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Hauck iCoo Acrobat Shop'n Drive System

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Design driven by passion.The iCoo Acrobat boasts an unmistakable style, a love of detail and trend-oriented design. An exceptional fashion companion for everything that makes life even nicer. Its unique copper look and out-and-out innovative appeal makes this pram simply thrilling. The iCoo Acrobat folds up small for transporting but offers you all the options of a pram! The iCoo Acrobat also has a clever one-hand fold mechanism, which enables the pram to be folded compactly in a matter of seconds and carried or stowed without a problem. The perfect pram for your car journeys or flights. At your destination the iCoo Acrobat is set up just as quickly. High-quality materials in combination with a fine leather trim and a stylish aluminium chassis in a copper optic underline the elegance of this stroller. Comfort is ensured with the hard-wearing Full-PU-wheels. The front wheels, which can be swiveled 360° or locked, are bigger than the rear wheels which leads to an exceptional quietness. The Full-PU-wheels and suspension ensure additional shock absorption, whilst the One-Touch brake provides a firm grip. The front reflectors mean you are always visible in the dark. With this brilliant pram every trip is for pleasure. The backrest can be adjusted to several positions until flat, which makes it suitable for newborns. The legrest can also be adjusted. The Acrobat has a spacious, comfortably padded seat which promises plenty of headroom and freedom of movement even for toddlers. The large hood offers protection against sun, wind and rain, whilst the viewing window lets you keep an eye on your child. For better air circulation, the rear part of the hood can be easily zipped off. When it rains, your child is protected by the practical rain cover. The breathable boot cover also provides protection and completes this glamorous ensemble.The iCoo Acrobat is available in two versions. You have the choice between the copper edition or the trendy fishbone edition.  Acrobat Shop'n Drive System. So it can be used from the beginning. 
Available in Copper Green, copper Black or Copper Blue and Fishbone Red or Fishbone Blue 

Copper Design £599 - Fishbone Design £499 - Available Direct2mum, Linensltd, Kiddicare of click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Sarah Neale – Drew 20 Weeks

