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Organyc Organic Cotton First Day Maternity Pads

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Organyc 100% Organic Cotton - NEW Organic Cotton First Day Maternity Pads - 12 maternity pads per pack
Organic Cotton First Day Maternity PadsUltra soft, thick and fluffy towels, specifically tailored and designed absorb a heavy flow in the first days after giving birth.• The breathable biodegradable protective film, allows air to circulate, thus facilitating healing and reducing the risk of infections.

£5.99 Pack 12 Online at or in selected health stores nationwide

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Product Tested By Ellie Lam-Kin-Teng – Noah 4 days old

Ellie Awarded The Organyc Organic Cotton Maternity Pads 4.5/5

I thought initially the pads were quite bulky, but impressed with the quality. I liked the packaging, as it was recyclable and easy to open. I really liked the fact that each pad was individually wrapped so putting it in the hospital bag was easier as I didn’t have to bring the whole bag with me. Also as it was folded I half it was discreet taking it to the toilet. It was pretty straightforward to use. Maybe it could’ve been handy to know which was the front and which was the back. I was actually very impressed with the quality as it was very comfortable to use and very "cushiony”. The sticker on the reverse of the pad made it stay in place. I think it’s very reasonable for the price its retailing for. I think the quantity was just right personally for me after birth too. Due to the comfort and quality this would be something I would consider using again. I really like the fact they were individually wrapped as the previous brand I had used didn’t offer this which I found inconvenient packing for my hospital bag as I had to bring the whole supply. I would certainly recommend. I would’ve marked it 5/5 if the product offered wings. I liked it and was very happy to try a new brand I wasn’t familiar with. Usually I stick with brands I know or something I can sample before committing to. It was great at absorbing and was large enough to cover the surface area I needed it to absorb. If I was being really particular I would’ve liked the pads to have wings only because it would put my mind at rest that there would no movement during the night. Ellie Lam-Kin-Teng – Noah 4 days old

Product Tested By Nicola Richardson – Elliott 4 Weeks

Nicola Awarded The Organyc Organic Cotton Maternity Pads 4/5

Nice simple packaging and high quality maternity pad. Upon first impression it looked very similar to other less expensive maternity pads. I liked that the pads were individually wrapped but felt that the wrapper could be designed to re wrap the old pad to allow for easy clean disposal. Simple packaging that is easy to recycle. Nothing unnecessary. The pads come individually wrapped, which is useful but could be designed to re wrap the old pad to facilitate easy clean disposal. No real instruction for use needed but the leaflet gives a good overview of all available organyc products. It also clearly explains how this product is different to other maternity pads available. I was initially sceptical as to how different these maternity pads could be different to the supermarket maternity pads which I paid £2.99 for 10. I found that I could actually tell the difference between these products. I had been using another brand for the first couple of days before this product arrived and this pad is more breathable, and felt more like cotton. I found that it remained soft and absorbent for longer and remained in place with no leaks. I would however have liked to have been able to wrap the old pad into the packet of the new pad to aid for ease of disposal. I noticed the difference in quality between this product and others available but at £5.99 they are significantly more expensive and as a new mother I was using a minimum of two to three pads a day changing it after each bath or shower. This packet lasted me 5 days and given that you can experience bleeding for up to 6 weeks this is not the most affordable option. Although expensive I would invest and buy again for the first week post birth as I did notice the difference in how breathable the pads felt and that I felt fresher for longer. I would not completely replace the more affordable pads as this product is more of a luxury item at this price and I have found that although not as comfortable the other products available they do serve the purpose adequately. I would recommend this product to my family and friends for the first week post-delivery as I feel it assisted with quick healing and may have been a contributory factor in helping me avoid any perineal infection although I only used the cheaper products with my first child and also avoided infection. Overall I rate this product 4/5, and I would have scored 5/5 if more competitively priced. A high quality luxury maternity pad for the period immediately post childbirth. It felt like cotton, offered adequate absorbency and allowed me to feel fresher for longer. My only negative is that the pads are expensive costing 50% more than the product I was previously using. Although I noticed a clear difference and found organyc to be of superior quality it would not be enough for me to switch. Nicola Richardson – Elliott 4 Weeks

Product Tested By Cindy Lan – Amelie 15 Days

Cindy Awarded The Organyc Organic Cotton Maternity Pads 4.5/5

The packaging and presentation of the product was aesthetic but I had never seen this product in the shops before. I was impressed with the individual wrapping of the pads which made them feel hygienic and easy to carry individually and dispose of also. The use of the product was very self-explanatory without much instructions needed. The product was of high quality and comfortable to use. Compared to other maternity pads on the market I found the product to be much more comfortable with less leakage due to the design of fit especially for night use. Immediately after childbirth this product is very useful to ensure comfort. Especially if you have stitches. I would recommend this product to family and friends. This product is great for use directly after childbirth especially in heavy bleeding as it is comfortable, soft and absorbent. The individual wrapped pads make storage and disposal easy and hygienic. Cindy Lan – Amelie 15 Days





BizzieBaby 2015-16 BRONZE Flower Award Ellie Awarded The Organyc Organic Cotton Maternity Pads 4.5/5

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