether that was through being extra kind or helping when asked. She loved choosing someone from the bus stop to go onto the bus so having good sized magnets made this easy to do. It is sturdy which made it much better for her to handle when putting someone on the bus. I would definitely recommend this product, and think it would work even better for a child who is aged 3-6. My 5 year old has even asked me to make her, her own bus reward chart as she likes it as much as her younger sister. Rachel Duxbury – Eva & Marcie - 2 & 5 Years

Product Tested By Charlotte James – George 6 Years

Charlotte Awarded The TotsUp Red Bus Reward Chart 4.3/5

Very smart looking reward chard and appealing to a child. Packaging very distinctive and eye catching something that would appeal to me when looking for a reward chart. Instructions were simple and easy to follow. The quality of this item if brilliant. It came in very helpful at times but found was not exciting enough for him at times as think maybe a little old for this type of reward chart. Personally I think this is a little bit expensive for a reward chart. Will be reusing when potty training my daughter so yes would probably buy this item. Have lent to my friend for help with her sons potty training and would recommend. An overall good experience I liked the fact I could restart each day and set my own things to be rewarded for unlike other charts I have used where they can be weekly or prefilled. Made it easier to help improve behaviour. Charlotte James – George 6 Years

Product Tested By Charley Price – Children 2 & 3 years

Charley Awarded The TotsUp Red Bus Reward Chart 4/5

This was lovely looking product and very well presented. Packaging was great, colourful and attractive. Instructions very easy to follow. This product is excellent quality. I personally would not buy this item but I would recommend to others. The children enjoyed playing with this product. They enjoyed putting the passengers onto the bus, but it did get boring for them as a reward chart. For us it was used more as a toy rather than a reward chart. I was impressed with the packaging and quality of this product. It looked very smart. It did catch the attention of my 2 year old very quickly. It did cause a little bit of a problem as they both wanted their own one. Overall a nice looking product and my children had fun with this item. Charley Price – Children 2 & 3 years


BizzieBaby 2017 BRONZE Award Rachel Awarded The TotsUp Red Bus Reward Chart 4.9/5

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