Sarah Awarded The Hauck iCoo Acrobat Shop’n Drive System 4.5/5

I felt really excited when I saw the Acrobat Stroller out of the box. It mixes style and class with a modern twist. I couldn't wait to road test it! I found the instructions quite vague. With only pictures to guide me with no written instructions, I found the diagrams lacked clarity. I ended up downloading the instructions from the Hauck website (still picture format but more in depth) and also watched the demonstration on You Tube. Very easy. Erects within seconds with the added security of knowing when you hear a 'click', the pushchair is locked in position. Again, very easy. The only downside is that for the pushchair to be at its optimum compact size, the hood needs to be removed from the pushchair and carried separately. This is extremely easy to travel with. The compact size is a valuable asset. It is the only pushchair I have owned that fits in the boot and still leaves plenty of room for shopping bags. When all three children are in the car (plus previous pushchair), there was limited foot well space. I had a difficult time trying to squeeze shopping bags in anywhere I could. I am now able to store a lot more shopping in the boot which makes travelling conditions far more comfortable for all aboard! My son looks really comfortable in the seat. It is beautifully padded and the headrest stops his head from over pronouncing too much to one side (when he is sitting more upright). My son has been in the pushchair for all different duration’s times. Be it long or short haul, he seems happy and content with minimal fuss. Can be a bit fiddly to get the whole harness to work if Drew is fidgeting (kicking his legs, arching his back) etc. On the whole, I love how secure the harness feels and the protection it offers. I also like the fact that the shoulder straps can separate into two pieces. In previous pushchairs, I have on occasions got arms, elbows, hands caught within the strap when getting my child out. The way the iCoo straps separate prevents this from happening. The padded shoulder and crotch straps help to protect Drew's skin as well as offering maximum comfort.This is extremely easy to shop with. It handles the narrowest of aisles extremely well and turns tight corners beautifully without having to do a 5 point turn!! It was easy enough to push the pushchair whilst holding a shopping basket although the small shopping basket underneath would limit the amount of shopping I could buy (when carless). I was a little disappointed in the sun canopy. Drew spends a lot of time in the almost flat seating position and at times (depending on sun direction); the majority of his face and body was exposed to the sun. This resulted in me having to use additional shading. I guess once he is sitting more upright, the canopy might then offer more protection. When I used the car seat within the pushchair, using both the pushchair canopy as well as pulling the car seat canopy fully forward, the protection then was far more satisfactory. This is a fantastic pushchair for our boot (Peugeot 207). Since using this, my partner hasn't moaned at me once for taking up all the boot space (that's a bonus in itself)!! For maximum compactness, the hood does need to be separated from the pushchair. Some people may find this a little fiddly/time consuming, especially in bad weather. Overall, I think the fabric of the pushchair is of a high standard. I would like the back of the hood to be made of a slightly thicker fabric as it seems quite flimsy in comparison to the top and front of the hood. This is so easy to steer on pavements. On the school run, there are several paths which are uneven and a little rough underfoot. The suspension on this pushchair makes easy work of said paths without throwing the wheels out of line or throwing me off course (important when pushing with one hand). It enables Drew to have a constant comfortable ride with minimal disturbance. So far, so good! We took the family to an Outdoor Adventure Activity Centre which consisted of various terrains. This ranged from concrete, grass, mud, water and stone. All of which the iCoo coped with extremely well. Would keep for a next child. It has made life so much easier; just wish I had it 7 years ago! When shopping for items like this I will go to stores and shop online. Overall, I really like the design of this pushchair. I especially like the sturdiness and wideness of the footrest, the multiple seating positions and the adjustable leg rest. I also like the leatherette handle as it is so easy to wipe clean. The compactness of the pushchair when folded is the best I have ever experienced as is the easy one hand fold. On the downside, I don't like the pushchair being forward facing only. Previous pushchairs I have owned have had the option of the chair facing either way. At times, when Drew has been awake, I haven't been able to engage with him or reassure him as easily as I could as if he was facing me. I feel detached and distant from him. Although there is a viewing window, it offers limited viewing and little reassurance. The other downside (and this is probably me being fussy), when the car seat is in situ on the pushchair. It completely squashes and temporarily marks the padded seat. I question if over time and as Drew becomes heavier, how well the padding will wear (split seams). In some respects yes good value, as it is of superior quality and that is self-evident. However, I feel it still has a little way to go before it has the complete 'wow' factor. I would definitely recommend as it is a beautiful looking as well as practical pushchair. I have loved testing out this product. It has allowed me to see what a higher end price tag pushchair has to offer and it certainly doesn't disappoint. The design and feel of the pushchair oozes style and it certain feels and looks like a top of the range pushchair. None of my sons have slept so well in a pushchair as Drew has done in the iCoo. Everywhere I go, friends, other mums and strangers have all commented on the pushchair (more notably, the style and colour). Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try out this unique and beautiful looking pushchair. Sarah Neale – Drew 20 Weeks

