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Cannymum Bamboo 2-in-1 Nappy Liners & Wipes

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Canny Mum Bamboo Nappy Liners & Wipes   
200 EASY TO TEAR BAMBOO SHEETS SIZE PER SHEET: APPROXIMATELY 12" X 7" (30 CM X 18 CM)DYE FREE, FRAGRANCE FREE AND CHLORINE FREESTRONG, SUPER-SOFT AND VELVETY FEEL MULTI-PURPOSE BAMBOO SHEETS. CAN BE USED AS BABY WIPES AND AS NAPPY LINERSMade of 100% bamboo viscose fibres, these multi-purpose bamboo sheets can be used as luxurious and gentle baby wipes and as nappy liners. 
WHEN USED AS WIPES: These ultra-soft and gentle 100% bamboo sheets are great for sensitive skin and can be used dry, with water or your favourite trusted solution. Use these bamboo wipes anywhere (face, nose, hands, etc.) and feel the difference !!! 
WHEN USED AS NAPPY LINERS: These 100% bamboo sheets are ultra-soft and gentle when dry. When wet, bamboo does not feel as dry as synthetic fabrics, therefore once soiled it is recommended to be replaced. What is the point to have great soft nappies and lining them with rough, paper like liners? Use these bamboo sheets and feel the difference!!!

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winners 2016 Bizziebaby GOLD Award winners 2017 

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Product Tested By Ava Lewis – Ted & Anna 18 Months & 5 Months

Ava Awarded The Cannymum Bamboo 2-in-1 Nappy Liners & Wipes 5/5

I was impressed with the size of the packaging and the wipes/liners are just so lovely and soft. I would not say I found these luxurious but they are better quality and durable and I would select these over other brands now I have tried them out. I do believe these are extremely good value for money. I did find these wipes versatile and you could add warm water to turn them into wet wipes. The roll has 200 on so you just take what you need and ideal for baby and children. Easy to use and strong. Always good to know a product is biodegradable. Already have recommended as had not heard of this brand before. It is a versatile product but never used as nappy liners just took advantage of the product as baby wipes. I will be purchasing more. You can never have too many wipes and these are soft, gentle, strong and lovely to use. We just loved them. Ava Lewis – Ted & Anna 18 Months & 5 Months

Product Tested By Tilley Hayes – Jan and Suzie 2 years and 3 Months

Tilley Awarded Cannymum Bamboo 2-in-1 Nappy Liners & Wipes 4.8/5

I was really impressed with the softness of these wipes. They just felt so soft and loved the fact made from bamboo as lot gentler on my children’s skin. Even when wet still lovely and soft to use. I would say these are a premium quality wipe. Certainly good value as roll has 100’s of wipes and just tear off when required. Like the fact they are dry wipes as do not lose moisture and when you wish to use as wet wipe just add warm water. I always look for products that are biodegradable, as makes me feel confident I am using natural products and not contributing to more waste on the planet. These have lasted for ages and once I have finished roll will be purchasing more. Great for nappy bag and perfect for when in car, on holiday and visiting friends or family. Already been recommending. Ideal for nappy changes, face cleaning, hand cleaning and I must admit I have used them for all the family when we need to clean our hands. I have already been recommending. I do not use real nappies so never put them to the test as nappy liners but great wipes. Tilley Hayes – Jan and Suzie 2 years and 3 Months

Product Tested By Janice Porter – Robbie & Caroline – 3 Years & 2 Months

Janice Awarded the Cannymum Bamboo 2-in-1 Nappy Liners & Wipes 5/5

Arrived well packaged good size roll which help loads of wipes. When you open the packaging I must admit I was surprised just how soft they are. Both my children have very sensitive skin so I have to be careful what I use, but these were just the ticket. These are high quality wipes. Packaging does not really do the product justice, you need to purchase and try to see just how good these are. Certainly good value. Great that you can use these as dry wipes or add warm water and have wet wipe to cater for all your needs with messy children. Well when we are out and about could not be without wipes. It is very important to me that any product I purchase is biodegradable so this is a key point when looking for products to use on my children. These really did impress me. Ideal for any occasion not just nappy changes, also just perfect to wipe sticky faces, hands etc. I have been recommending. Good quality, so soft to touch and strong wipes so they work well. Great value pack and you just do not realise how many wipes in one roll lasts for ages. Janice Porter – Robbie & Caroline – 3 Years & 2 Months


BizzieBaby 2017 GOLD Award Ava Awarded The Cannymum Bamboo 2-in-1 Nappy Liners & Wipes 5/5

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