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Turnouts Babywear Snuggle Suit

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Turnouts® is the UK's first boy-to-girl REVERSIBLE and sibling REUSABLE babywear. Perfect for when mum’s keeping the gender a surprise, starting a family, or even if the doctor’s got it wrong, our beautifully packaged Turnouts babywear make ideal hospital coming home outfits...boy, girl or unknown.
Turnouts serves as a completely unique concept addressing a real gap in the UK babywear market, providing a non-compromising, stylish alternative to the otherwise bland unisex offering. With all our products lovingly presented, it has proved to be the gift, when brought to baby showers, others wished they’d bought. Turnouts is also the gift that keeps on giving, as is can be used from one child to another, no matter the gender.
The Turnouts range currently includes:
SnuggleSuit™ Set RRP: £24.99
Make the day when you bring home your bundle of joy a touch more special with a gorgeously unique boy-to-girl reversible sleepsuit and hat set. Crafted using double layered, pure breathable cotton, this set will keep your little one snugly all day (and night) long.

£29.99 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Dianne Summers – Archie 6 Weeks

Dianne Awarded The Turnouts Babywear Snuggle Suit 4.7/5

Beautiful soft colours, excellent quality and so different to other items available. I was impressed by how heavy the material felt yet very soft for baby’s skin. The stitching was very good, the material excellent quality and it turned inside out very easily hiding the other colour well. I also loved the contrasting patch on the bottom area which was very cute. The matching hat was lovely and I loved the option to tie the top when the colour was decided. Unique option to change to blue or pink depending on sex of the child. I particularly liked the two different patterns on the front and the bottom patch which were eye catching. Also, the off centre fastening offered a change from the normal up the front fastening sleep suits. The packaging was like a gift bag so I felt that no other gift wrap would be required. The packaging was also very informative as to how and why the product was both pink and blue. I felt that the product was quite thick for a sleep suit and would be perfect as a coming home outfit. We used it for visiting family on numerous occasions as the warmer weather was perfect for cotton all in one suit. The fastenings were easy to use on a newborn and easy to put on and remove for nappy changes. Excellent quality and feels expensive. Pleased it was 100% cotton as confirmed on the packaging and delicate enough for newborn skin. The fabric stretched well to allow easy dressing of our newborn. The fabric stretched well to allow easy clothing of our newborn. It was soft against his skin, caused no rubbing or irritation therefore very comfortable. I was very disappointed that the hat was too small for my newborn even though he was born at 36 weeks and we used the suit from 7 days old. I would have loved to have received this item for Archie and would be ideal to be presented at a baby shower as the packaging presents itself. It certainly solves the problem of purchasing an item when you don’t know the sex of the baby and not having to purchase just a white item of clothing that everyone else would be doing. Very unique. The item washed very well, still looks like new after numerous washes and did not require ironing once dry which was excellent as could wear straight away. I did note that there were no washing instructions on the box. It is priced higher than I would pay for a single sleep suit however as a gift it offers a unique option in comparison to having to purchase a white unisex item. The quality is very high end therefore it does reflect a higher price. I did however find the hat was useless as it was extremely small even though my newborn was born at 36 weeks. Due to the warmer weather it has not been used at night; however we have continued to use it over a vest for trips out and visiting friends and family. I would have loved to have received this item as a gift and even though I knew we were having a boy, this type of item is ideal to keep for another child. Very practical, unique and solves the gift problem when the sex of the baby is not known. A unique item very well made beautiful designs and colours and solves the problem of buying a unisex item. Expensive for a singular sleep suit. A beautiful sleep suit which perfectly presented our newborn to friends and family who commented on such a unique product. Dianne Summers – Archie 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Melissa Cummings – Amelia-Jayne Newborn

Melissa Awarded The Turnouts Babywear snuggle Suit 5/5

Great quality, unique design and lovely packaging, very cute, lovely gift idea for baby shower. Love the unique concept to get away from the traditional unknown gender baby colours. I love that there is no label to irritate my newborn baby’s skin. I LOVED the packaging; it is unique and funky looking! Perfect to give as a gift. The baby grow design is perfect for my newborn baby, made from quality material. It is comfortable to wear for my baby with no label and washes well. The quality of the material is great, it looks and feels expensive and wears well even after lots of washes. My baby is very comfortable wearing this baby grow. This is a perfect gift for an expectant mother. I have washed the baby grow many times and it still looks good as new I sling it in a standard 40 wash. I do not need to iron it after washing. I believe this makes a lovely gift and is well worth
£29.99 as a unique gift. While my baby fits it, she will continue wearing it! I would recommend as this really is a lovely unique quality baby shower gift. I would love to see this product in a slightly lighter weight fabric for the summer months. I would also love to see a matching baby vest. The hat was the only slight down on the product - it was very awkward to turn the other way out – I struggled with the long thin bit, (though I loved how the baby grow was presented on the pink side and the hat on the blue.). A fabulous experience from first opening the well-designed packaging and then dressing my newborn baby in it! Many people including the midwife have commented on how lovely and unique the product is! Melissa Cummings – Amelia-Jayne Newborn

Product Tested By Sarah Granger – Enya 2 Weeks

Sarah Awarded The Turnouts Babywear Snuggle Suit 5/5

Beautifully packaged, great quality item that would make a great present for someone who didn’t know sex of baby soon to arrive. A fantastic idea which I haven’t seen before. Its makes a great presents for parents to be who have not found out the sex of the baby. The colours are bright and beautiful. A gorgeous blue cloud design for a boy and bright beautiful pink for girl. The packaging is lovely; it’s so nice that I don’t think it would need to be wrapped up for a present. The quality is great and the pink/ blue ribbons add to the overall idea. It is very comfortable and I can tell my little girl is comfortable in it. At such a young age it is important to be surrounded by comfort and softness. It is easy to get the item off and on and also nappy changes are not a problem. The fabric is a little thick for the summer and the temperatures that we have had recently so I think it is more suited for a baby in the spring, autumn and winter months. Very good quality, well made, I can tell the item would last a long time and even could be passed on for subsequent children. It is very soft and I can tell my little girl is comfortable in it. A fantastic gift, great quality item, fantastic packaging I would happily give this to all my friends. It’s able to be washed in the washing machine so this is great. Pretty much essential for a baby. I personally think it is a little too much money. I personally would be more willing to spend £15 on a gift/ item like this. I can tell it is great quality for the money but I wouldn’t spend that much myself. It is a great item. I would recommend for all the above reasons. It is a great idea for a gift and great quality. Love it! A fantastic idea, great quality baby grow that looks beautiful on my little girl, maybe a little too thick for the summer and a little too expensive. Sarah Granger – Enya 2 Weeks


BizzieBaby 2014-15 GOLD Award Dianne Awarded The Turnouts Babywear Snuggle Suit 4.7/5

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