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Organyc organic cotton breast pads

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100% Organic Cotton - Organic Cotton Breast Pads - 24 breast pads per pack100% 
Organic Cotton Breast PadsSoft and gentle breast pads, breathable and amazingly comfortable.• Organic cotton breast pads naturally absorbent, easy to appreciate during breast feeding.

£3.99 for pack 24 Online at or in selected health stores nationwide

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Product Tested By Melissa Cummings – Amelia-Jayne 8 Months

Melissa Awarded The Organyc organic cotton breast pads 5/5

High quality organic upmarket product. Well packaged, gives impression of a good quality product. The design of the packaging makes it clear the product is organic and good for the environment. The product is really self-explanatory, however I do like the wording on the side of the box to reassure user about the special benefits of using the product. Really high quality breast pads, soft against the skin and do not leave me itchy like some other pads I have used. Great value for money, affordable and a great product. I would definitely purchase these. I have already been showing this product to my breast feeding friends, who are impressed with the quality. I cannot give a rating any less than 5 - a great product at an affordable price. These breast pads are wonderful quality, organic and soft against the skin, they last longer for me than other breast pads I have used and they are also more comfortable. A high quality product at an affordable price, organic and good for the environment. I will definitely be recommending these to new mums. Melissa Cummings – Amelia-Jayne 8 Months

Product Tested By Louise Marks – Kane 6 Weeks

Louise Awarded The Organyc organic cotton breast pads 4/5

My initial impression of the pads was that they had the appearance of a premium product. One which I would associate and expect from an organic product. The packaging and accompanying literature was suitable. I was impressed that in addition to the box, they also came in a sealed plastic bag, something which I have never seen with other similar products. The instructions and accompanying literature was comprehensive. I though the pads were of a good quality. I liked the fact that they had a thinner profile than most breast pads and therefore were more discrete than the bulkier alternatives. Compared against the prices of other breast pads on the market, these appear to be quite expensive. Although, I can appreciate that ‘organic’ aspect would inflate the price, and if this was important to you then it would offer value for money. I might consider buying these pads if they were instore and on promotion. I would recommend these pads to friends and family who are interested to seeking organic alternatives and/or more discreet breast pads. The price of the pads lets them down and therefore lowers their score. In terms of their function, then they are most suitable. I was impressed by the overall presentation and effectiveness of the pads for their purpose. Louise Marks – Kane 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Jennifer Willis – Jessica 1 month

Jennifer Awarded The Organyc organic cotton breast pads 4.7/5

I like the packaging- it gives the impression of a good quality product, the breast pads themselves are a good size and feel very soft to touch; overall my initial impression of the product is very good. The packaging is lovely, it gives the impression of a good quality product and there isn’t much wasted packaging either, I really liked the way the plastic bag the pads were kept in was resealable. The instructions are pretty straightforward on the outside of the pack and I noticed they were printed in a range of languages which would be useful for people who’s first language isn’t English. Very good quality, the pads are very soft and breathable they are also a large size which I was impressed with (as some other brands pads are a lot smaller). I was impressed with the fact they had a leak-proof backing yet still felt very breathable and they were pretty absorbent too. The product is quite expensive for only 24 pads, to be honest I would not use this product for everyday use (I would buy cheaper pads for around the house) however I would buy them to use when I was out and about as they are large, breathable and absorbent with a leak-proof backing. I would purchase these. I wouldn’t buy it for everyday use (as I’ve stated above) but I would purchase it to use for when I was out and about on longer trips out of the house. I would recommend as it is a very good quality product. These breast pads are a high quality product, they are very easy to use and are very comfortable on, they are soft and breathable yet the leak-proof backing gives protection and reassurance from potential leaking. I was impressed with the large size of the pads as most other pads I have used have been much smaller, I was also impressed with the packaging it was nice to be able to reseal the pads for storage. The only negative would be the price £3.99 is quite expensive for 24 pads however I would be willing to pay it to have a good quality product for days when I would be out of the house for long periods of time. Jennifer Willis – Jessica 1 month







BizzieBaby 2015-16 SILVER Flower Award Melissa Awarded The Organyc organic cotton breast pads 5/5

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