Product Tested By Stephen Marriott – Daniel 22 Weeks

Stephen Awarded The Hauck iCoo Acrobat Shop’n Drive System 4.7/5

It looked classy, compact, comfortable, luxurious and modern. The instructions were a little vague at times especially regarding the fitting of the cosy toes.Very straight forward. Goes up within seconds. It erects so well, you feel that you have missed something! Ever so easy to fold down (one hand operation), smooth action and compact. Useful in the rain when folding up to put in the car. On a day out, we had a ride on a small children’s train. The pushchair was extremely easy to fold up whilst holding Daniel. It's small, compact size allowed easy storage and made getting on and off the train easy. Looks really comfortable. Within minutes of placing Daniel in the pushchair, he had fallen fast asleep. He sleeps so contently, that we now use this for his afternoon nap. Safety harness is versatile and easy to adjust. Daniel seems happy enough with both the shoulder and crotch straps being close to him. The padding on the straps seems more cushioned compared to other brands. Manoeuvrability is superb. Its compactness makes it a real plus point for me as some others are obtrusive. The downside is the size of the basket underneath (it's smaller than some other pushchairs I've used). I personally would have liked a hook on the side of the handle to enable shopping bags to hang (providing this didn't contravene the pushchair stability and integrity). The sun canopy is sturdy. I didn't find the coverage great as when Daniel is lying flat; the sun (depending on direction) can be full on his face. Whilst playing a game of crazy golf, I was constantly having to change the position of the pushchair to protect his face from the glare of the sun. I would also like the option of having the viewing window covered when required as at times, the sun pentrated through the window onto our son. Fitted into the boot of our car with plenty of room for shopping or luggage to fit around it. It is much better than our previous pushchair where we had to remove wheels and fight with the angle of the pushchair to the car. The fabric seems strong. The only reservation I have is as to how long the leatherette padded seat would last. Steering on this delivers a lovely smooth action and really quiet when in motion. Not tested on sand as yet. Whilst on the crazy golf trip, we covered various surfaces including wood, bark chippings and artificial grass. The Hauck handled every question which was asked of it with ultimate ease. I would definitely keep it. We have had three other pushchairs. With the Streety Bebe Confort previously being the most versatile pushchair we owned, the Hauck seems to have the robustness and the comfort that this didn't particularly have. We do tend to purchase online but only after reviewing the item extensively. Overall, I think the compactness is superb and the one handed set up is a real plus point. It seems compact on the outside but with above average room on the inside (Tardis like). It offers good support with multiple seating positions which is easy to adjust. The frame seems strong and a 'part of you' rather than pushing an unwieldy, cumbersome, awkward pushchair. It is modern and probably a bit of a fashion statement (like a Bentley or Rolls Royce). Personally I would not spend this on a stroller but I would recommend as this is a high quality. The actual design build of the pushchair is good although some improvement could be made to the sun canopy. The manoeuvrability is smooth and light. A plus factor for me was how compact the pushchair folded down. I also liked the fact that the wheels were in-line with the pushchair frame whereas a lot of pushchairs have a wider wheel base. Another plus point for me is that could be a nice crossover between a pushchair and a stroller. Really versatile. If the little niggles from the above review could be addressed, the Hauck iCoo could be a really good product. Stephen Marriott – Daniel 22 Weeks

Product Tested By Jennifer Neale – Drew 20 Weeks

Jennifer Awarded The Hauck iCoo Acrobat Shop’n Drive System 4.6/5

Loved the appearance of the pushchair. Was impressed by the quality and the overall finish. My daughter and I tried to assemble this pushchair together. The pictures in the booklet were not particularly clear. My daughter had to download further instructions from the Hauck website. Very straight forward to erect. Easy and light for a 69 year old grandma! The one handed fold down mechanism made this pushchair extremely easy for me to fold down. I found this very easy to travel with. The seat is exceptionally comfortable. Offers good protection with plenty of padding. I found the safety harness easy to use. I liked the fact that the strap between legs was padded, offering ultimate comfort.When used with the car seat, I personally found it more difficult to negotiate around the aisles as the car seat obstructed the view. When used just as a pushchair, it was fantastic. It moves extremely well (almost seems to glide) and makes light of any obstacle thrown in its path. I didn't feel the sun canopy gave Drew enough protection, whilst out for a walk, I had to place a muslin sheet over the hood to protect his face from the sun. This fitted easily into my car boot and I have a Ford Fiesta and still had plenty of room left. The fabric appears to be durable and robust yet still looks classy. I like the fact that minor marks can be easily wiped away. Excellent steering even with one hand. Mounting and dismounting kerbs was easily managed. I was able to steer the pushchair as well as holding my other grandson's hand. Not tried on sand but grass (albeit short) did not pose any problems.Without a doubt, would keep this pushchair. The height is perfect for me (5' 6") as is the weight. On the whole, I found this pushchair extremely easy to manage (minus the car seat). With the forward facing pushchair, I missed having Drew facing me and engaging with him. However, this is only a 'short term' issue. Once Drew is older and we both have the same view point, we will be able to converse in what we can both see. It is very stylish and looks expensive. If minor issues could be improved, this would be a ‘Little gem' of a pushchair. It certainly looks more stylish/expensive than other pushchairs I have seen/ used. I would recommend as it is extremely comfortable and a joy to push. This for me has been the easiest pushchair to manage (to push, fold up/down etc.). Very impressed and a delight to use. Proud to have my grandson in it. Jennifer Neale – Drew 20 Weeks




BizzieBaby 2014-15 SILVER Award Sarah Awarded The Hauck iCoo Acrobat Shop’n Drive System 4.5/5

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