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Organyc Organic cotton sanitary pads moderate flow

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ORGAN(Y)C Pads with Organyc Cotton - Day Wings, folded 10 pads

£3.49 Online at or in selected health stores nationwide

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Product Tested By Kirsty Prochowski

Kirsty Awarded The Organyc Organic cotton sanitary pads moderate flow 5/5

I was slightly dubious about using the sanitary pads as I normally use tampons and never get on with pads as I always find that they irritate me and feel uncomfortable. But being pregnant and post pregnancy obviously I had no choice and so I was more than happy to try a more natural version. The packaging was neat and gave you all of the information you needed. The organic "natural" 100% cotton pads also came in a cardboard box rather than plastic packaging which I thought was very fitting. I wouldn't say the product had instructions as such but provided all of the information you needed on the packaging such as 'winged', 'cotton' etc. so I would definitely recommend them to a young girl just starting her period. Top quality. 100% cotton, very good quality pads and packaging. I wouldn't have chosen these pads off the shelf in a supermarket due to the price for 10 pads but after trying the product I would DEFINITELY pay for this product if I were to use sanitary pads again because of the comfort they provide. I would definitely consider buying this product now I have tested it. A product that has actually made me feel comfortable wearing sanitary pads rather than tampons. I would definitely recommend this product to friends, in fact I already have, to a friend who can’t wear tampons and struggles a lot with pads for the same reasons l do. I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn't normally feel comfortable wearing sanitary pads. They provide 100% comfort to the point I didn’t notice I was wearing them. Kirsty Prochowski

Product Tested By Andrea Brunt

Andrea Awarded The Organyc Organic cotton sanitary pads moderate flow 4.8/5

I liked the packaging, fact organic and cotton. I found out I had to used tampons and sanitary pads together after the birth of my first child and was keen to try these out. So many sanitary pads feel uncomfortable and when you need to use them you want something that makes you feel confident. Packaging good, appealing and tells you all you need to know. Quality is really good and effective. I found these more comfortable to wear than my usual brand. When you look at price bit expensive but take into fact the comfort and they protect well then worth the money. I have already converted. Also recommended as they are the most comfortable pads I have tried. These are excellent, comfortable and give you confidence when wearing them. Andrea Brunt

Product Tested By Carlien Appleby

Carlien Awarded The Organyc Organic cotton sanitary pads moderate flow 4.6/5

I was not sure about this product as always used tampax in the past but just given birth so these are a necessity now. Never really liked the thought of wearing pads but these were surprisingly good and comfortable to wear. Packaging was nice, would appeal to me in a store and detailed information on the pack. Liked they were organic. These are really good and certainly worth the money. I never really worried about wearing these and they were effective. I would purchase these again when required. I have also just recommended to my niece. If you do not like pads do not rule these out as they work well and are comfortable to use. Carlien Appleby


BizzieBaby 2015-16 GOLD Flower Award Kirsty Awarded The Organyc Organic cotton sanitary pads moderate flow 5/5

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